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Designing a garden with stones and gravel – tips for choosing the best stone

Garden with stone and gravel create modern, romantic grit

Stones are one of the most widely used materials in modern garden design because they are easy to care for and versatile. Different decorative stones have different properties and this results in a multitude of possible applications. Our tips will help you choose the right type of stone based on your needs. Let yourself be inspired for your individual garden with stones and gravel!

When choosing the right type of stone, you should always pay attention to three criteria: color, shape and grain size. The grain size indicates how large the individual particles (grains) are. There are very large decorative stones in the form of gabion stones and quarry stones. The smaller variants of the ornamental stones are ornamental gravel, ornamental chippings, gravel and ornamental sand. However, it should always be remembered that coarser stones are easier to care for than smaller ones.

When the optics are in the foreground

Design garden with stone red grit lavender bush Mediterranean feeling

The choice of color for the stones depends primarily on personal preferences and the environment. Gray ornamental gravel, for example, is very neutral and fits into almost any environment. It is also advisable to match the type of rock to the style of your garden. Depending on whether you prefer it to be modern, cozy or romantic, the choice is yours Ornamental gravel in different grits and shades is great. You can create a meditative zen mood with white or black gravel, for example, while reddish stones convey a Mediterranean feeling. Of course, colorful mixtures of the pebbles are also available, which fit perfectly into a natural garden.

If you want to create elegant partitions in the garden

Create a garden with stones Gabions. Retaining wall. Height differences. Garden terrace

Larger stones can be used in gabions, e.g. to create partitions in the garden or to create noise protection. The wire mesh baskets filled with stones are also useful if you want to compensate for height differences in the garden or to secure a hillside location. Gabions can also be used to implement creative garden ideas such as seating and raised beds.

And which stones are suitable for gabions? We recommend the somewhat larger grain size from approx. 50 mm, which is ideally suited for the common mesh sizes of stone baskets or gabion fences. For filling Gabions Granite, marble, basalt, quartzite, dolomite or limestone are often used.

If you want to prevent the weed growth

Stone bed lava mulch flowerbed against weeds

Gravel and crushed stone are great as mulch. The mulch layer ensures that weed growth remains low and that moisture can be stored in the soil for longer.

Lava mulch is an excellent alternative to organic bedding because it does not rot. It is a porous volcanic rock with a warm, natural appearance and many positive properties. For larger beds, a grain size of 8/16 mm is recommended so that planting and working with the shovel do not become a torture.

Sliver Japanese garden weed prevention

Slate chippings are flat decorative chippings and are also an excellent alternative to bark mulch in the fight against weeds. It is available in different colors – from gray and black to purple and green.

Design driveways, garden paths or terrace coverings with gravel

Ornamental gravel granite garden paths terraces driveway

Garden paths with gravel and gravel are easy to create, have a natural look and are very cheap. Pebbles rather than gravel are recommended as a terrace surface. Due to the soft shape, they are very easy to walk on and beautiful to look at. Small pebbles are particularly suitable for patio areas with furniture.

Grit is better used for entrances. In order to be able to drive your car on it without problems, you should ensure a good substructure. Gravel honeycombs that hold the stones in place provide additional stability. This makes the ground as stable as a paved path.

Create a garden with gravel honeycombs for additional stability

Additional tips for buying ornamental gravel, grit and co.

  • If the property is on a slight slope, choose heavy decorative stones with a larger grain size. It is important that they are not too round so that they do not slip away.
  • For a low-maintenance garden, don’t forget to lay a weed fleece under the gravel or chippings.
  • With a lawn edge, the separation of the different garden areas, such as lawns, gravel areas, flower beds and many others, is very easy.

Discover the enormous variety of stones and beautify your garden according to your personal preferences!

Garden design with stone and gravel spring stone river stones decoration

pond with stones waterfall orange yellow colors

Water feature pond waterfall slate stone ornamental gravel gray

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