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Garden decoration – make stone path yourself out of artistic stepping stones


Would you like to create a stone path? Here comes our quick guide on how to do it Garden decoration  be able to do it yourself with blade form. The idea is creative, but at the same time very easy to imitate – and of course – cheap.

Garden decoration – stepping stones in the shape of a tree leaf


It’s an idea that will freshen up the garden path, but once you perfect the technique you can use it as a Garden decoration use. You need rhubarb leaf, concrete and simple garden supplies. The end result is sure to mesmerize you and is quite inexpensive. You can find the short step-by-step instructions below. The best thing about the design is that it can be copied in different sizes – and you can put the concrete leaves practically anywhere in the garden as decoration. You will surely bring out the natural beauty of the flowers even more.

Make garden decoration yourself – create stone path from stepping stones

Garden-decoration-do-it-yourself-stepping stones-autumn leaves-ideas

Begin to draw the contours of the leaf on the ground where the stone path will be laid. Every Garden decoration – Leaf shape should be carved into the ground by 7.5 cm / s. Photos/. Put a layer of fine gravel 3 cm deep. Cover this layer with a 1.5cm thick layer of coarse sand in each hole. Prepare the concrete mix by slowly pouring water into the material. Stir the concrete until it gets wet and is similar to peanut butter. Then, evenly fill in each hole you prepared for the stepping stones with concrete. Use your hands to shape the leaf shape. Press the rhubarb leaf against the concrete so that the side with the leaf vein faces the concrete. Lift off the rhubarb leaf. If necessary, you can underline the vein even more with a piece of wood. Cover the stepping stones with burlap and let them dry out for a week.

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