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Corten steel in the garden – 16 different uses

Corten steel in the garden -insertion-facade-design-element-modern-architecture

In the past, rust was avoided at all costs and was undesirable. Gardens with rusty outdoor furniture, rusted fences or doors in this look were taboo and ponds for unkempt outdoor areas. Nowadays, this look is purposely pursued and achieved through modern technologies. The rust process on stainless steel panels and surfaces is controlled and only works as a coating that does not damage the quality of the material. There are numerous variants for modern use from Corten steel in the garden. We present an overview of 16 of them.

Corten steel in the garden – a multifaceted material

Corten steel in the garden -insertion-facade-cladding-outdoor-modern-architecture

You can see modern architecture from the facade. It should not only look great, it should also be weatherproof. Corten steel is a special material for modern garden design and landscaping. A protective layer of firmly adhering phosphates or sulfates forms under the rust layer, making the material resistant.

Corten steel in the garden – an overview of several possible uses

Corten steel in the garden -insertion-fence-privacy protection-panels-modern-architecture

Corten steel can be used and is suitable for large-area cladding of house facades or as decorative panels that surround the building. Imaginative shapes and cutouts, such as perforated sheets or those with floral motifs, can be easily achieved by laser cutting. Fence in a rusty look is a good design option for the outdoor area, gives airiness and at the same time a modern touch.

Corten steel in the garden as a privacy screen and fence in one

Corten steel in the garden -insertion-fence-privacy protection-modern-simple-garden design

Corten steel provides privacy protection in a modern look that goes far beyond the idea of ​​metal. The material used is steel, which is protected against corrosion by adding copper, chromium and nickel and which has been given this interesting look.

Rusty mesh – fence and design element outdoors

corten steel garden insert fence privacy screen mesh

Strange art objects or functional elements of garden design – everything is feasible and possible from this material. Steel mesh can replace the usual hedge without reducing its ventilation properties.

Decorative, airy fence made of corten steel in the garden


Decorative fence made of Corten steel is the contemporary version of the metal fence. Different designs offer a combination of several materials – the use of concrete as a design element is extremely topical.

Playful and functional accents with a rusty look – garden door

corten steel-garden-insert-garden-gate-grille-artfully-outdoor-door

The modern rusty look breaks the associations with dismantling and puts it in a new light. Artful designs for garden gates and outdoor doors are trendy today. Just choose a suitable model for your situation.

Noble rusted look – modern front door


Rust, a perfect finish and a noble look are terms that might not really work together. Quite the opposite.

Playful garden path with a rusted look

corten steel-garden-insert-garden-path-pond-garden design-modern

Much that pleases with a Corten steel look could actually be made from recycled materials. There is actually a lot of steel in concrete structures that can be separated from concrete using special technology. This creates great ReDesign objects – a garden path like this is also feasible.

Corten steel as a design element in the desert garden


The rough look of this material goes wonderfully with the desert garden and the wild landscape. Edges made of Corten steel for steps, beds or to separate the areas with gravel or mulch laid from these with lawn and earth.

Veranda in the “rusted” look – “red” wood and edges made of Corten steel in the garden

corten steel-garden-insert-terrace-veranda-red-wood-edge

A uniform overall picture is achieved from different materials if they are in a similar shade. When designing the terrace in the picture, Corten steel was used for the vertical surface and the steps and walking surface were made of red wood.

Edges separate the different areas in the garden


Metal edges separate the areas in the garden and separate the garden path from the beds with plants.

Lawns and beds made of Corten steel for modern garden design

corten steel-garden-insert-bed-edging-lawn-wood-privacy protection-raised bed

Lawns and beds made of Corten steel can be wonderfully combined with wood and natural stone. Decide only on one look for each specific place or area, otherwise you run the risk of creating a jumbled garden design.

Raised bed and decorative elements made of corten steel in the garden

corten steel-garden-use-raised bed-garden design-water-cacti-desert garden

Raised beds made of Corten steel provide an unmistakable eye-catcher in the garden. Straight, angular beds or large planters also claim enough space for free movement outdoors.

Imaginative garden sculptures with a rusty look


Garden structures made of Corten steel are undoubtedly trendy. Artful and strange shapes from designers around the world provide variety in garden design.

Modern design for outdoors – corten steel fireplace in the garden


The definitive highlight in the outdoor area is a fireplace with a modern, simple design. One can be placed in the garden or on the terrace and, unlike the grill and fireplace, does not require any special installation.