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Choosing a modern metal garden fence: steel or aluminum?

Front garden fence metal anthracite 80 cm high gate

The fence is a house’s calling card and an important part of landscaping. But the fence should not only have a visual purpose. It has to be stable and durable in order to protect the property from unwanted guests and to ensure perfect function for many years. The decisive criteria when buying a fence include material selection, privacy / noise protection, security, costs and installation effort. So it is not surprising that metal fences are always very popular. In contrast to the classic, very maintenance-intensive wooden fence, a garden fence made of metal is weather-resistant, particularly durable and beautiful to look at for many years without maintenance.

Metal fence garden black decorative elements gate powder coated

There are currently many different types of metal fences available in the market, depending on the type of metal, design, style, and size. With regard to the materials used, aluminum and steel are mainly used to build high-quality fences and gates. However, since most people do not know the properties of the different materials, they may also have a hard time choosing between the two! Both aluminum and steel fences have advantages and disadvantages and are better suited to certain uses than others. While both are distinguished by their durability and ease of care, choosing the right material will ensure that your Metal fence is perfectly adapted to your wishes and needs.

Garden fences and gates made of aluminum

Garden fence metal aluminum 80 cm high seating area

Aluminum is a light, durable and versatile material. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t need regular painting, so aluminum fences and gates will stay beautiful for years. A prerequisite for this, however, is a high-quality powder coating, which guarantees the fence an even higher quality and longer durability.

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is cheaper than steel. With the rising cost of steel, it has become a popular alternative. And if you should ever decide to replace your aluminum fence, you can rest assured that your carbon footprint will remain low as it is 100% recyclable.

The disadvantage of aluminum is that it is quite a “soft” material and can be bent easily. An aluminum fence is therefore not a good solution if you want to effectively secure a property, for example in a commercial area. In addition to its decorative purposes, the aluminum fence can also offer effective protection against unwanted looks. Its corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for seaside or lake homes.

Steel fences and gates

Garden fence metal black modern steel concrete post

Steel is a strong and durable fence material, ideal for security fencing. It is heavy and resistant to negative environmental influences. Most steel fences are galvanized and also powder coated to prevent rust.

Steel is impact-resistant and therefore the perfect material for fence systems that are supposed to offer optimal security. If you are looking to buy a fence that will last for years and even decades, steel is the best solution.

Garden fence steel black decorative fence with design decorative grille

Steel fences are more difficult to install than aluminum fences because of their weight. They are therefore better suited for industrial buildings. Steel is also more expensive than aluminum. However, security can be worth the added cost when you need to protect valuable inventory and machinery.

Metal garden fence – what is right for you?

Garden fence double bar mesh, steel, green, powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized

Aluminum and steel are both high quality fence materials. As described above, however, aluminum is better suited to complete the external appearance of your home, while steel offers more security and a solid break-in protection. Your budget is also critical. Aluminum is cheaper than steel and available in many visually appealing variants.

As a modern material, aluminum would be the best option for fencing in a garden or private property. It’s inexpensive, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easy to install.

Privacy fence aluminum opaque white

For commercial and industrial purposes, steel fences are preferred because of their strength and durability. However, aluminum fences are a great option if your budget is limited. The fence can still keep uninvited guests out or prevent them from entering the property.

Salt water and coastal winds are a common problem for coastal houses. While steel is more robust and wind resistant, salty coastal air can accelerate the corrosion processes. In these cases, a fence made of stainless steel or aluminum is the better solution.

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