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Garden landscaping- well cared for or completely wild?


Do you want to beautify your outdoor area? If you’re trying to take control of the front and back yards right after moving into your new summer home, you have to admit that it really is you garden landscaping is! As long as you have a perfectly manicured outdoor space, there is a lot to do. And in most cases, there are some problems to be solved before the court of your dreams becomes a reality. Today we want to focus on landscaping in the backyard. Everyone loves their backyard, but because of the bright sun and some unhealthy trees, this outdoor space looks more wild than beautiful. One gets doubts – should you try to tidy up the backyard properly or should it look “wildly chic”? In the following we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches, then we see whether a middle ground is possible …

Garden landscaping- well-kept garden

from Secret Gardens


garden landscaping With a well-kept garden has a number of carefully manicured details, there you will find a green lawn with clearly defined edges, there you can see well-formed bushes and gravel paths. The overall impression is clean and tidy. Even open lawns can look well cared for! Often gravel, crushed stone and mulch are used to design these areas. Repeating elements can also be used in garden landscaping to create a neat atmosphere. For example, matching plants, identical plant containers, this gives the overall look symmetry and evenness.

Garden landscaping- the wild looking back yard

from Shades of Green Landscape Architecture


As you can see, the well-tended garden requires regular maintenance, while a wild looking backyard is deliberately low maintenance. For example, a lawn that is not being mowed is the perfect way to avoid routine gardening like the one shown below. But you can look forward to this “wild” garden look garden landscaping don’t be fooled. There is also a lot of work, garden planning and maintenance behind this. Choosing native grasses and lower plants that require little water is the perfect way to ensure healthy growth and minimal maintenance. The lush flora is another hallmark of the untamed courtyard. Check out sculpturally interesting succulent plant species below. If you want an untamed yard, don’t hesitate to arrange native plants and grasses in groups to achieve that “free, wild-looking” look.

from Shades of Green Landscape Architecture


A happy middle ground

Many outdoor landscaping enthusiasts are happy when they strike a middle ground with elements of both, from the manicured and wild looking yard. For example, grouping native grasses in the same species indoors creates a wild-meets-manicured look, as shown in the next selected image.

from Grounded


Wild plants in defined areas

In the following picture you will find a similar effect, you can see how thin plants and grasses blow freely in the wind and yet remain in their carefully defined areas.

from Codey Anderson Wasney Architects


A rocky landscape in the garden

Don’t forget about the rugged yet scenic look you can create by incorporating large rocks. A “rocky landscape” increases the appearance of your garden enormously, making it romantic and unique at the same time. In addition, a path made of stepping stones and gravel gives the outside space a feeling of good planning there. You can see for yourself by looking at the next picture.

from BLUE renovation & Landscape

Modern-plants-garden paths-landscaping

Well thought out places for plants in the garden

Yes, today we all learned a little more about landscaping strategies. Do you prefer a neat look or an untamed, wild looking one in your garden? Maybe a mixture of both? A popular outdoor space is likely to have elements of both design methods.


Exotic design with gravel and mulch


Wild chic in the garden

Garden-with-natural-grass-wood furniture

Garden with slope design

from Big Red Sun