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Garden design on a hillside – 30 tips and ideas for greenery

Garden design on a hillside modern-house-pond-terrace-stones-lawn

One Garden design on a hillside appear as a real challenge for hobby gardeners and not only. At second glance, there is the possibility of making the garden really varied. The different heights can be successfully terraced and different garden rooms can be created there.

Garden design on a hillside – tips and ideas for greenery

Garden design on a hillside -lush-lawn-trees-bushes-blooming-plants

In most cases, a garden on a slope provides a lot of space compared to the one lying flat. The part that is further away is lushly greened and creates a natural effect, while the area around the house is terraced and usually there is a cozy seating area.

Garden design on a hillside with a sunny location

garden design-hillside -wooden floorboards-terrace-shrubbery-rock-lawn

Retaining wall, stairs and embankments are among the basic design elements of the hillside garden and are relatively expensive to maintain after a certain increase. Steep embankments are not recommended to be greened with lawn, but with ground cover such as St. John’s wort.

Garden design on a hillside – shady location

landscaping-hillside-house-sidewalk-garden-ground cover-pampas grass

Technical knowledge, creativity and a good eye are required to turn the steep terrain into a green oasis. Stairs and walls require structural expertise and should be built comfortably and fairly. You can only rely on experienced professionals.

Garden design on a hillside – sidewalks

Garden design on a hillside -house-sidewalk-pavement-ground cover-shade-bluehnd

The hillside garden also has several advantages to offer – more views and more light. This makes a varied and unusual planting possible. The different levels are characterized by different locations – sunny in the raised bed and directly below it – shady, which, however, claims different planting.

Garden design on a hillside – lush greenery in a rural style

Garden design on a hillside -ueppig-house-greenery-evergreen-plants-ground cover

The garden design on a hillside can be planned really clever and well thought out with regard to the planting. Plants that require intensive care are grown in easily accessible places and stone slabs may be included.

Garden design on a hillside – ground cover

landscaping-hillside-ground cover-evergreen-bushes-stones-bluehnde

Any type of ground cover is recommended for a garden location on a slope. Combine evergreen with flowering species and place stones throughout to prevent the soil from slipping if an exact plant bed is not formed.

Steps and garden paths on a slope – lay with paving or stones

landscaping-hillside-greenery-lush-outside-stairs-sandstone-ground cover-shade

Stairs, steps and dry stone walls serve as natural means that connect the levels and additionally secure the slope. Sandstones, river stones and boulders are used to ensure that the overall appearance is as natural as possible, and a concrete bed is required if the slope is very steep.

Garden design on a hillside with a sunny location – greenery

landscaping-hillside-raised beds-sandstone-bluehnde-ground cover-sunny

Flowering shrubs and ground cover are suitable for sunny locations:

  • Dwarf gorse (Chamaecytisus link)
  • Buddleia (Buddleja)
  • Spurflower (Centranthus ruber)
  • Sun rose (Helianthemum)
  • Perovskia (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

Garden on a slope with natural design and greenery – wooden palisades

garden design-hillside-lawn-fence-wood-plant bed-shrubs-evergreens

Palisades secure raised beds and prevent the planting area from slipping. The wood material ensures a natural effect and is at the same time the cheapest, as it is mostly made from local coniferous woods.

Blocks of wood separate the raised bed from the sidewalk

landscaping-hillside-sidewalk-raised bed-wood-bushes-evergreen

The different levels in the garden offer space for different types of plants, under all trees and shrubs. The plants of different heights can be grown and arranged accordingly, so that they ultimately create a smooth transition between the garden levels.

Natural-looking garden design on a hillside with a lot of sandstone


A large garden on a hillside can be beautifully designed very naturally. Wild hedges, shrubs, low pine species and easy-care perennials are in demand. When choosing the right plant species, it is important to consider the weather side.

Evergreen shrubs, a watercourse and a sunny terrace in the lush garden on the hillside

landscaping-hillside-brook-evergreen-plants-conifers-ground cover terrace

The several levels in the hillside garden can be designed in different usable areas. The part close to the house becomes a sunny terrace, the part further away becomes a small play area with a lawn. The slope is overcome by growing low shrubs and perennials or by steps.

Decorative waterfall is worth it in the garden on the slope

landscaping-hillside-bach-water features-pond-natural-sandstones

Steep slopes can be converted into an impressive waterfall. Find a half or shady location for it and connect it with a watercourse flowing through part of the garden area or build a decorative pond with water lilies.

Watercourses and brooks are particularly suitable for landscaping gardens on a hillside

landscaping-hillside-water-bach-muclh-bushes-sandstone-country house

The flowing water creates a natural and relaxed atmosphere and is particularly cheap on sloping plots.

Garden design on a hillside – lay stone slabs

landscaping-hillside-trees-conifers-evergreens-shrubs-terrace slabs

Stones, stone slabs and pavement in the garden with an incline make the gardener’s work easier, as they give a better grip and bring in a fabric that does not slip. The stones or the slabs can be buried a little, but not firmly bricked with cement, otherwise any changes in the soil would lead to visually unpleasant cracks.

White rubble stones, mulch and drought tolerant plants for a sunny location


Gravel and natural stones are required to secure slopes and stabilize sloping surfaces in the garden. Somewhat larger stone sizes are recommended, whereby the heavier stones are placed in the lowest area and the smaller ones in the upper area. Mulch in the plant beds will protect the plants from drying out and provide additional moisture.

Wooden blocks on the slope prevent the soil and plants from slipping


If the slope is steeper, blocks of wood or large stones can be placed along the slope. These help stabilize the soil and are also related to the rest of the garden design.

Brick seating for a garden design on a hillside

landscaping-hillside-bank-rock-seating-shade-ground cover

In a garden design on a slope with the most natural effect possible, stones, boulders and rocks are used. These serve as a support for the slope and can be put together differently with a little creativity. Tempting seating options, like escaping from the forest, greened with moss, ferns and ivy look really fairytale-like and give a special touch.

Sloping front yard – shrubs, trees and stones

landscaping-hillside-front yard-stones-bushes-trees-fence-privacy protection

Groups of boulders and boulders anchor the foot of the slope and are ideal for sloping front gardens. Trees and bushes can be grown between the rocks and

Garden on a slope – delimit raised beds with natural stones

landscaping-hillside-stones-raised bed-house-walkway-shrub

Brick raised beds are a good and sustainable way to present the garden on the slope neatly and at the same time not to do without the natural effect. Dry stone walls and palisades secure the slope and create a country-house style atmosphere.

Garden design on a hillside with gabions


Gabions appear as a modern-looking alternative to traditional masonry. They are also relatively easy to acquire and also serve as additional support for the slope. The freely placed gabions with robust wire baskets are suitable as seating that can also be placed the other way around.

Garden design on a hillside – steps, stairs and dry stone wall  

garden design-hillside-lawn-stairs-bedding-shade-evergreen-bush-trees

Inclined steps and stairs in the garden help to overcome them and make them more accessible. The steps can also be lowered into the surface of the earth. In the example in the picture, lawn is also being laid over the part of the stairs.

External stairs in the garden overcome the slope


Sandstone stairs and walls appear less massive and fit in harmoniously with the rest of the garden design. In addition, these can be designed very flexibly and offer imaginative possibilities to underline the individual style of the garden.

Grow bushes and ground cover next to the outside stairs


Even outside stairs with a metal construction can be greened and the lush character of the garden design cannot be escaped any further. The drought-tolerant sedum and houseleek species (Sempervivum), also stone herb (Alyssum) or soapwort (Saponaria) feel wonderful in the sunny location.

Garden design on a hillside with a Mediterranean flair


In the garden on the hillside, several areas can be designed that look harmonious at the same time. It is recommended not to use too many different building materials. Stones and stone slabs look the most natural and can be seen in a similar way in nature.

Modern garden design on a hillside – terrace and raised beds

landscaping-hillside-terraced-terrace slabs-raised beds-modern-mediterranean

Brick raised beds are required for a modern-style hillside garden. In terms of design, these separate the different areas, such as the terrace and lawn, from one another and do not appear strange or isolated.

Ground cover and sidewalk with decorative paving laid in the garden on the slope

landscaping-hillside-front garden-ground cover-pavement-sidewalk-lawn

In order to lay a garden path in the garden on a slope in a stable manner, professionals recommend using paving stones. For more modern garden design, decorative ones are available in specialist shops. These can be knocked into the ground with a rubber hammer and thus overcome the incline.

Garden design on a hillside – cover the planting area with fleece

landscaping-hillside-back garden-sidewalk-terrace slabs-gravel-ground cover-irrigation

To prevent the planting area from slipping, you can put a mulch film or fleece on it. Fix in the upper area and make openings for the grown plants.

Zen garden on a hillside – evergreen plants and boulders


The trendy Zen garden can also be designed on the slope. You simply set several boulders and trees. Place sand or gravel only in the level area so that it does not slip.

Garden design on a hillside – conifers and ground cover

landscaping-hillside-house-gravel-white-ground cover-evergreen-conifers

In the back garden on the slope, plant evergreen ground cover in the lower area and conifers in the upper area. The conifers and pine species ensure more order and a clear garden design. The ground cover on the other hand cover the area with greenery.

Garden design on a hillside – plant rings for terraced garden design

garden design-hillside-raised beds-plant pots-round brick-evergreen-ground cover

The plant rings are a wonderful alternative to overcome the slope. They stabilize the slope and serve as planters that can accommodate different types of plants and thus provide variety.