Garden design and maintenance

Decorative stones for the garden and the house


You can design your garden in an original, stylish and varied way by adding various elements to the landscape such as picturesque stone blocks, a romantic cave, an accurate retaining wall, solid paths, a playfully built waterfall or a stream. If you want a corner in your garden that reminds you of high, stony mountains, you can easily create it. Nowadays there is a universal material that meets practically all requirements of even the most demanding sculptor. Artificial ones are meant Decorative stones for the garden and the house, which not only look like the real thing, but in some ways even surpass them.

Decorative stones for the garden

Decorative stones-home-fireplace-hearth

In a house outside the city, artificial decorative stones are particularly suitable for the design in the garden or in the house. You can use it to decorate a stove or fireplace or to cover a wall. And when you look at your home, you will feel as if you are standing in a large, medieval castle. It doesn’t matter what material your house is made of. For little money and in a comparatively little time, you can give your house a stony cladding. The great thing is that it is artificial Decorative stones for the garden or the house is not that difficult to install. It works like ordinary tiles. If you feel like it, you can do it yourself without the help of a tiler.

Decorative stones for the garden – build yourself a waterfall


Artificial Decorative stones for the garden can be used for a myriad of things. The possible variants can only be narrowed down by your imagination and your taste. You can use artificial stones to create the bank of a pond, a river bed in a stream or an interesting pyramid for a waterfall. They are also good for decorating flower beds and rock gardens, building benches and sculptures for the garden. You can also use the artificial stones to build pretty garden paths, edges and retaining walls. The best part is that with all of these uses, they will look natural and only a specialist can determine that it is artificial stones acts.

Choice of color of the stones

Garden design with glass pebbles in blue

The main component of the artificial stone is white or gray cement. The white one is better in terms of quality and also more expensive. So if you plan to buy artificial stones, pay attention to the color. The brighter they are, the more reliable they will be. For the production of artificial stones, various materials are mixed into the cement, such as expanded clay, perlite, sand or other mixtures. Dyes also come in. The price depends on their quality and how long the respective color lasts.

The materials used determine the quality of the artificial stones

Natural stones-soil-footpath-in-the-garden

During the purchase of an artificial stone, it is impossible to determine whether it was made from cheap additives and dyes or from high quality materials. Its quality can only be determined in a few months. Therefore, you should inform yourself about the parts and components used from the seller before buying.

There are no universal decorative stones


To make the right choice, you should first decide whether you want to use the artificial stones as cladding indoors or outdoors. So if they are made to be used indoors, there is no use using them outdoors. They will quickly become unfit and lose their pretty appearance. If you are told in the shop that these are universal artificial stones, then be sure to ask what temperatures the stones can withstand.

Zen decoration in the bedroom

Zen decorative stones in the bedroom candles

 A wall made of decorative stones in the sleeping area

Wall covering-bedroom-artificial-stones

Artificial decorative stones in the living room


Pebbles are very popular

Pebbles forecourt garden entrance door

Natural stones-light-beige-castle-garden

Artificial decorative stones fountain garden