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Garden decorations made from vegetables – which varieties are suitable for this?

planter cabbage pink decorative idea design garden

How do you imagine a beautiful garden? Certainly as a combination of beautiful, flowering plants and lots of green foliage. Do you want some edible plants there too? Certainly! From beautifully scented herbs to leafy vegetables, many edible plants show great shapes, textures and colors. One Garden decoration made from vegetables on the one hand gives your garden landscape a unique beauty, on the other hand it can add a particularly fresh taste to your dishes. Today let’s break the line between our ornamental and kitchen gardens and see how edible plants can do a double job by being used as garden decorations made from vegetables.

Garden decoration made from vegetables – flowering chives

Chives blossoms garden decoration made of vegetables purple fence

At first glance you can see a garden full of blooming flowers in the first picture. Would you please take a closer look? These attractive flowering plants are chives, the leaves of which we often see cut into small pieces in the kitchen and used in cooking. As a garden decoration made of vegetables, the container is filled with a visually appealing combination of flowering ornamental plants, colorful leafy vegetables and cabbage.

Garden decoration made from vegetables – the spice lavender

lavender purple spices garden decoration made of vegetables

The best edible plants for a vegetable garden decoration are those that are easy to grow and are relatively rarely attacked by pests. Their leaves sometimes show very interesting shapes, they are disheveled, bumpy, prickly, etc. structured, they are also colorful and even have flowers. With these properties, the edible plants can not only find their way onto our plate, but also beautify our garden. Now let’s look at some edible plants that have decorative value?

Kale as a garden decoration made from vegetables

green cabbage idea garden decorate curled fence plants

Kale is one of the most popular edible plants in ornamental gardens as it is perfect as a vegetable garden decoration. The curled leaves and purple veins are very attractive and add texture and color contrast to the garden look. The green and red cabbage are shown here, here they grow together under flowering plants in a container. There are basically two types of kale: the type that is usually grown for eating and the type that can be called ornamental cabbage because of the decorative leaves. Decorative cabbage is edible, but is grown primarily for its appearance. It has a bitter taste.

Garden decoration made of vegetables – Swiss chard

Chard colorful garden decoration made of vegetable leaves

The Swiss chard is another edible plant that has bright green leaves on variegated stems. The leaf veins adorn the thick leaves and make the plant very attractive for a garden decoration made of vegetables.

Lettuce and lettuce as a garden decoration made from vegetables

garden decoration made of vegetables salad green red cabbage

Colorful lettuce is delicious and beautiful. All types of lettuce are very easy to grow, especially in flower pots. So you can easily use the lettuce as a garden decoration made from vegetables. Leafy edible vegetables, including Chinese cabbage, cabbage, and snap peas serve dual roles in this front yard. They add a nice touch to the garden landscape and are later harvested and eaten.

Herbs for the garden decoration made from vegetables

herbs spices garden create decoration idea tips

When it comes to garden decorations made from vegetables, nothing could go wrong with herbs. They are some of the easiest edible plants to grow in the garden, either in containers or right in the ground. The herbs can also be combined well with other ornamental and edible plants. Parsley is often used as a green vegetable filler; their disheveled leaves create great textural contrast to plants with larger leaves. Here parsley, aeonium and agaves are planted in a container.

In addition to parsley, other fresh herbs could be grown in the garden such as green and purple basil, chives, rosemary, sage, and thyme, all of which are great ornamental plants too. Sage, lettuce, and other edible plants can even be paired with tulips and added to this trio in terracotta pots.

Garden decoration made of vegetables and fruits – fruit trees

apple tree garden decoration fruits fruit

Fruit trees bring shade and beauty with the bonus that they gift us with delicious fruits. You can get apples, apricots, cherries, citrus fruits, peaches and plums from your own garden if you take care of the appropriate trees there. This is also a great way to add a lot of beauty to your landscape. Spring brings beautiful blooms, then the attractive green leaves and colorful fruits follow.

Our tip for this garden decoration made of vegetables: Note that trees that bear delicious fresh fruits require more maintenance and cleaning in the garden.

Garden decoration made from vegetables – artichokes

artichoke vegetable variety design garden idea

Artichoke plants are increasingly used for their decorative value, with their large leaves and vivid purple flowers adorning any garden. They offer great texture and strong color contrast in vegetable garden decorations. You can get the ripe artichoke heads for your table and then enjoy the striking purple flowers. Unlike many other vegetables, artichokes are perennial plants.

The artichoke plant in this bed is paired with flowering annuals, roses and a small tree. Pepper plants can also bring beauty with their colorful fruits.

Plant different types of cabbage in the garden

flowers decoration cabbage lettuce garden vegetables

Edible plants, even if planted from vegetables as garden decorations, need fertile soil to show their best. So add compost and fertilizer to your soil every month for the best results. Whether or not you eat your ornamental edible plants is entirely up to you. But if you plan to eat them then you shouldn’t use insecticides unless they are labeled for edible plants.

colorful cabbage white dark green pink garden decoration made of vegetables

The next time you plan to fill in certain areas in your garden, you can do more research on the edible plants in the nursery and then choose vegetables for your garden decoration. Check out the literature and imagine how beautiful your landscape will look if you add some edible plants there too.

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