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Building a glass greenhouse – inspiring design ideas for hobby gardeners

Glass greenhouse Glas Gruninger-Botanical Garden-by Buehrer-Wuest Architects

Plants thrive very quickly in a glass greenhouse. How does this work? Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the air warms up and creates a more favorable climate for plant growth. A Glass greenhouse is completely transparent, translucent and easy to clean. The glass plates are offered in different thicknesses. However, they have many advantages – their chemical and physical properties do not change even after a decade.

Glass greenhouse – an oasis for exotic plants

Glass greenhouse build Japan Nagano Camouflage house

That Glass greenhouse finds many followers. When setting up such a greenhouse, however, one should think about good ventilation, insulation, opportunities for shading and, if possible, climate control. The following revolutionary greenhouse designs that we present to you are good examples of sustainable architecture from around the world.

Glass greenhouse design from Japan

Greenhouse glass-slanted Nagano Japan

The Japanese architect Hiroshi Iguchi presents its extravagant green residence. That Glass greenhouse with a sloping roof is called Camouflage House and is only supposedly a greenhouse. It offers both sensitive plant species a place to hibernate, as well as cozy accommodation for the gardener and a sheltered place to work or relax.

Modern glass greenhouse – the dream of every gardening lover

Spaceplates Greenhouse-Bristol Skills Academy

Spaceplates glass greenhouse is a project by Anne Romme and artist designed by N55 for South Bristol Skills Academy. The stable, durable hexagonal construction is based on the geometry of the sea urchin. It is also multifunctional and offers perfect conditions not only for plant cultivation, but also for unconventional teaching.

Modern glass greenhouse – The Globe with a system used for fish farming

The-Globe greenhouse-rooftop installation

The Globe (Hedron) is an innovative one Glass greenhouse for the urban landscape. The sustainable project of UrbanFarmers provides an excellent roof installation equipped with an irrigation system in which exotic plants, vegetables can be grown and fish can be raised.

Striking construction made of steel and glass accommodates exotic plants

Greenhouse design ideas glass and steel construction

The modern one Glass greenhouse was made by Buehrer Wuest Architetekten designed and built in the Grüninger Botanical Garden, Switzerland. It impresses with its futuristic shapes, inspired by nature. Switzerland is clearly not a tropical oasis. Nevertheless, the structure made of glass plates and steel, which is protected against rust, offers accommodation to several tropical plant species – bananas, papayas and others. A more favorable climate with diffuse light is created under the glass for plant growth. Of course, high demands are placed on such a construction and the tooling.

Greenhouse Gruningen-Botanical Garden Design

Modern greenhouse-in-Switzerland-made-of-glass botanical garden

Buehrer Wuest Architects-Greenhouse-Design Metal-Glass Construction

Glass greenhouse made from recycled windshields

Windshields shelter for exotic plants

The author of this project is called Sebastien Ramirez. Its interesting Glass greenhouse clearly illustrates how all objects from everyday life can either be reused or recycled. The glass panes offer very good thermal insulation.

Greenhouse Windshields Sebastien Ramirez France

Recycled windshield greenhouse design

Design greenhouse-Ramirez windshield-recycle