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Gardening and Landscaping – Modern & Natural Design Ideas

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Who after the perfect Gardening and landscaping seeking can with a visit to the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show don’t go wrong. There, designers do their best to be able to present gardens with a unique design and in different styles. But since not everyone can quickly travel to Australia to see this competition, we have put together some interesting examples in today’s article that come from this year’s winners.

Gardening and landscaping in different styles

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There are various ideas for gardening and landscaping in a modern style, as well as those with a wild, English character. Decorative elements such as sculptures made of metal, ponds and pergolas are only a small part of what makes the individual gardens a real eye-catcher. Convince yourself of the talents of the winning designers in the gallery below.

Gardening and Landscaping – Greenery by Vivid Design

garden and landscaping dining area-dining-table-wood-green-plant-stone

Vivid Design’s design is one of those that was awarded the gold medal this year. The garden is characterized by various remarkable features that make a modern garden and landscaping overall.

Modern pergola


These elements include the attractive pergola, which serves as a roof for the dining area. It consists of black bars and gray sun protection and covers part of the terrace, which in turn is attractively embedded in the ground.

Black canopy and climbing plant


The pergola is also available in a completely black version. The perforated panels provide optimal protection from the sun and also transform the roof into an effective element for gardening and landscaping. Despite the simple design, climbing plants can twist around the carrier.

Minimalistic with flowers


Also worth mentioning is the pretty planting that competes with the minimalist garden design that is also part of this design. This creates an interesting interplay between simple and lush planting. The colorful flowerbed as part of the garden and landscaping is right next to the lawn.

Eating in the middle of nature

gardening and landscaping purple-flowers-modern-pergola-idea-black-white

This lush planting basically frames the entire dining area. The gardening and landscaping consists of grasses like the yarrow, flowers with purple blooms and here and there boxwood in spherical shape. Not to be forgotten, however, are flowerless plants that exude their charm thanks to the colored leaves.

Colored leaves

gardening and landscaping plants-colors-leaves-hedge-green

This type of planting frames, among other things, the small pond with a minimalist character. Rhododendrons as well as hedge plants and shrubs with white flowers give the garden and landscaping the finishing touches. The height of the plants is also played with.

Minimalist pond

garden and landscaping deco-outdoor-pond-minimalist-greenery-bench

This keeps the hedge plants around the pond at its height. This also applies to the selected plants. Outwardly, the plants in turn become higher and higher and transform the pond into the center of the design in this garden and landscaping.

Natural stone and bench

gardening and landscaping garden path-idea-flowers-greenery-bench-concrete

Garden paths are designed in this garden and landscaping from elongated stepping stones, which is typical of the minimalist garden style. A gray bench is located in the middle of the lush vegetation and offers a perfect view of the pond.

Green privacy screen


What is special about the pond in this garden and landscaping is, among other things, the fact that it was not completely sunk into the ground as usual. That gives it the look of a fountain. The level water surface without water features is reminiscent of the modern infinity pools that invite you to dream.

Modern and classic elements

garden-landscaping-pergola-sun protection-idea-outdoor-house

It should also be mentioned in this garden and landscaping that modern bluestone surfaces are combined with classic brick. Original textures are created, which can be found both in the wall and in the decorative wall of the dining area. The latter is also adorned with attractive, vertical planting.

Wooden garden furniture


With all the architectural elements in black and gray, it is a pleasure to see modern garden furniture in lighter colors. The color of the large dining table with benches is more likely to match the brick and offers relaxation and comfort while dining in the midst of nature.

Ornate decoration

gardening and landscaping sculpture-rabbit-metal-vivid-design-concrete

This garden by Vivid Design is also not lacking in artistic, decorative elements. Sculptures in the shape of hopping metal bunnies adorn a small area in this garden and landscaping. The gray privacy screen as a background in combination with the high hedges emphasize the sculptures.

Color mix in the garden


A garden path and stairs made of bluestone, which are again combined with red brick, lead to the varied bunnies as decoration in the garden and landscaping. The result is a contrasting frame that also serves as a border for the adjacent flower and plant beds.

Idea for lighting


So that you can also feel comfortable in this garden and landscaping at night, a remarkable lighting was developed that transforms the terrace into an oasis of relaxation. The popular indirect lighting is used, which makes the dining area harmonious.

Light sources in the garden


But not only the terrace is illuminated. Even in the midst of the plants, there are some light sources here and there, which are supposed to put certain areas in the limelight. After all, the garden and landscaping should still be enjoyed at night.

Harmonious garden and landscaping

gardening and landscaping lighting-melbourne-inspiration-designer

The view of the garden and landscaping from a different perspective proves again how harmonious the design is. The strict and straight features of the minimalist garden design are broken by the wild flowerbeds and create a skilful mix of two styles that show lovers of the modern, who also value naturalness, a perfect alternative.

Different levels


From this point of view, the design from different levels in this garden and landscaping becomes clear. This design is achieved primarily through the use of different plants. As already mentioned, the lowest point is the terrace.

Reflection by Ian Barker Gardens


The design of different levels and the constructions in black color are elements that this garden and landscaping have in common with the upper one. There is also an attractive pond, to which a stepped garden path leads, and an equally wild planting of flowers.

Elements made of wood


While the gardening and landscaping of Vivid Design used stone and metal for the different constructions, the use of wood predominates here. The large pond is equipped with a jetty. This also houses a small boathouse that can be used as a terrace to relax.

Do the NT from Candeo Designs


This garden with the name “Do the NT” is also the proud winner of the gold medal. The special thing about this garden is that it combines and represents three different vegetation zones of Northern Australia in one garden and landscaping.

Desert garden

garden-landscaping-red-earth-desert-optic-flowers-nt-candeo-natural stone

Part of this garden is also this area that represents the desert. The red sand is immediately noticeable. Just as impressive is the combination of different plants and flowers in this garden and landscaping. A raised terrace and cladding made of natural stone give the garden the finishing touch.

Natural pond

garden-landscaping-pond-sculpture-swan-metal-water lilies-nt-candeo-design

The natural look of the garden pond makes it look particularly charming. It is lushly planted with various flowers and water lilies. As in the first example, sculptures are used to additionally decorate the garden and landscaping. In this case, they are metal figures in the shape of cranes.

Wooden floor


High-quality cypress wood was used to design the floor of the terrace. The uneven surface is not only attractive in terms of design, but also reduces the risk of slipping in moisture.

Raised bed idea

gardening and landscaping do-the-nt-raised-bed-stone-wall-exotic

If you want to design beds at different heights, you can use raised beds for this purpose, as was also done for this garden and landscaping. Bare walls and walls can be decorated in this way and work in the bed is more comfortable with a higher design.

Ohana by Georgia Harper Landscape Design


One of the silver medals went to Georgia Harper Landscape Design for this impressive garden and landscaping. The design is modern and playful at the same time. The beach style has been perfectly met here in a variety of ways. The result is a design that is reminiscent of vacation.

Maritime colors


This is ensured above all by the color choice of white and blue, as well as the pastel green accents for the seat cushions. The different levels that not only divide the terrace, but also the various raised beds and the pool made of blue mosaic are immediately noticeable.

Eclectic garden planting

gardening and landscaping coffee table-blue-high-gloss wall-stone-ohana

The gardening and landscaping of Georgia Harper Landscape Designs is also characterized by the mix of typical Australian plants and more exotic varieties, which add splashes of color thanks to colorful flowers. These include succulents, bromeliads, Lomandra grasses, myoporum, the wax flower “Frangipani”, the bush Adenanthos sericeus and the Dipladenia.

Different seating areas

gardening and landscaping ohana-landscaping-lounge-daybed-natural stone

Two different seating areas were chosen for the two levels of the terrace. The lower one is a cozy lounge with a minimalist, blue coffee table. In the upper area, a small bar was chosen in the garden and landscaping, which consists of a bar table in the shape of a surfboard and comfortable stools. The large trees provide shade.

Terrace floor design

garden and landscaping floor-paving-terrace-georgia-harper

As with any type of design, the small details shouldn’t be underestimated. In this garden and landscaping, one of these striking details is the floor design made of light natural stone with a wave pattern. There is also a minimalist staircase design with seemingly floating steps.

Landscaping with art


Art is not neglected in the Ohana garden and landscaping either. This time it’s a retro picture with a lady on a surfboard. This picture was attached directly behind the pool. The raised pool is not only adorned by the picture and the mosaic, but also receives exotic plants in the lower area.

The Retreat by Kim Earl (Candeo Design)


This garden and landscaping has a formal design. However, this is loosened up by the wild planting of various flowers and grasses in order to create a perfect retreat. The plants represent a mix of native specimens from Australia and exotic varieties.

Garden without rules


The different plants were randomly planted together in the garden. Part of it is the purple sage, but also the golden kangaroo flowers, the splendid candles, the western ringia, purple sea lavender and the purple Pimelea spicata. The sandy garden path as part of the garden and landscaping encircles an island of flowers, which, like the beds on the side, is planted with these flowers.

Rock garden idea


A desert garden can be wonderfully designed with stones. The garden and landscaping retreat offers some interesting ideas for this. Pebbles serve as a border for the wild flowers, while here and there a larger stone serves as a decoration and enhances the naturalness of the garden.

Right of Way by Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes


Anyone looking for ideas for small gardens will also find what they are looking for at the show. Daniel Tyrrell’s gardening and landscaping was designed for the elongated, small streets typical of Australia, where paving stones of this type are not uncommon.

Small garden


The designer shows how the areas between the garden fences can be designed. Weeds are replaced by wild meadow flowers, grasses or other plants. A high privacy screen is, in turn, perfect for artistic pictures, also in the form of graffiti. Right of Way transfers the gardening and landscaping off the property as well.

Trend colors for the garden – A Garden Called Frank from BLAC

garden-landscaping-roofing-concrete-gray-blac-sofa-ground cover

The trend colors for gardening and landscaping also became clear at the show. For the design of floors as well as for walls and other constructions, black, white and of course gray were the most frequently chosen colors.

Colorful splashes of color


In addition, there is the peppy blue and the pastel green, both of which on the one hand provide pep in the garden and landscaping and on the other hand adapt to the green planting. Decorative elements such as seat cushions and garden furniture are the details in which these lively color nuances were represented.

Minimalism in gray

garden and landscaping modern-pergola-white-garden-frank

The garden “A Garden Called Frank” is also one of the gold medal winners. It is characterized by green plants in the middle of which the super modern terrace made of light gray natural stone comes into its own. The garden and landscaping include an attractive canopy that goes with the open fireplace, a pool and a cozy lounge to relax in.

Mixed planting

gardening and landscaping evergreen-bed-design-blac-planting-design-frank

The plants are planted in a mixed fashion in all gardens. And although no rules were followed, a certain structure is created in almost all gardens, as with this garden and landscaping from BLAC. The evergreen plants from the garden “A Garden Called Frank” prove that plants are a decorative element.

Designs by: Vivid design

Ian Barker Gardens

Candeo Designs

Georgia Harper Landscape Design


Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes