Garden design and maintenance

Design your garden with arrangements of flowers and bushes

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The Design the garden you can do it in any way you want. It is very clear. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing plants. Each species makes different demands on its environment. While some thrive really well in the blazing sun, others prefer partial shade or even full shade. We have put together a list of different flower arrangements that you can use to create a natural garden and that you can choose and put together depending on the location to make your choice a little easier.

1. Design the garden with conifers and sparaceous bushes

garden-design-conifers-conifer-idea-tree-of-life-carpet juniper

This arrangement is best for bright areas in the garden. Conifers are the focal point that you can frame with pretty primroses in spring to create an attractive rug. Once the primroses’ flowering period is over, the pink dwarf spar and daylily will delight you with their flowers. With this arrangement you can create wonderful crossroads in the garden.

2. Design the garden with hydrangeas and spear bushes


With this arrangement you can wonderfully plant airy and sunny places in the garden. The conifers, which include thuja, juniper and spruce, with their pretty leaf colors and textures ensure that the other plants also come into their own and provide a great background for the white flowering hydrangea and lungwort.

3. Pastures in soft colors


You can also design the garden wonderfully with willows. This idea is suitable for a sunny to partially shaded place in the garden. The arrangement consists of a combination of silvery and bluish leaves, as well as different leaf shapes, which all in all exude a pleasant harmony.

4. Flowerbed with irises

garden design flowerbed-swordlily-golden cob-daylily-flowers

Partly shaded and humid areas or areas in the sun are well suited for this arrangement if you want to design and plant the garden. Already in spring it is characterized by bright colors, which are represented by the primroses and the Caucasus forget-me-not. In the following summer, the daylilies and the iris impress again. Yellow accents, on the other hand, set the chamois root.

5. Bladder spar


The dark red “Diabolo” bubble spar has pretty leaves that contrast nicely with the silvery juniper and are a real eye-catcher when you design the garden. The white panicle is an eye-catcher in spring when the flowers start to bloom. In addition, these impress throughout the summer. The arrangement is wonderfully suitable for beginners, as all plants are very undemanding. They are suitable for a bright location as well as for partial shade.

6. Yellow arrangement


The plants in this arrangement also feel at home in light and partially shaded areas. The thuja and the hostas with their light leaf edges create yellow effects. In May and June, pink colors are added thanks to the lilies and form a perfect backdrop in the garden. When you design the garden, you can use this arrangement both as a single area and as a transition to another.

7. Border with blue spruce


If you want to design vacancies in the garden, use this composition. It is well suited for areas between buildings, paths and stairs. The blue needles of the spruce harmonize wonderfully with the dark leaves of the bergenia and juniper. You will get flowers in spring. All of this looks very decorative all year round if you design the garden in this way. Choose a place in the sun or partial shade.

8. Willow with juniper


This arrangement for the garden is also very decorative all year round. It is again suitable as a transition between two other beds in the garden and also to decorate free corners. The arrangement of flowers and plants is also very space-saving, which makes it perfect for smaller gardens where there is not much room for lush arrangements of flowers. If you want to design a pond in the garden, you can use this idea for greening.

9. Pipe bushes with hydrangeas

garden design whistle-bush-hydrangea-panicle-deco-outdoor

You can get neutral colors with this idea in the garden. It is an interplay of white flowers and green leaves. From spring to autumn, the spotted lungwort blooms in a silvery-white color, after which the white root first impresses with its delicate flowers. After that, the hydrangea also comes into play and provides an impressive highlight when you design the garden this way. For spring, you can also plant daffodils, crocuses or tulips.

10. Design the garden with clematis


Moist soil is a great prerequisite for this pretty flower arrangement. If there is also sun, the location is perfect, and penumbra is also suitable. The highlight here is without a doubt the trellis with the attractive clematis, which creates a perfect background and blooms all summer and autumn. The yellow blooming gold bulb is a colorful contrast and should not be missing in this composition for gardening. Decorate a house wall, wall or fence with these plants.

11. Sparrows and junipers


The conifers in this example are again wonderfully suitable for an airy and sunny location. The pointed rocket juniper is particularly striking. Right next to it is the spruce and in the background the pine. The yellow juniper is a fast growing plant and must be pruned regularly to keep its size within limits. The front area is adorned with the upholstered phlox, carnations and fatty hens. They are a great idea if you want to use ground covers to design the garden.

12. Yellow flowers for the shade

garden design shade-yellow-flowers-ragwort-arrangement-idea-bed

If you have free spaces under the trees and want to design these areas in the garden, you need plants that do well in partial shade. You can see a suitable arrangement here. It consists of a few perennials. Yellow and yellow-green flowers as well as the striking leaves of the record leaves make the bed a real highlight. Since there are no leaves to provide shade in spring, you can use this fact to add whatever spring flowers you can change every year when you are designing your garden.