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Good neighbors for zucchini: These are the perfect plant partners in the vegetable garden

The zucchini are one of the easy-care vegetables that can be grown without much effort. The seeds can be grown in the greenhouse or in an unheated room as early as spring; after the ice saints, the young plants are planted in the vegetable patch. But then the question arises for many hobby gardeners: Which plants are good neighbors for zucchini? We offer you a list of herbs, fruits and vegetables that go well with zucchini.

These plants are good neighbors for zucchini

What plants with zucchini to plant in the vegetable patch

The zucchini is a plant of the cucurbit family. It forms small fruits, but it has a spreading habit and grows both in height and in width. A plant can spread over 2 m². It is therefore not always easy to find suitable plant partners. There are actually a number of vegetables and herbs that go well with the zucchini. These include herbs that form flowers. The herbs have a decisive advantage: their scent keeps pests away and attracts bees to the kitchen garden.

good neighbors for zucchini in the kitchen garden

As far as vegetables are concerned, particularly low-eating species that thrive in partial shade are good partners for planting. Because the zucchini grows tall and has broad leaves that cast shadows on the low plants. Herbs such as peppermint, dill or lemon balm are also among the most popular plant partners for zucchini. However, you should be careful not to plant too many herbs together, as this can mix their aromas and change their taste.

What to plant next to zucchini? Tips for mixed culture in the garden

Peas are good neighbors for zucchini

Below we list several plants that are good neighbors for zucchini.

Peas and zucchini taste very tasty in dishes. But they are also good plant partners in the vegetable patch. The garden pea is deep-rooted and, like the zucchini, can grow very tall. As far as the location is concerned, it is very adaptable and thrives in both full sun and shade. Well-ventilated locations prove to be optimal. The sugar pea prefers a deep, humus-rich soil and can be fertilized with compost at the start of the gardening season. The water requirement varies depending on the location. When the pea is in the shade, it needs significantly less water than when it is growing in full sun.

Which plants for mixed culture combine runner beans and zucchini

Runner beans and zucchini benefit from each other. The zucchini needs the nitrogen that the runner beans produce. The climbing plant needs a climbing aid that the tall zucchini can provide.

Dill and zucchini are the perfect plant partners in the vegetable patch. The aroma of the dill keeps mosquitoes and pests away. The garden dill prefers a location that is in full sun in the morning or in the afternoon and in the shade at lunchtime. It needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day to grow well. A humus, loose and permeable soil offers the best conditions for its rapid growth.

Zucchini and corn and runner beans in a mixed culture in the vegetable patch

A mixed culture of corn, zucchini and runner beans offers many advantages for the hobby gardener. On the one hand, the corn and the zucchini get along very well. On the other hand, the two types of vegetables offer a climbing aid for the runner beans. The runner beans provide the plant partners with the nitrogen they need for photosynthesis.

The marigold fulfills an important function in the vegetable patch. Similar to the dill, the marigold can keep pests away. That is why many hobby gardeners plant marigolds in the vegetable patch to protect the crops from snails, wireworms and the like.

which plants are good neighbors for beetroot

The beetroot is a popular plant partner for heavy eaters like zucchini. However, the plant does not get along with runner beans, so they should not be planted together in the vegetable patch.

The nasturtium protects the crops in the vegetable patch from pests. The flower is often attacked by aphids and caterpillars. Since it attracts the pests, the other crops are well protected from it.

The allium keeps aphids away from the vegetable patch. The leek goes well with the zucchini, runner beans, peas and beetroot are not suitable partners.

The borage is a flower that attracts pollinators such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies while keeping pests such as wireworms away.

Mixed cultivation of carrots and zucchini for vegetable garden

The carrots feel very good in a vegetable patch with zucchini. Both crops have similar requirements in terms of soil and location, which is why they are suitable as plant partners.

Good neighbors for zucchini: this is how you can put together a mixed culture for the kitchen garden

Put together a mixed culture for the kitchen garden with zucchini

Would you like to put together a mixed culture with zucchini? Then you should adhere to the following rules:

1. Plant leeks and borage on the edge of the vegetable patch. Both keep pests away.

2. Plant eaters like zucchini in the middle of the vegetable patch. Leave enough space to other plants so that the zucchini has enough space to grow.

3. You can plant useful plants for partial shade under the zucchini.

which plants are good neighbors for zucchini

4. Peas (in partial shade) and runner beans also thrive near the zucchini.

5. Plants such as nasturtiums, which attract pests and thus protect the crops from infestation, are also placed in the middle of the vegetable patch.