Garden design and maintenance

Garden design with gravel and chippings – tips for planting and maintenance

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As the Garden design with gravel and grit there is nothing better in visual and practical terms. The small rounded or angular stones are wonderfully suitable for covering small and large ornamental beds, for garden paths or to organize areas in a visually uniform manner. Gravel or chippings in the outdoor area impresses with their natural stone look, available in several colors, if installed correctly it is almost maintenance-free and can be used in any area of ​​the garden. In the article you will find important tips and ideas for creating, designing and maintaining.

Garden design with gravel and chippings – arrange and plant in a modern way

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What is ornamental gravel? What is decorative grit? What is the difference between them? Ornamental gravel is the term used to describe small artificial or naturally rounded stones, resembling river stones. In contrast to this, the decorative chippings are characterized by an angular, angular structure, giving the appearance of broken stones. The two species are currently trending because they are easy to put on and particularly easy to care for. These are available in specialist shops made of various types of natural stone – from almost white to dark anthracite or in warm earth tones.

Garden design with gravel and chippings – choose and arrange varieties

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  • Marble stone in brilliant white, burgundy-red with white veins, gray-blue
  • Basalt colored or extra black
  • Bordeaux pebbles
  • Champagne pebbles
  • Glacier gravel mixed up
  • Natural granite light gray or red
  • Quartz white, reddish brown, black and white, jet black
  • Rose quartz

Imaginative garden design with gravel and grit 

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Garden design with gravel and chippings brings many ideas from hobby gardeners to fruition and is particularly easy to care for. It only requires an initial investment of time and money, then leaves and any unclear bumps are removed with the rake.

Garden design with gravel and grit – where can this be used?

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Garden paths, avenues, playgrounds, around plant beds and flower pots are often laid with gravel or gravel. The result is a neat, modern overall picture and enables the creation of imaginative shapes with the help of different colors. It helps to displace weeds, does not allow the soil to dry out quickly and, unlike mulch, does not break down over time.

Arrange garden design with gravel and grit in zones

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Since the small stones from the pre-planned area can disperse in heavy rain or if there is a sidewalk, it would be advisable to arrange them in beds and zones. Metal strips or decorative larger stones or plasters are used. Plants can also thrive in gravel-covered soil.

Gravel and grit for garden paths, front gardens, covering small and large areas

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Large areas in the garden are also created with gravel or chippings. You should consider where you would place the garden furniture, as the odd structure of the stones is not stable enough as a base for table and seating furniture.

Create garden design correctly with gravel and grit

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Gravel or stone beds are easier to lay out than other solid materials for outdoor cover. For this purpose, you should dig a bed about 25 centimeters deep and remove all weeds and roots. Then it is covered with weed fleece or pond liner. If several pieces of fleece are to be used, these should be overlapped by at least 10 cm. Coarse gravel is mixed with the ground and shaken evenly over the foil. The final 8 centimeters for the ornamental gravel and 5 centimeters for the ornamental chippings are covered with the appropriate material. In order to promote more stability, the creative hobby gardener can sprinkle the ornamental bed with fine stone sand.

Garden design with gravel and grit is easy to maintain

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In autumn you should regularly rake the leaves from the gravel bed. The chippings and pebbles cannot be dissolved over time, but can sink into the ground, especially with the large proportion of clay in the earth. Then a replenishment is required for every 4-5 jars.

Garden design with gravel and grit for modern architecture

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Perhaps the biggest challenge in gravel bed maintenance is clearing the snow. The larger part of it you clean up with the shovel and the last layer you melt with the help of sea salt.

Garden design with gravel and chippings – plan any costs in advance

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This variant for garden design with gravel and grit enables color contrast formation in the bed and the use of different colors. If plants are planted in the gravel bed, experts advise against crowning the stones too small. A crown of 8/16 to 16/32 millimeters for decorative gravel and 16/25 to 25/40 millimeters for decorative gravel is recommended. Here is a calculation for orientation for 100 square meters of space:

  •  5 centimeters height of the bed – 7 500 kilograms Decorative grit with a crown of 8/16 millimeters
  • The bed is 8 centimeters high – 12,000 kilograms Ornamental gravel with a crown of 16/25 millimeters

Gravel and grit do not guarantee a stable base for seating

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Our tip: due to possible freight costs, look for a supplier in the area. Don’t forget the “rough work” like digging out the bed if you can’t do it yourself, as well as the fleece to cover the ground. Greening and decorative design elements are also included in the bill.

Garden design with gravel and chippings – summary

rock garden-create-garden-design-gravel-chippings-modern-pavement-bushes-plants-privacy protection


  • inexpensive
  • easy to put on
  • easy to care for – just by raking
  • prevents weeds
  • prevents erosion
  • Serves as a rodent barrier
  • improves drainage
  • Versatile use – for garden paths, stone beds, garden design in Japanese or Mediterranean style
  • visually neat and modern

Garden design with gravel and chippings – advantages and disadvantages

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  • Risk of stones scattering
  • not a solid base for garden furniture
  • Replenishment every 4-5 years
  • difficult to clear snow
  • Decorative gravel becomes slippery when it rains

Garden design with gravel, grit and suitable plant species 


A classic garden design with gravel or chippings asserts a predominantly full sun location and therefore drought-loving plants, shrubs and grasses. Here are the good possible alternatives:

Suitable types of shrubs for gravel beds:

Rock garden-create-garden-design-gravel-grit-rock-shrub-grass-ground cover-dry

  • lavender
  • Shrub roses
  • Dwarf spar
  • Ivory Broom – Cytissus x praecox
  • Butterfly bush – Buddleia davidii
  • Catnip – Nepeta faassenii

Gravel bed planting – grasses:

rock garden-create-garden-design-gravel-grit-garden path-wood-graeser-greenery

  • Pennisetum – Pennisetum alopecuroides
  • Lesser quaking grass – Briza minor
  • Riding grass – Calamagrostis varia

Gravel bed planting – flowering perennials:

rock garden-create-garden-design-gravel-chippings-Patagonian-verbena-verbena

  • Rich blue alpine gentian – Gentiana alpina
  • White blooming mullein – Verbascum
  • Spiked splendor – Liatris spicata
  • Spurge – Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. nicciciana
  • Torch lilies – Kniphofia uvaria
  • Bearded Iris – Iris barbata
  • Daylily – Hemerocallis

Gravel bed planting for Japanese or Zen gardens:

rock garden-create-garden-design-gravel-grit-anthracite-japanese-garden-bamboo

  • Sacred bamboo – Nandina domestica
  • White Japan Anemone – Anemone japonica Honorine Jobert
  • Magnolia as a standard trunk – Magnolia liliiflora ‘Susan’
  • Japanese umbrella fir – Sciadopitys verticillata
  • White Japan Anemone – Anemone japonica Honorine Jobert

Garden design with gravel and grit in the Mediterranean style

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