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Combine & care for a snowflake flower – which flowers are good combination partners?

If you are looking for a permanently blooming plant for the garden, balcony or terrace, the snowflake flower is exactly the right choice. The creeping ground cover, which comes from Africa, is not only ideal for flower beds, but also impresses as a hanging plant in flower boxes and hanging baskets. But what goes with the snowflake flower? We’ll give you a few tips and ideas on which other plants you can combine the snowflake flower with to create beautiful arrangements.

Combine snowflake flower – characteristics of the pretty plant

Combine snowflake flowers - put small and large varieties in the limelight

A long flowering period can be expected with this ground cover, which is also known under the name Bacopa or Sutera. But when does the snowflake flower (Sutera cordata) actually bloom? From around May to October, it delights us with its splendor of flowers. The flowers impress with their white color, as the name suggests. In fact, these are so numerous that they seem like the bed or planter is covered in snow. But anyone who thinks that white is the only possible flower color is wrong. You can also find varieties in delicate purple and pink, so you can combine the white snowflake flower to get pretty and contrasting color combinations.

Snowflake flowers – what you need:

Hanging flowers for the garden, terrace or balcony in white color

Since this is a ground cover, it is only logical that this plant should not grow very tall. But how tall does the snowflake flower get? With Bacopa there is one Height expected from 15 to 20 cm. In order to develop well, it needs a sunny to partially shaded area Location, but without the blazing midday sun, and should poured regularly will. That means you should keep the soil moist but avoid waterlogging. Wait until the soil has dried about an inch and then water the plant. In order to create a suitable arrangement, when you combine the snowflake flower, you should choose plants that have similar or identical requirements.

Combine snowflake flower - which flowers are suitable

The Satura is also relatively easy to care for when it comes to the Nutritional requirements. A liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks is sufficient. If you want to combine the snowflake flower, keep in mind that it grows quite opulently. So plan one Plant spacing of 20 cm so that the individual plants do not interfere with each other. Normal potting soil from the trade is ideal. To avoid rotting roots from waterlogging, you can add a drainage layer. Cut it only becomes before you overwinter the snowflake, i.e. before moving it to winter quarters or when it is absolutely necessary to shorten individual shoots. Otherwise, you will prevent the plant from developing lush and dense inflorescences.

Snowflake flower combine with other flowers

Combine snowflake flowers - white, pink or purple flowers as accents in the arrangement

Before we give you a few flowers that you can combine with the snowflake flower, we would like to emphasize that it is also extremely pretty to look at as a specimen plant. If the white color alone is too boring for you, you can choose other flower colors instead or mix the white with colored ones. These specimens work particularly well as hanging plants:

Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia)

Snowflake flower combine with Angelonia angustifolia with grape-like inflorescences

Angelonias are annual flowers with flowers in white or blue-purple that bloom from May to October and can be perfectly combined with those of the snowflake flower. The plants grow upright and are therefore best suited as a back or center point in an arrangement with the Bacopa.

Snowflake flower combine with begonias (Begonia)

Snowflake flower combine with begonias in any color

Choose any flower color of the begonias as a partner for the snowflake flowers, which you can enjoy from April to September. Create combinations of similar nuances or contrasts with white snowflake flowers and a strong flower color of the begonias. The leaf colors and patterns of the begonias are real eye-catchers and great additions to the delicate bacopa. You can find out how to combine ice begonias in this article.

Blue Mauritius (Convolvulus sabatius)

Blue Mauritius (Convolvulus sabatius) as a hanging plant with sutera plants

This is a pretty perennial flower with bluish-purple flowers similar to those of petunias. The Blue Mauritius also blooms from May to October and is therefore the perfect combination partner throughout the season.

Colored nettle (coleus)

Combine snowflake flower with colored nettle (coleus) for a beautiful combination with flower and leaf colors

Instead of flowers, this magnificent specimen impresses with beautiful leaf colors in red, copper, yellow or green. So you get enough color choices to experiment with when pairing the snowflake flower. The perennial plant creates texture and color on the terrace or balcony in a particularly interesting way.


Combine snowflake flower with Calibrachoa - colorful mix of colors

Like most of the flowers we have listed, the calibrachoa blooms from May to October. The annual flower is reminiscent of the petunia with its flower shape and is also available in a wide variety of colors. Their hanging shoots make them perfect for hanging baskets and to combine them with the sutera.

Snowflake flower combine with diascia

Combine with Diascia Snowflake Flower for delicate blooms

In upright and hanging form, the Diascia in turn represents an annual flower with both strong and delicate nuances of orange, red and plum. The flowering period takes place from May to October, so that the flowers will always provide beautiful colors together, if You combine them with the snowflake flower.

Elven mirror (Nemesia)

Snowflake flower combine with elf mirror (Nemesia), which is reminiscent of pansy

The annual elf mirrors bloom from June to October, adding extra color to your arrangement a little later. The elf mirror is somewhat reminiscent of the pansies in terms of its flower shape, but they are significantly smaller in size. So perfect if you want to create a particularly delicate arrangement. If you want to combine it with the snowflake flower, you have the difficult choice between different colors and color combinations.

Fuchsia (Fuchsia)

Fuchsia with hanging flowers as a partner for the Bacopa

The fuchsia is also ideal for a nice mix of colors, because it is available in different colors. The perennial plant flowers from May to September and is just as easy to care for as Bacopa.

Geraniums (pelargonium)

Plant standing geraniums (Pelargonium) in a basket with snowflake flowers

Geraniums are the classic for outdoor potted plants, which is why it’s no wonder that they combine just as wonderfully with the snowflake flower. They too are perennial and available in different colors. Furthermore, you have the choice between hanging and standing varieties, so that you can create pretty combinations in terms of texture and height (e.g. standing geraniums as a background and sutera in front of it or as a center and snowflake flowers around it).

Snowflake flower combine with petunias (Petunia)

Petunias (Petunia) to make snowflake flowers - mix large and small flowers

Another popular classic for boxes, pots and hanging baskets are of course the petunias. And the choice of colors and color combinations is certainly one of the reasons for that. With a flowering time from May to October, they are perfect for a combination with snowflake flowers, whereby you have a large selection of the color combination and you can adapt your outdoor textiles yourself. But avoid hanging petunias. Because of their large flowers, they would steal the show from the delicate flowers of the Sutera.

Wollziest (Stachys byzantina)

Wollziest (Stachys byzantina) with silver-green leaves and red or pink inflorescences

The Wollziest can be one or two years old and blooms from June to August in the beautiful colors of red and pink. But that’s not all that impresses this plant. It has pretty silver-colored leaves, which not only show off its own flower colors wonderfully, but of course also those of its combination partners. So if you combine the Wollziest with the snowflake flower, you get a unique arrangement that will draw everyone’s attention to your balcony or terrace.

Combine snowflake flower – ideas for arrangements

In white and green

Geraniums, evergreen, green lily, snowflake flowers for a white-green arrangement

If you prefer it simply, you can use the neutral colors white and green for the flower arrangement. You can get such a combination with this example:

A – Geraniums (Pelargonium “Allure White”)

B – green line (Chlorophytum comosum)

C – Great periwinkle (Vinca major)

D – Snowflake Flower (Sutera “Abunda Giant White”)

White geraniums and pansies, asparagus, ivy and elven mirrors in the flower box in front of the window

Or how about this variant?

  • white pansy
  • white geraniums
  • ivy
  • Asparagus herb
  • Elven mirror

Colorful planter bowl

Geranium, dragon tree, verbena, periwinkle, ivy in a planter for the garden

It gets a little more colorful in this example. Purple, pink and lavender come into their own in front of the jagged dragon tree and don’t let the neutral white blossoms of the snowflake flowers take center stage any less. You need the following plants if you want to combine the snowflake flower in this way:

A – Geranium (Pelargonium “Tango Hot Pink”)

B – Verbena (Verbena “Lanai Blue”)

C – Snowflake Flower (Sutera “Calypso Jumbo White”)

D – ivy (Hedera canariensis)

E – Great periwinkle (Vinca major)

F – dragon tree (Dracaena indivisa)

Combine green and colorful leaf colors with snowflake flowers

Geraniums, morning glory, impatiens, leg line, bacopa, canna in a narrow pot

A wonderful mix of plants on different levels and with different leaf colors. This arrangement offers everything your heart desires: texture, color and variety!

A – Geraniums (Pelargonium “Savannah Hot Pink Sizzle”)

B – Morning Glory (Ipomoea “Sidekick Black”)

C – Morning Glory (Ipomoea “Sidekick Lime”)

D – Impatiens “Sonic Sweet Cherry”

E – Club Lily (Cordyline)

F – Snowflake Flower (Sutera “Calypso Jumbo White”)

G – Canna “Pretoria”

Silver-colored arrangement

Fairy mirrors, milkweed, woolen ziest and white snowflake combine for silver splendor

Only four plants make up this floral arrangement, but they have it all. The elegant, silvery-green leaf colors harmonize wonderfully with the lilac-colored flowers of the elf mirror, but also give the actually simple white flowers of the Sutera enough conspicuousness. This is how you can combine the snowflake flower for this arrangement:

  • Background: Elfenspiegel “Blue Bird”
  • In the middle row: Spurge (Euphorbia “Glacier Blue”) and Wollziest (Stachys byzantina)
  • In the foreground: Snowflake “Gulliver White”

Lush hanging basket

Calibrachoa, petunias and begonias combined with white snowflake flowers

This arrangement is lush and colorful and is simply perfect for hanging baskets. Red is combined with pink and complemented by the hanging, green and white shoots of the snowflake flowers. A real eye-catcher on every terrace or balcony!

  • Calibrachoa “Superbells Dreamsicle”
  • Petunia “Supertunia Bordeaux”
  • Snowflake flowers “Snowstorm Giant Snowflake”
  • Begonia “Santa Cruz”

Plain and simple for the big bucket

Combine snowflake flowers with boxwood in the bucket at the entrance area

An arrangement couldn’t be easier! Do you have a box tree in a bucket that you would like to spice up a little? Hanging plants or creeping ground cover are perfect for filling in the free space between the hedge plant and the edge of the tub and adding some pretty blooms at the same time – whether you combine the white, pink or purple snowflake flower in this way.

Colorful flowers with a white accent

Yellow cape baskets, petunias and calibrachoa as colorful accents to the white bacopa

If you want a lot of color on the terrace or balcony without the colors clashing, this combination would be a great idea. You can combine the snowflake flower this way by adding the following flowers to it:

  • Yellow cape (osteospermum)
  • Petunias in light purple
  • Calibrachoa in purple

Idea for beautiful flower arrangements in the tub, flower pot, flower box or in the hanging basket