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Fun for dogs in the garden – tips for dog-friendly garden design

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It’s no secret that yourself Dogs in the garden feel like in paradise. The joy of playing, digging and digging is innate in our four-legged friends. Every dog ​​lover wants to guarantee their favorite animal fun in their own garden. However, our pets have very different demands on the garden than we do. They don’t care about the well-tended grounds, lawns and flower beds. A practically designed garden would be the best decision for you and your dog. With a few easy ideas, the green bit outside can be transformed into a dog’s paradise.

Dogs in the garden – ideas for garden highlights that bring joy

Garden pond modern concrete stepping stones laying tips

A Dog in the garden That means running all day outside, bathing, digging, digging in the pond. However, you cannot do without running water in the garden. Most dog breeds are strongly attracted to a pool of water, such as a small pond. The garden pond should be deep enough that your dog can fit in and the four-legged friend should be able to go out again without any problems.

Friendly but safe atmosphere for dogs in the garden

Garden fence dog-safe metal wire fence

Dogs love hiding places. But the dog owner should set clear boundaries for the garden, be it with ponds, plants, hedges, vegetable gardens or fences. Metal fences or wooden fences with closely spaced bars are considered dog-safe.

Tips for dogs in the garden

Dog fun in the garden Tips for dog kennels shade Grow trees that give you a lot of energy

The four-legged friend wants to roam happily in the garden as well as laze around. Reserve a special place for him in the garden. Think of protection from rain and shade. Shade places are particularly important on summer days. For garden paths, it is better to choose materials that do not heat up too much in the sun – e.g. stone slabs, concrete tiles, pebbles, etc..

There is a potential health hazard  

Having a harmful flower type dog in the garden

When laying out the garden, you should also consider that some shrubs, plants and flowers such as chrysanthemums, azaleas and lilies can pose surprising dangers if your dog eats them. For more information, ask your veterinarian.

Garden games for dogs

Garden fountain dog fun-guarantee in the garden ideas

Don’t forget a source of drinking water

Garden faucet running water ideas design modern

Secure space for your four-legged friends

Dogs run play garden lawn design ideas

Flowers in the dog garden

Garden planting dog-pet-safe friendly garden path

Gravel path in the garden

Make landscape in the Asian-style pebbles-dog-friendly

Protecting small dogs in the garden

Create fence planting dog garden ideas

Dog fun in the garden is guaranteed – digging corner

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The scope for your dog – the bigger the better

Outdoor Playroom-for Dogs Garden Ideas

Dog accessories – a hole in the fence if the dog wants to explore life outside the property

Dogs window wooden fence design ideas creative

Ideas for dog lovers and Four-legged friends

Garden ideas pet hand safety fence design

Ideas for dog-friendly garden design

Green lawn, gravel path meanders

Front yard would be a great highlight for your puppy

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