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Design your garden in a modern way with these helpful design tips

garden modern design flowerbed-idea-garden-path-white-stone

If you want to redesign your garden in terms of the plants, then spring is exactly the right time for it. Modern garden design is used more and more frequently. Would you like to achieve a simple yet pretty look, then you can follow our gardening tips and you will ultimately find a new, unique one Design the garden in a modern way, that you will be proud of.

1. Design the garden in a modern way – simple colors

garden modern design green-white-color-neutral-wall

It doesn’t always have to be motley. The modern garden design is characterized, among other things, by neutral colors. The color combination green and white is particularly popular, with the green color being represented by the plants. White you can design the rest of the elements in the garden in a modern way, such as walls and walls, as well as garden paths or the terrace. Use white plaster, or rather, stone.

Design the garden in a modern way – paint the walls

garden modern design facade-white-house-design-chaise longue

If you have older elements that you cannot easily replace, just try to change them to give the garden a modern look. A brick wall, for example, can be painted white, creating an interesting texture in the garden. The white background also highlights the plants particularly well.

2. Structure in plants


The garden gets a pretty and timeless look if you repeat different textures and combinations of plants at regular intervals. Create a row of trees or shrubs, bushes or decorations, another one after a certain distance and so on. This is a key point in making the garden modern.


garden-modern-design-symmetry-trees-raised bed-boxwood-lounge

A modern garden consists of simple, geometric shapes. However, so that the look does not look too accurate, you can set a few contrasts when you design the garden in a modern way. In addition to the perfectly shaped plants, for this purpose you can easily add some wilder plants that you can peek out from the bed.



You get a perfect structure with plants that can be cut and shaped. The box tree is often used for this in the modern garden. This is particularly well suited because it has an important advantage. Its relatively neutral look doesn’t steal the show from the other plants in the warmer seasons, but it does promise a pretty green in winter when everything else is gray. So plant the boxwood if you want to make the garden modern.

Choose main plant


It is well known that every flower has its season. In the modern garden, however, a main plant is usually chosen that will at least delight the entire summer. The verbenas are very popular here and can be used wonderfully if you design the garden in a modern way. They grow quite tall and distribute dreamlike accents in purple in the midst of the green splendor of your garden.

3. Concluding work


Do not follow any trend when choosing plants and decorations. A garden design cannot be changed as quickly and easily as an outfit. No matter what you choose, when you make the garden modern, it should suit your taste and be chosen for that particular reason.

Furniture and decoration

garden-modern-design-driftwood-garden furniture-coffee table-bench

You can also make the garden modern with the right garden furniture and decorations. Use furniture made from natural materials. These are another nice contrast to the immaculately arranged plants and white walls. Choose, for example, furniture for the lounge or dining area made of driftwood. A worn trough also has a decorative effect.



The fence made of horizontally attached slats is very typical in modern garden design. However, with all the other symmetry in the garden, you can add some variety if you make the garden modern. Separate the individual elements from each other with vertical ones. You can also achieve this with the help of tall and narrow plants. However, care should be taken to ensure that the vertical parts do not occur too often. Otherwise it gives the feeling of being in a prison.



If you want to design the garden in a modern way, think about the right lighting. This is of great importance in modern design. The light even plays a bigger role than the lamp itself. For this reason, simple light sources are chosen. Plan which areas you want to highlight with the light at night. Do you particularly like the symmetrically arranged plants or do you prefer the brick wall? This determines the areas to be emphasized in the garden.