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Garden design ideas and landscaping – 12 great examples

Garden design ideas landscaping projects examples garden pond flowers

The garden represents our personal paradise. It gives us the opportunity to bring as much nature as we want to. There are no strict rules for garden design. All you need to consider are the conditions that every plant and flower requires, whether you prefer shade, partial shade or a spot in the sun. Otherwise, there are no limits to your imagination.

Garden design ideas and landscaping in the Japanese style

Garden design ideas Landscaping green low perennials sunny locations

Design your garden according to your taste! The following examples, which are a selection, will definitely help you Garden design ideas and landscaping represent. Let them inspire you before you start planning, because there is definitely a lot there that you might also like.

Unique garden landscape made up of three basic elements


A great design idea for your garden is to create it in the Japanese style. The Japanese garden can be realized on a larger as well as on a smaller area. With this garden design, not only the simple look and use are important. An authentic hideaway of this type is influenced in its structure by Japanese philosophy and culture. If you would like to inquire about the various symbols, you can still consult a technical expert when planning. If you simply want to transform your garden into a unique oasis in the Asian style, you can create such a garden without any prior knowledge. In this style, green plants, water and stones are artfully combined and create a harmonious overall picture. Typical plants for an Asian garden are spruce, pine, bamboo, garden bonsai, Chinese reed, bearskin grass, etc. Mosses provide additional green color nuances in your garden. Other design elements for the Japanese garden are small ponds with bridges. In small gardens, you can replace the water element of a layer of gravel.

Garden design ideas and landscaping – pool area

Garden design ideas landscaping tall ornamental grasses pool terrace design

If you have a pool in your own garden, you can transform it into a dreamlike oasis with the right pool planting and design around the pool. Frame your pool with pretty flowers, grasses and bushes. In this way you balance the straight lines of the pool design and get a wonderful balance between the architecture and nature.

Privacy screen at the pool area made of green plants

Pool area-garden design-seating area-garden furniture

Plants also help that the swimming pool is presented even better and that the holiday feeling is spread in the garden. Plants such as cypresses, Chinese reeds, rhododendrons, orleanders, bamboo, etc. are very suitable for pool planting. Mediterranean plants are also a real eye-catcher, but it is difficult to overwinter outside. A good solution for the heat-loving plants in your garden are the large tubs, which provide a Mediterranean flair and can be relocated without any problems.

 Garden design ideas and landscaping – gravel as decoration

Garden design ideas Landscaping gravel lawn edge create garden path

A garden with no visible earth? You can do this by covering the flower beds with pebbles. This way, the garden will look even more neat and tidy. With its simple appearance, it gives every garden a beautiful appearance and lets it shine in a completely different light. The pebbles add value to the floor covering, but have a number of positive properties. They prevent the soil moisture from evaporating, which prevents the increased number of watering channels on hot summer days. With the help of gravel, you can also reliably suppress the annoying weeds by placing a fleece between the gravel and the garden soil.

Pebbles in the garden – modern and easy to care for

garden design-pebbles-colored-garden planting

Pebbles come in numerous colors and grain sizes, which allows you to put different styles in the limelight. Put the plants in the gravel garden so that they look natural. Small groups of plants look great too. Drought-resistant rock garden perennials or grasses are suitable for the gravel soil. Thyme, rosemary or lavender, as well as imperial crown and wild tulips find the right conditions to thrive in this soil. Feather grass, catnip, and gypsophila are also great options.

Garden design ideas and landscaping – pergola

Garden design ideas Landscaping Pergola over terrace sun protection

Using a pergola for landscaping is always a good idea. The garden has a romantic look that you can only enhance with the right flowers. Roses or other flowers in delicate colors are particularly suitable for this. If you want to green the pergola with roses, you can use rambler roses, as they have an elastic wood that surrounds the pergolas beautifully. The beautiful blossoms of the trumpet flower, for example, inspire every gardener. They are very spacious, which is why you need to plan enough space.

Green pergola


Climbing plants are also very suitable. You can let them climb up the pergola. The pergola, covered with climbing plants, provides light shade and is therefore a popular garden design element. Among the climbing plants, there are those that need a climbing aid to grow and those that do not need to be attached to a support. If you choose false vines that bloom for several years and are very robust, you will need to attach them to the pergola. The climbing plants that entwine the pergola create a particularly harmonious picture.

Garden design ideas and landscaping – tropical feeling

Garden design ideas landscaping pool palm trees stone terrace

Find out in the garden center or the nursery which palm trees are suitable for the climate in your region and design your own tropical garden. If your garden has a slope, you can use it perfectly for garden design. Build in a waterfall or plant flowers and bushes, which you also highlight with a few stones. On a large terrace area, like here, you can add a few accents with green lawns.


Plants with lush leaves contribute to a great tropical flair. Such are, for example, the mammoth leaf, the banana tree, the flower cane and the castor oil, which, however, are not frost-hardy. The flower tube needs frost-free winter quarters, while the banana tree and the mammoth leaf can also hibernate outdoors with the right winter protection. You are welcome to put the tropical plants in the ground in the spring with the plant pot freshly dripped. Plants with long and peeled leaves, such as the yucca and feather bristle grass, also contribute to a tropical atmosphere.

 Garden design ideas and landscaping – patchwork

Garden design ideas Landschafsbau Paving stones Grasses patchwork

Just look how effective this garden was designed. The floor is made up of several panels that differ in size and material. Wide joints and free spaces for planting were left. So you get a garden in the middle of the terrace. The idea is particularly suitable for smaller outdoor areas.

Garden design ideas and landscaping – minimalist

Garden design ideas landscaping backyard lawn wooden deck

Even a simple garden can be very effective. This also reduces the maintenance time to a minimum. Only the lawn should be mowed and watered regularly to guarantee a constant green. In spite of all this, set a few accents with easy-to-care for plants. A sapling or a small flower bed are suitable. If your property is framed by a high wall, you can decorate it with ivy or another climbing plant.

 Garden design ideas and landscaping – evergreen

Garden design ideas landscaping evergreen perennials garden pond create ideas

Would you like to be able to enjoy the greenery in the garden even in winter? Then choose the plants accordingly. In this example, only green plants and bushes were chosen for the garden design. The result is a neat look.

Garden design ideas and landscaping – lawns and flowers

Garden design ideas landscaping stairs flowers plants

A briefly mowed, green lawn can also be highlighted perfectly with a frame of brightly colored flowers. Use as many colors as possible for a particularly great effect. To keep the lawn beautiful, you can create a path between it and the flowers. This allows you to reach the flowers without crushing and damaging the lawn.

Design the garden in a natural look

Garden design ideas Landscaping Spring garden lay out lawn area

With garden design ideas and landscaping like this, you will feel like you are in the great outdoors in your garden. Delicate flowers in bright colors that grow wildly mixed up are reminiscent of a flower meadow, while the stones make the landscape look even more natural. Stone was also chosen for the staircase, which perfectly matches the rest of the ambience.

 Garden design ideas and landscaping – swimming pond

Garden design ideas landscaping pool gazebo ideas

Do you like to swim but don’t want a sterile pool? Then simply design a swimming pond. You can design this with water lilies and other pond plants. Of course, the trappings are also important. The more natural the environment looks, the better!