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Designing a mini garden – ideas and tips for a pretty miniature garden

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Miniature gardens are a fancy decoration idea for the garden or balcony, as well as for the interior. They can be designed like imaginative fairy gardens with small houses and miniature furniture and immediately become an atmospheric eye-catcher. Would you like a pretty one Design a mini garden, then you will find many beautiful ideas and helpful tips for a successful miniature garden in the article.

Designing a mini garden – garden planning as the first step

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The first step for a successful mini garden is good garden planning. First, think about what kind of garden you want to design. Whether a small house with a garden and pond, or just a few plants and a cozy seating area – everything is possible with the miniature garden. When you are finished with the garden concept, you can think about the materials needed for the execution.

Select a suitable container and design the mini garden

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Before creating the mini garden, you need a suitable container that fits your garden and is large enough for your gardening project. Small pots, planters, baskets, wooden boxes, zinc tubs or even the old bathtub are just some of the possible variants. A popular idea for the miniature garden in the outdoor area is a broken clay pot, which is planted with dwarf plants and succulents.

Make clay pot miniature garden yourself

Mini-garden design clay-pot-garden-tinker-creatively

The clay pot garden is a nice recycling project that you can easily do yourself. The mini garden can be designed on several levels and looks particularly creative. To create the effect, the broken pieces are stuck into the earth so that steps emerge from it. The earth is then planted with suitable plants and decorated as desired.

Create a fairy garden in a flower pot

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Mini gardens can even be designed in small flower pots or planters, but these are high enough to give the plants sufficient space to grow. It is best to choose a container in a lively color that goes with the plants and decorations.

Designing a mini garden – materials required


Now you should collect all the materials you need for the miniature garden. If you want real instead of artificial plants, you need a suitable soil. A garden with real plants needs regular maintenance to look beautiful all the time. Since the strong growth in the miniature garden is undesirable, you need a nutrient-poor soil, such as seed soil, coconut soil or cactus soil. Small plants and any decorative elements are also necessary for the DIY mini garden.

Plant and decorate the flower pot


If you plan to design the mini garden in a closed container, then you should first fill the pot with a layer of expanded clay. The expanded clay acts as a drainage and should be covered with a water-permeable fleece. You can plant small flowers or mini plants in the pot. However, leave enough space for the larger accessories and decorations.

Suitable plants for the mini garden


If you want to design a mini garden, then you should opt for plants that grow slowly. Examples of this are small succulents and cacti, which look particularly beautiful in the miniature garden, but do not combine well with other types of plants. In every garden center you can also find special miniature plants that are suitable for the tiny garden.

Create a mini garden with small flowers


If you want to design your miniature garden as a beautiful lawn with flowers, then the filigree daisies are perfect. They give the whole garden an elegant touch and can be beautifully combined with small elf figures and miniature furniture. And although the proportions are anything but right, there is a harmonious interplay in the planter.

Minimalistic miniature garden


Miniature gardens are suitable both for the outdoor area and for the apartment. With it you can decorate and freshen up any room. In a planter you can even create a minimalist mini garden that fits perfectly into the modern interior. Succulents in particular are very suitable in such cases. Combine several specimens in one container to get the effect of a bed.

Mini garden design in wooden box


Miniature gardens that are designed in a wooden container look particularly natural and elegant. Wooden boxes without lids, wooden boxes or even old wooden barrels and wooden tubs are very suitable for this. To protect the wood from the water, you need some pond liner or a thicker garbage bag as a base.

Fill the wooden box correctly


This will cover the interior of the vessel. To do this, cut out the foil so that it completely covers the inside of the wooden box. Then fill with suitable soil and put the plants in it. Think about where you want to place the larger decoration beforehand and leave enough space for it. Since the water cannot run off in such containers, watering should be used sparingly. In some cases it is sufficient to simply spray the soil and moisten it well.

Design and decorate miniature fairy gardens


When you design a mini garden, you can let your creativity run free and come up with a very individual design. You can design the earth like a lawn, for example, or cover it with stones or sand. You can even imitate a stream or pond in the small garden with blue decorative stones. Of course, a “real” pond can also be built. To do this, leave a small bowl in the ground, which you can frame with pebbles (to imitate the bank of a pond) and then fill it with water.

Make miniature garden with fairy house yourself

mini-garden-design-fairy garden-fairy house-wooden box-moss

Mini gardens are also known as fairy gardens and are often decorated with small fairy and elf figures. To create a magical fairy garden, you can also make a small fairy house and place it in the garden. A whole fairy world can be conjured up with a garden path made of stones or small wooden discs and cute miniature furniture.

Decoration ideas for the fairy garden


If you design your own mini garden, you can realize your ideas for a dream garden. Small houses, for example, are perfect as decoration for the miniature garden, because they give the garden a right composition. A garden path divides the mini garden into different areas, such as a seating area and areas for plants and possibly a pond.

Create a mini garden with miniature garden furniture

mini-garden-design-miniature-garden-furniture-chairs-mini house

Plants in themselves are a beautiful decoration, but the miniature garden furniture is the heart of every fairy garden. If you want to create the perfect mini garden, you need miniature furniture that goes well with it and looks realistic. Small tables, tiny garden chairs, arches and garden benches look really enchanting in the miniature garden.

Create a mini garden with a pool


If you want to create an exotic mini garden, you can create a small pool in it. A pool or pond can easily be recreated with blue decorative sand or decorative stones. With a few garden loungers next to it, your miniature garden is perfect for the sunny summer days. Incidentally, you can use them as suitable pieces of furniture for dollhouses. The selection is huge, so you will quickly find what you need.

Create a magical miniature garden in a wooden tub

mini-garden-design-wooden barrel-wooden tub-original-garden decoration

In an old wooden barrel or tub you can create a beautiful mini garden that is a little larger and is a great decoration idea for every garden. The larger the container, the more compost is needed to fill it. However, you also get a high model that you don’t have to put on a chair or table to lift it up. The rustic look of the tub behaves like a frame for a small garden design and not only allows your design to come into its own, but also makes it much more harmonious.

Create a fairy garden with a mini house and pond


Whether for fairies or elves, the miniature garden looks much nicer with a small house. If you would like to make the mini-house yourself instead of buying it ready-made, you can decorate a simple bird house as you like and design it as a dream house for fairies. If there is still water in the garden, a small pond can easily be made out of a plastic lid and filled with water.

Create a fairy garden with ceramic figures

mini-garden-design-wooden-tub-fairy garden-fairy house

If you want to create a fairy garden in the mini garden, then you can also use pretty ceramic figures for it. Whether mini-houses, beautiful fairies, colorful flowers or miniature garden furniture, the variety of ceramic figures for garden decorations is great and you can even make some yourself. A few larger background plants can also imitate a park with tall trees or even a forest. Especially if you have set up a house, such plants can be the perfect background. They don’t necessarily have to have green leaves either. Those with colored leaves are also wonderfully suitable.

Design a mini garden as a birthday present


Since mini gardens are a beautiful and original decoration for the garden, they can be designed as beautiful gifts for a birthday. You can decorate the miniature garden with a pennant chain for your birthday and use it as a creative DIY gift idea. You are guaranteed to make someone such a delight. If you are not sure to what extent the recipient knows about plant care or how much time he can invest in it, you can also choose easy-care types for the design. Cacti or the diverse succulents, for example, are very easy to care for and wonderfully suitable.

Miniature garden tinkering with children


Fairy gardens are very popular among children. You like to do handicrafts in the garden and can certainly help with the mini garden project. Together you can even build miniature furniture and decorations yourself, such as a small house made of twigs and moss. Every child can create their own design and then take care of their own plants. So the little ones not only have fun with the production, but also learn to take on a certain responsibility and are brought a little closer to gardening.

Design a mini garden with lighting

mini-garden-design-zinc-tub-fairy garden-fairy lights-flower arch

If you want to make the mini garden romantic and elegant, then you can think about suitable garden lighting. Small fairy lights are perfect for this and conjure up an imaginative decoration for your fairy garden. You can then also enjoy your tiny beauty in the evening hours, adorning the terrace and even a smaller balcony in an attractive way.

Create a fairy garden in an old zinc tub


The old zinc tub is also suitable as a container for the miniature garden. So you can design the fairy garden on a larger area and plant and decorate it abundantly. A branch can serve as an elf house in the mini garden by attaching a simple ceramic fairy door to it. Create garden paths out of tiny stones and plant small evergreen plants that are very similar to the full-grown ones and create a realistic composition.

Create a mini garden in an old bathtub


As an alternative to the zinc tub, you can also use the old tub for the miniature garden. With this recycling project you can conjure up an extraordinary decoration for the garden, which creates an atmospheric atmosphere in the outdoor area. Of course, you also have to plan a little more space in the garden for this. However, you then have more space in the tub to let your imagination run wild.

Decorate the mini garden in autumn


With a suitable decoration, the miniature garden can be decorated for any special occasion. For example, if you want to design an autumn mini garden, then pumpkins and other autumn motifs are perfect as decorations. You can plan the composition in advance by sketching different variants on a piece of paper. It is best to make several sketches at the same time, which you can then compare or even combine with one another. You can also try it out in the vessel itself. Put some plants here and there just like you bought them in temporary pots, spread out the decorations, and see if you like the design. You can now swap and rearrange elements as you wish until you have found the perfect look.

Create a miniature garden as a farm

mini-garden-design-farm-farmhouse-tinkering-zinc tub

If you are looking for a fun gardening project, you can design the mini garden as a farm instead of a fairy garden. For this you need suitable figures for the animals and a mini barn or stable. Such figures and elements can also be found quickly in a toy store. If you use a large tub for this, you can even create paddocks and other fenced areas and place animal figures in them. Some mini flower and vegetable beds should not be missing either.

DIY miniature garden in china


Mini gardens look particularly pretty and elegant in shabby chic cups and teapots. Succulents and house lice are particularly suitable for such a mini garden, because they are drought-tolerant and particularly easy to care for. You can provide the vessels with a few holes so that the water can run off well, or you can simply create a drainage from pebbles under the potting soil. Incidentally, succulents can also grow in the middle of pebbles.

Design a cup as a mini garden


If you want to design a small cup or teapot with succulents as a mini garden, then you don’t need drainage, but a few stones on the bottom of the cup. The best soil for this project is cactus soil, which is perfect for succulents. The vintage cup in turn gives the whole arrangement its special charm. Use it to decorate the interior or the terrace.

Make your own mini garden as a beach


If you design a mini garden, you can even bring the beach into your own garden. With some sand, moss and suitable decoration, the miniature garden can be tinkered as a beach oasis and remind you of the coming vacation. A retro paisage like this is especially funny. But exotic themes with a few artificial palm trees are also wonderful.