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Enjoy the birdsong – ideas on how to attract birds in the garden

ideas for birds garden attract simple tips

In many cases the garden is not just for the plants. Check out these ten helpful ideas how you can Birds in the garden can attract. A particularly beautiful feature of the natural landscape is the ability to accommodate various living things. Bring vitality and birdsong to your garden by following our tips and attracting songbirds.

Birds in the garden love diversity

Ideas for birds in the garden attract diversity

if you more Birds in the garden attract, you should take care of a diverse landscape. Plant a variety of flowers that will provide structure and nutrition throughout the year. Remember to make the plant structure not only horizontally, but also vertically. Get lots of different types of plants for the songbirds in the garden – flowers, herbs, vegetables, annual and perennial plants.

Find out which food the birds prefer in the garden

Ideas for attracting birds in the garden hiding place

So that you Birds in the garden can attract, find seeds or food that are preferred by the songbirds. You can start with some plants that produce seeds and nectar that are popular among songbirds. Such types of flowers are, for example, the hedgehog’s head, the girl’s eye and the sage. Next, you can fill a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, one of the songbirds’ favorite delicacies. The worms will certainly attract birds like woodpeckers. You will certainly arouse the interest of the finches with a feed mixture. The hummingbirds are attracted to fresh water. A few fruits in the garden will bring golden blackbirds, golden tits, and some species of woodpecker into your garden.

Put a bird bath in the garden

ideas for attracting birds in the garden bird bath

The birds love to bathe in the water. That is why the bird bath is a particularly important element for your garden if you want to attract songbirds. Make sure the bird bath is in an open space in the garden so the birds can observe the surroundings. Change the water every three days.

Plant nutritious native flowers

ideas for birds garden attract food

So that you can do more Birds in the garden attract, make sure the plants in the garden are native. They will certainly offer the birds a balanced diet. These plants will also attract more insects. This will definitely improve the variety of bird species in the garden.

Trees and bushes are also important

ideas for bird luring garden keep away

the Birds in the garden will be particularly pleased with the trees and bushes as they offer beautiful hiding spots from the predators. The birds can also build very comfortable nests there. Trees and bushes that produce fruits and nuts can also serve as a source of food for the songbirds. Make sure you can offer different types of plants in your garden. The evergreen trees will provide good hiding places for the birds even in winter. In addition, the trees attract not only birds but also butterflies.

Reduce the green area

Secure ideas for attracting birds to the garden

Don’t leave too much space in your garden covered by green space. Some suitable grass species that can attract songbirds are bearded grass and switchgrass. Prune the green space once a year in spring.

Leave the tree trunks in winter

ideas for birds garden luring equipment

Do not completely cut off the perennial plants in the fall. Let the logs stand. They will certainly house some insects in winter, which can then be used as food for songbirds. You can also leave the cut bushes. They ensure good protection for them Birds in the garden.

Maintain feed and bird houses in the garden

ideas for birds garden attract bird feeders

The bird feeders and the bird houses are for attracting the Birds in the garden particularly important. Make sure, however, that you regularly maintain them and keep them clean. Often clean the cottages and repair them if necessary.

Avoid herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers

ideas for birds garden attract trees

Such substances as herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers should be avoided if possible. They can be deadly to birds and other living things. Around Birds in the garden to attract, better rely on organic products.

Keep the cats away

ideas for birds in the garden attract birdhouse

If you want the birds to stay around the garden undisturbed, block the access to the garden for the cats. These pets can cause great harm to birds. One thing is for sure – don’t leave both species together in the garden.