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Creative garden design, decoration and garden ideas on a tight budget

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The beautiful garden design does not always require a lot of money, but a little creativity. Here are some Decoration and garden ideas, that would help you beautify your garden without running out of your bank account.

Decoration and garden ideas – paint with bright colors

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The garden serves as a second living room, especially in summer. So that you can transform your garden into an oasis of well-being, you can upgrade it in terms of color. Play with colors. Doors, fences, pots and garden furniture can be painted a rich color. Especially in a small garden, when several elements have the same intense color, creates continuity and highlight. Even in the dead of winter, the garden will look colorful and interesting. Colors that look good in gardens are red, eggplant, teal, dark purple, and deep sunny yellow. Various accessories contribute to a special atmosphere that also invites you to linger. You don’t need to buy new accessories, objects that are simply lying there unused can be brought to a new life. You can paint over an old wooden box or clay pots in a fresh shade and thus set great accents in the outdoor area.

Decoration and garden ideas – textiles as a fabulous splash of color


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A little fabric can work wonders. A piece of it in the tablecloth could turn an old picnic table or a welcoming dining room. A couple of pillows can brighten up an old bench in your garden. And new seat cushions or covers can freshen up your garden furniture. A straight sofa, for example, looks much more inviting thanks to its colorful decorative cushions, cushions and blankets. Combine the textiles and your colors according to your own preferences. Whether you opt for eye-catching patterns and strong colors such as red, pink, blue and yellow or prefer the pastel tones and subtle patterns is entirely up to you.

Reuse cool old things in the garden decoration

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Nothing adds character to a garden design faster than vintage or collectible items. Bird houses, vintage garden tools, watering cans, baskets, bird cages, statues, or old sports equipment. Browse the antique shops and flea markets. These weathered elements would look great no matter what the weather is. Let your creativity run free and create unique decorations for your garden from old objects or worn materials. Check out this excellent decoration on the gardening table in the picture above. An old, round table top made of weathered wood has been transformed into a wall decoration with practical use. The small garden tools are always close at hand and make the gardener’s table look pretty. A creative and inexpensive decorative element that gives your garden a special charm.

Crazy flower pots


Pots of plants solve so many problems. They disguise any simple garden design. They bring color and green to the bare floor and beautify verandas and terraces. Focus on pots that complement each other – made of similar material or with a common color scheme. You can also paint something nice on it. Put small accents in the pots, such as small sculptures or even something as simple as pretty decorative stones. Sometimes the smallest elements are the ones that give a new and unmistakable touch. The flower pots you use for your beautiful garden plants don’t have to be new. Broken clay pots can also be turned into true works of art. Of course, anything you like is allowed. Broken clay pots can also be planted and decorated with different stones.

Build a flower tower yourself


If you have several flower pots lying around, you can use them to create a chic and unique garden decoration. Simply create a horizontal flower garden by stacking flower pots like a tower. You can either design the flower tower from the same clay pots or assemble it from vessels that differ in shape and color. Fill the lower clay pot with potting soil and put a smaller one on top, which you fill again. In the soil that can be seen, you can put plants of your own taste. Determine the height of the self-made flower tower and choose a lush plant for the top container. If you are worried about the stability of the tower, you can lean your own creation against the railing or the wall of the house.

Further ideas:

– Old weathered wood looks great in the garden. You can use it to build a simple bench or small table with flowers as if they had always been in your garden.

Old dresser with flowers in the drawers


An old chest of drawers with peeling paint feels surprisingly good at home in the garden. Lean them against a wall and use them as a display space for flowers. You can place flower pots in different sizes and colors on the chest of drawers and ensure a variety of colors. The drawers ensure excellent storage. Place small flower pots in there and let the small flowers peek out. An incredibly original idea to decorate your garden with little effort, isn’t it?

Turn old tires into great flower pots

Deco-garden-ideas-cheap-car-tires-flower-raised beds

You can create great decoration and garden ideas with the help of old car tires. Instead of buying new containers for the plants, you can use the worn tires, which are actually only suitable for the recycling yard, for creative flower containers. They are not only practical but also a real eye-catcher. First paint the tires with lacquer paints in cheerful and bright colors. Use the tire as a mini garden. Fill it with potting soil and plant it with different flowers that bloom in different colors. The rubber stores the heat, which promotes plant growth.


If you have a lot of space in the garden, you can stack several tires on top of each other and create a storey garden. If, on the other hand, there is not enough space in your garden, you can hang the tires on the house wall or fence. If you use the old car tires for vertical hanging, you have to make a few holes as drainage on the underside of the tire so that no waterlogging occurs. A wonderful decoration for the garden would be a converted car tire that hangs from the tree and is easily moved by the draft. An undoubtedly attractive and original way of presenting flowers at eye level.

Colorful flower pots attached to the fence

Garden decorations garden ideas vertical gardens colorful flower pots garden fence

Armchair and cushions with decorative grass

Garden decoration garden ideas armchairs decoration moss cushions coffee cups flowers

Tea party like Alice in Wonderland

Garden decoration garden ideas teapots as flower pots clock

Planted stone stairs

Garden decoration garden ideas stone stairs plant stone plants

romantic lighting with lanterns

Gartendeko garden ideas fireplace lanterns candles pillows

Wooden boxes as a shelving system

Garden decoration garden ideas wooden boxes flower pots shelf

Garden furniture and colors

Gartendeko garden ideas garden furniture stone slabs moss split

Flowers in the old suitcase

garden idea cheap budget old suitcase flowerpot

Floating candles in a metal bucket

Garden decoration garden ideas floating candles metal bucket pedestal

Garden decoration garden ideas concrete planters pots

garden ideas dresser garden weathered wood drawers flowers

Decoration and garden ideas with wine bottles

Gartendeko garden ideas hanging up wine bottles plants terarium

Decoration and garden ideas with old furniture

Garden decoration garden ideas old dresser drawers flowers wood material

Garden decoration garden ideas flower pots vine wood wicker furniture

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Decoration and garden ideas spot of color pillow parasol stone table

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