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Garden tips for more spontaneity and individuality when designing

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In the first place, garden design gives an expression of personal design ideas. The garden style underlines your personal character – this applies to both individual people and entire peoples. Nevertheless, one no longer concentrates so much on tradition, place of life and surroundings and can let one’s imagination run wild. When designing the home garden, spontaneity is an important prerequisite for surprising results. Classic flower beds and well-tended lawns and garden paths are increasingly being replaced by lush vegetation. The slightly overgrown country-style garden conveys more naturalness and a certain untouchedness. Conjure up an atmosphere with a little more ease with our little ones Garden tips.

Light gardening tips – leave enough room for creativity

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The holiday home garden look conveys a feeling of independence and freedom. Here you want to escape the stress of the big city. However, the garden must not be neglected, but only look like it. However, you should make a little effort when choosing the plants. The country style flowers should at least be resistant.

Garden tips for giving the urban garden a Mediterranean look

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A great idea: combine the Mediterranean style in the garden with Alpine style. Popular Mediterranean perennials are lavender and catnip. These enchant with flowers and scents and radiate lightness. Blue fescue, Carex morrowii, Pennisetum come into their own very well in modern architecture.

Slightly overgrown garden with an open fireplace

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Ornamental grasses give the urban garden its friendly, enchanting atmosphere.

Blossoming and colorful front garden

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The cozy front garden can be used as a herb garden. It should be noted that the garden is not in the shade.

 A flower-rich garden is always a delight for the eye

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Add unexpected details – garden gate as a support for climbing plants

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Honey bees in the garden

Leek gardening tips planting honeybee attracting idea

The lush, colorful garden has one more advantage – vibrant colors and fragrant perennials attract butterflies, honey bees and birds.

Cottage garden for connoisseurs – border the garden paths with flowers

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