Garden design and maintenance

Design the perfect garden – 20 feel-good ideas for outdoor spaces


The garden is an important living space where you can find the necessary relaxation from everyday life. Anyone who has a cozy sitting area, delightful front yard or the perfect idyllic Design the garden can consider the following recommendations from us.

Create a harmonious garden


Garden and terrace covering, garden walls and the facade of the house should create a harmonious overall picture. Modern structures and many selected details contribute significantly to the fact that one feels comfortable in the outdoor spaces. Before you start with the Design the garden however, holistic planning is required. Do not forget that something is perfect not when there is nothing left to add, but when nothing can be left out.

Gardening tips – dhe experience nature in its most beautiful form


The perfect garden is a living space with various separate areas. Namely, outdoor furniture plays the central role as design elements. Who an idyllic Design the garden you could add evergreen plants and hedges or a decorative fence as a guardian decoration and privacy screen. Rounded shapes have a good effect on the human psyche.

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Individual design ideas for the garden – water features

garden-design-ideas-water features-water source-jug-boulders

Large flat lawns, terraces on several levels, flower beds and trees invite you to linger and relax. Small details such as flower pots or garden decorations contribute above all to the creation of your personal dream garden.

Design the garden in the Mediterranean style

garden-design-ideas-mediterranean-front yard-mulch-lavender-switchgrass

Turn the garden into a delightful green oasis

Lush garden-create idyllic atmosphere

Attractive design on several levels – wooden pallets as wall decorations

Creative garden decoration with wooden pallet wall decoration idea

The shady seat invites you to linger

Shade seating area metal wood furniture set terrace

Design the garden effectively

Wheelbarrow flower pot creative ideas idyllic gardens

Freshen up the garden pavilion

Garden pavilion wood-spicing up decoration ideas

Water garden – create a pond and ensure freshness in the garden

Water pond water system garden design tips

Plant herbs and flowers

Flowers for garden design ideas

Outdoor space to feel good – fireplace and barbecue area

Fire pit barbecue area-garden areas determine

With terraces and garden paths you structure the garden in different areas

Flower garden design-Lush plants idea

Designing garden areas – wooden pergolas are the classics

Gazebo Pergola Wood elements of the garden design

Creative solutions for the garden – privacy screens

Bamboo privacy screen for garden patio plant pots

Refueling solar energy outdoors – metal seating area

Dreamy garden patio metal furniture white

Garden design away natural stone pergola metal seating furniture

Structures in the garden-add climbing aid roses

Rat furniture outdoor sun protection umbrella garden design

Garden fence wood privacy screen entrance