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Garden with shade plants – which types are suitable?

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In a garden, shady spots are an important thing. And if you own or design a shady area in the garden, you naturally want to continue to be surrounded by green or even flowering plants. The problem here is that not all plants feel comfortable in the shade. Even lawn, for example, cannot thrive under a large tree and sooner or later dies. So the question arises as to which types of plants you choose for you Garden with shade plants should choose. First of all, you should be aware that there is no such thing as a plant that really loves shade. Every single plant needs light to be able to live. So the difference is actually that some plants just tolerate the shade or partial shade better.

Garden with shade plants and blooming flowers

garden with shade plants ground cover pink pretty decoration

A garden with shade plants is not only possible, but also very easy to achieve. All you need for this is the right plants. These include the so-called mesophytes. These are the plants that normally grow under trees in nature and therefore love a moderately humid environment. Caring for them is not too difficult, but they do need fertile soil with a higher acidity. Exceptions here, however, are the evergreens and the elven flowers.

In this article we would like to introduce you to a few types of plants that are very suitable for a natural garden with shade plants.

Garden with shade plants from low-growth plants

garden with shade plants low growth idea wall lawn

Garden with shade plants – hostas (hosta)

garden with shade plants funkien leaves green white border flowers pink

This is a very popular plant among gardeners and is perfect for the garden with shade plants. Not only does it look good with its large leaves, it also gets along well in the darkest shade. And the plants also delight every gardener with their pretty flowers. You have the choice between yellow and white. You can combine this plant with other species such as ferns, splendid sparrows (astilbe) or heart flowers (dicentra / lamprocapnos). But the hostas also look very impressive on their own.

The hostas for the shade in the garden are also available in yellow

garden with shade plants hosta idea gardening spring summer

Ferns – The use of the ferns for a garden with shade plants is so popular that it is hard to imagine a shade garden without them. They are characterized by their strong green colors and the delicate leaf structure. The best way to highlight ferns is to plant them under a tree and in larger groups. The forest lady fern and the real worm fern (male fern) are particularly popular. But the bracken also looks very good in the shady garden.

Blooming shadow funkie

funkien hosta flowers leaves drop blossom white rain

Hostas with attractive leaves

shade plant hosta lush green bloom white funkie

For the shade garden the thick-leaf bergenia (Bergenia crassifolia)

bergenia cordifolia garden design plants idea pink

This plant is another variant for the garden with shade plants, but it is also suitable for sunny places. A big advantage of this plant is that it is extremely undemanding and also keeps its pretty leaves all year round, with their reddish color in autumn. The bergenias look particularly good in combination with stone decorations, as well as with cranesbills (geranium), columbines (aquilegia) or ferns.

The bergenia for the shade with interesting leaves

Bergenia flower shade leaves heart-shaped shade

Plant bergenia under a tree in the garden

thick leaf bergenie tree shade flowers tender pink

Garden with shade plants – periwinkle (Vinca)

evergreen vinca flower soil garden purple

As the name suggests, this plant does not lose its leaves in autumn and winter (with a few exceptions such as the herbaceous periwinkle). Its main purpose is to cover larger areas. In this way you can, for example, green the bare ground under large trees and is therefore ideal for a garden with shade plants. The periwinkle also impresses with its pretty flowers. These bloom in April and May and have a delicate color of purple and white accents.

Ground-creeping plant for the garden made of purple flowers

flower garden vinca evergreen flowers purple star

Make the shade in the garden with evergreen

evergreen plant grown creeper purple flower vinca

Garden with shade plants – splendid sparrows (Astilbe)

astilbe pink bloom splendid spar garden plants

You can also use the Prachspieren for the garden with shade plants. The types here are many, but they have one thing in common. They have colorful flowers. The difference is the shapes, as well as their size and density. In the wild, the plant can be found under deciduous trees. Because of this, they are suitable for such a location, as well as around bushes and shrubs. But the magnificent spar will also feel at home under conifers. Combine them best with ferns, hostas, irises, bergenias or the cranesbill.

The plant for the shade in a dark pink

splendid garden with shade plants astilbe arendsii

Garden with shade plants – Columbines (Aquilegia)

garden with shade plants aquilegia vulgaris purple flower

This is a plant that needs partial shade in your garden with shade plants. If you have a pond, stream or other small body of water in your shady garden, the columbines are the perfect choice for planting the bank. The pretty flowers have a bell shape. If these are removed immediately after they have faded, you can even enjoy a second flowering in the year. You can highlight your pretty leaves in the garden with shade plants by planting the plant near the bergenias, hostas or the large-leaved Caucasus forget-me-nots (Вrunnera macrophyllа).

aquilegia garden flower purple star plant

Garden with shade plants – Large Chalice St. John’s Wort (Hypericum calycinum)

yellow flower hypericum calycinum st john's wort shade idea

St. John’s wort is a dense, low-growing plant. It grows to a height of between 30 and 40 centimeters. The leaves are light green and the flowers yellow. An advantageous property is that it grows quickly, so that you can quickly enjoy a lot of green in your garden with shade plants, as it is also perfect for covering larger areas. In addition, St. John’s wort makes no special demands on the soil. However, it should be moderately moist, which is why the plant feels comfortable under low trees.

St. John's wort yellow hypericum bush plant garden shade

garden with shade plants St. John's wort yellow flowers bed

Garden with shade plants – great star umbels (Astrantia major)

astrantia blossom shadow white star shape garden design

The star umbel is another plant that is suitable for your garden with shade plants as well as for a sunny spot. The plant receives plenty of flowers between June and August, which are reminiscent of stars in shape. It is a very pretty and delicate flower.

star umbel pink red flower bed shade astrantia

Garden with shade plants – Dickmännchen (Pachysandra terminalis)

Pachysandra terminalis fat man plant flowers white brown garden

If you are looking for an evergreen plant for your garden with shade plants, the fat man is the right choice. It is an uncomplicated and hardy plant that is very rarely attacked by pests. The plant only gets its typical dark green leaves when it is in the shade. In addition, the plant does not have to be fertilized and is ground covering. This makes it the perfect substitute for lawn, which, as mentioned, cannot thrive in the shade in the shade.

fat man pachysandra leaves shade plants white

Bushes and shrubs for the garden with shade plants

shrub shade plant yellow orange fruits leaves

In order to maintain a harmony and natural atmosphere in your garden with shade plants, you need bushes and shrubs in addition to the flowering plants and grasses. Of course, not all types are suitable here either. For this reason, we have put together some examples for this category that are perfect for your garden with shade plants.

Garden with shade plants – Red dogwood (Cornus sanguine)

red dogwood cornus sanguine blossom white shrub shade

This shrub impresses in several ways. On the one hand, its branches are red in color and form a nicely branching crown. In autumn, the shrub also produces pretty red fruits that are the size of a pea. Another special feature is that the light green, elongated leaves also acquire an attractive red color in autumn and thus give your garden shade plants color.

cornus sanguine shade plant black berry dogwood

autumn cornus sanguinea dogwood shrub red yellow shade

Garden with shade plants – Tatar honeysuckle (Lonicerа tatarica)

tatar hedge cherry shrub garden lonicera tatarica plant

This shrub as a variant for the garden with shade plants receives flowers in a light pink between May and June, which last up to a month. The honeysuckle grows to a height of two to three meters and is suitable both for planting in groups and as a single accent.

hedge cherry blossoms pink lonicerа tatarica shade plant

Garden with shade plants – Common Oregon grape (Маhonia aguifolium)

blossom yellow mahonia leaves dark green pointed garden shade

The Oregon grape is a bush that is about 1.5 meters high and blooms in a wonderful yellow. These appear at the beginning of the season and give off a wonderful scent. Then black-blue fruits emerge again. With this bush you can decorate the garden with shade plants under the trees, as it feels comfortable in the shade.

mahonia hedge yellow flowers bush plants shade

Garden with shade plants – cinnamon raspberry (Rubus odoratus)

species rubus odoratus cinnamon raspberry shrub

This impressive shrub for the garden with shade plants grows up to 3 meters high. In June it receives flowers up to 5 cm in size, which are purple in color and also have a pleasant smell. The fruits, in turn, have an almost round shape and red color with a diameter of one centimeter. However, these are rather small in number. But the leaves turn yellow in autumn.

cinnamon raspberry rubus odoratus garden bush flowers

Lianas for the garden with shade plants

garden shape shadow ivy vinca evergreen stone

Garden with shade plants – pipe flowers (Aristolochia)

Aristolochia creeper liana blossom shade leaves heart shape

This vine is a good option if you are looking for something that grows quickly for your garden with shade plants. Its flowers are particularly impressive. These have a goblet shape and an interesting dark purple color. The leaves are also extremely interesting. In addition to their heart shape, they are not only composed of one green color (in the upper part). Towards the bottom you get a teal color. The plant can reach heights of 8 to 10 meters. However, it should only be chosen by experienced gardeners as it is very demanding.

garden with shade plants aristolochia purple bloom climber plant wall

Garden with shade plants – Round-leaved tree shrike (Celastrus orbiculata)

tree shrike plant shrub red berries celastrus orbiculata shade

This liana can also grow up to 10 meters in size and grows extremely quickly. The special thing about their dark green leaves is that they turn a pretty yellow-orange color in autumn. Therefore, the tree shrike is ideal as a decorative plant in your garden with shade plants to decorate walls, a pergola or wall.

Celastrus shrub round-leaved tree shrike yellow orange fruits berries

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