Garden design and maintenance

Garden design ideas for creating a green paradise

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New Garden design ideas sought? Then you have come to the right place at Deavita. Here you will find interesting solutions for garden designs, from modern to classic, which could reflect your individual style and taste.

Garden design ideas for pleasant relaxation

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The gardens are just as unique and diverse as the people who live in them. Whether stylized landscapes, exotic oases or naturalistic gardens – your own places of relaxation provide the necessary distance from everyday life. Enjoy the diversity of an extraordinary garden ensemble that combines elements of different styles.

Garden design ideas for your favorite places

Garden design ideas - seating - yellow armchairs - sun protection - hedge plants

If you want to spend your life in the open air, you don’t need much to feel comfortable in your own green. The garden becomes perfect when it is set up like an outdoor living space – cozy, versatile and always tailored to individual needs. The corners protected by bushes and hedges with sun loungers are ideal for lingering, while seating groups are designed around an outside table for sociable evening hours. Accessories such as blankets, pillows and light sources are also nice additions.

Colorful mix in the garden


Flowing waterfalls, modeled paths, romantic arcades and koi ponds overgrown with native plants, the chirping of birds and aromatic plants are important for enjoying the refuge to the full. Those who like naturalness could create attractive contrasts and emphasize clear structures with beautiful combinations of plants and colors.

A green recreation area with a brazier

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The garden as a unique place of wellbeing


Well-kept green ambience in Asian style


Idyll in the countryside 

Garden-design-ideas-patio-made-of-stone-with-grass-overgrown-stepping stones

Luxurious garden with a fountain

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An ambience with a modern touch

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Modern seat in the garden

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Garden design ideas to enjoy in your own feel-good place

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A cozy outdoor lounge invites you to relax


Decorative elements give the garden the finishing touch


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Garden design ideas-green-paradise-feel-good place-to-enjoy

Garden design ideas-arcade-concrete-base-climbing-aid-for-plants


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