Garden design and maintenance

Decking and landscaping on a Brooklyn home

terrace and garden design modern raised bed bench wooden chaise longue

We would like to show you an interesting city garden in the middle of Brooklyn and make it clear what an impressive transformation was undertaken and achieved in just a few steps. The design for the terrace and garden design comes from Lindsey Taylor. You will be amazed at what can be changed with new flooring and pretty plants and furniture. The new garden exudes calm and is perfect for relaxing.

Terrace and garden design – the garden beforehand

terrace-garden-design-beforehand-design-paving stone-lawn-remodeling

Not much was changed in the shape of the small garden when designing the terrace and garden. Even the raised bed was retained. The only difference is the rounded area, which now has a simple angular shape. This gives the garden a more modern look. Bluestone in gray color is used as the floor covering. The tiles also have a modern, rectangular shape and also cover the former lawn. Since the owners liked the bamboo fence very much, nothing was changed on it. Even the weathered look was retained in the terrace and garden design, which gives the garden a certain charm.

Patio and garden design – The Brooklyn townhouse

terrace and garden design brooklyn-house-design-balcony-flower boxes-graeser

Gray was also chosen for the fixed dining table. Benches and modern stools are used for sitting. The chaise longue made of unprocessed wood, which also includes a side table, is an interesting eye-catcher. This accessory comes from a homeowner’s vacation. A practical feature that was considered when designing the terrace and garden are additional seating options, which are made possible thanks to the wide wall of the raised bed.

The house before


The decorations were used very sparingly in the terrace and garden design. Only two concrete-look planters and some fiberglass flower boxes with Chinese reeds decorate the terrace. One reason for this is the rather limited space. But it was wonderfully played with the plants. They were planted in a wild way, breaking the straight, modern style of the patio. The plants include the Asian dogwood, a climbing rose and various bushes. In addition, a garden design was chosen that requires minimal gardening. In the middle of the tiled floor space was left for another small bed. This is adorned with a Japanese camellia, as well as lavender and boxwood. That was one of the wishes of the customers.

Balcony design with wood tiles

terrace-garden design-balcony-idea-white-chair-wire-optics-handrail-metal

Sitting area and wooden fence

terrace and garden design fence-bamboo-tiles-bluestone-seating area

Garden bed integrated in the ground


Raised bed in the garden

terrace and garden design loft bed-idea-seating-plants-wild-graeser

Garden design with plants that are easy to care for


Design by Lindsey Taylor.