Garden design and maintenance

Carry out a detailed analysis before designing the garden courtyard

various types of flowers design garden with evaluation

If you have the Design the garden courtyard and want to give your landscape a new look, it would be sensible to carry out a detailed analysis of the situation beforehand. Take into account the climatic factors, the environment and the structural elements in your garden. Before you start designing, have a list of the pros and cons and draw a map of the initial situation and the garden location. Do not forget the most important factors indoors such as sun, shade, wind, climate and objects in the garden. This approach will help you look at the problem areas in a new way and find more creative solutions.

Design the garden courtyard – collect ideas

antique decorative elements design garden with evaluation

 The first step when you have the Design the garden courtyard want is to collect ideas first. Use all possible sources to get new ideas and inspiration. Check out other garden courtyards and snap photos of them. Choose variants that will suit your landscape and conditions. But before doing this, you should consider some very important factors.

Design the garden courtyard – analysis of the microclimate

microclimate garden courtyard design with evaluation

External factors, such as the climate, can affect your garden much more than you think. If you have the Design the garden courtyard you should first draw up a sketch of all the important external factors. Take into account elements such as wind, shade, sun, the location of the house, panoramic views, and others. Select the plant species for your garden according to the climatic conditions. Research the conditions in your garden courtyard in great detail and act accordingly.

Design the garden courtyard – analyze structural elements

analysis garden courtyard garden design with evaluation

After you have carefully analyzed the climatic conditions and external influences, it is time to look at the structural elements. Make a sketch of the location of your garden and house and make a careful note of each element. Write down the fence, trees, sewage, and water and gas pipes. This will help you to become better acquainted with the current situation and to find the optimal solutions if you can Design the garden courtyard want.

Garden pond as an accent in the garden

design two garden ponds garden courtyard with evaluation

Set up a water garden

Setting up a water garden Designing a garden courtyard with evaluation

Modern design waterfall

waterfall design garden courtyard design with evaluation

Create a beautiful front yard

Set up front yard design garden yard with evaluation

Step-like construction in the garden

step-like structure design garden courtyard with evaluation

Use stones of different sizes

stone decoration garden courtyard design with evaluation

Wooden deck for a modern garden courtyard

wooden deck geometric garden design with evaluation

Garden courtyard with geometric structures

gloss surface water garden design with evaluation

Plant the vegetable garden in the yard

planting vegetables garden design with evaluation

Garden path with tiles

garden path tiles garden design with evaluation

Garden fountain as an accent

garden fountain accent garden design with evaluation

Create funny characters

colorful figures design garden with evaluation

Asian style garden courtyard

asian style garden design with evaluation