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Autumn flowers for traffic lights: suitable plants for hardiness zones 5, 6 and 7

We have already explained how you can put together an effective autumnal arrangement for the buckets. In today’s post we will now explain which plants are suitable for planting hanging baskets. These are the most beautiful autumn flowers for traffic lights!

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: 3 important questions

Autumn flowers for traffic light overview varieties and tips

A variety of ground cover, autumn flowers and perennials is offered in the garden centers. Before you let yourself be fascinated by its bright autumn colors, you should answer three important questions that will make your choice easier.

1. How often can you water the plants? If you do not have enough free time, often forget it or simply the traffic lights are difficult to reach, then you should choose plants that can do without watering in the cold season.

2. Is the hanging basket hanging in the shade, in full sun or in a shady location? The majority of hanging baskets hang in a shady to partially shaded location, as the roofing of the terrace or balcony casts shade on them.

Autumn flowers hanging for traffic lights Ideas for arrangements for climate zone 7

3. Annual or perennial plants? Annual plants are often not hardy. You have to replant the traffic light every year. Perennial plants need to be hardy so they can survive the winter outside.

If you are looking for plants for your hanging baskets, choose short-stature varieties with drooping stems. Group odd numbers: five types of plants look much more harmonious than six or four and you can better estimate the distance between the individual plants.

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: The winter hardiness zones are used for orientation when buying

Choose autumn flowers for traffic lights according to climate zone Tips

When choosing autumn flowers, their winter hardiness also plays a role. Depending on whether they are frost hardy and what minus temperatures they can tolerate in winter, the plants are assigned to a suitable winter hardiness zone. This division serves as a guide and is an important indicator of which plants can and cannot be cultivated in a region. There are a total of 11 zones, zone 1 has an upper temperature limit of -45.5 ° Celsius and is therefore the coldest. The plants that thrive there can survive the winter even at -45 °.

Zone 11 has a lower temperature limit of + 4.4 ° Celsius and is the warmest. Above all exotic species grow there, which can tolerate heat and strong sunlight.

Plants belonging to climate zones 6, 7 and 8 are interesting for the home garden. The lower limit of climatic zone 6 is -23.3 °, the upper limit -17.8 °. Germany is in the hardiness zone 7 and the minimum temperatures in winter vary between -17.7 ° and -12.3 °. Plants that belong to climate zone 8 are only partially hardy in this country. The lower limit of the zone is -12.2 °, the upper limit -6.7 °.

Plants that belong to winter hardiness zones 1 to 5 are hardy, but they often cannot cope with the high temperatures in summer. How well they thrive in the home garden, however, also depends on other factors.

It is not only the general climate that plays a role in the choice of plants – the microclimate in the garden (orientation, lighting conditions, is the location sheltered from the wind or drafty) is also very important.

In the following, we therefore list plants that thrive in hardiness zones 5, 6 and 7. These plants can be staged both as soloists and in groups.

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers for traffic lights

With their colorful blossoms and colorful foliage, the chrysanthemums are the most beautiful heralds of autumn among the flowers. With good care, they will please the eye of the hobby gardener until the end of November. Most perennial varieties are assigned to winter hardiness zone 7 and are usually winter hardy.

If they hang in a sunny and sheltered location, the chrysanthemums can easily survive the winter. At the end of November, cut the faded stems back to a quarter and cover the root balls with a layer of foliage.

If the terrace or balcony is in the shade, you can move it to a bright and cool winter quarters (glass house, winter garden).

Incidentally, many annual varieties are also offered in the garden centers. These are sensitive to frost and are simply disposed of at the end of the flowering period.

The autumn aster is perfect for planting hanging baskets

Autumn flowers for traffic light asters in light pink hanging with ivy

The asters are also an indispensable part of the garden. The colorful autumn varieties can hardly be tamed until November because of the sheer joy of flowering. Carpet-like varieties such as “Mediterranean”, “Apollo” and “Kristina” are particularly suitable for planting hanging baskets. They become around 30 cm high and have a compact, bushy habit. The asters play an important role in nature, as their flowers provide food for many insects.

The pansies and horned violets are true classics

Field pansies as autumn planting for buckets and traffic lights

Willing to bloom and colorful: the pansies and horned violets are the perfect autumn flowers. The two types of flowers are closely related, but there are also differences. The horned violets have slightly larger flowers and a longer flowering time, which, depending on the time of planting (in autumn or in spring), lasts until late autumn.

Both the pansy and the horned violet can tolerate frost to a limited extent. When the temperatures drop below -15 ° Celsius, you need winter protection to get through the winter safely.

Autumn planting for traffic lights: the Spanish daisy is a magnet for butterflies and bees

Spanish daisies for traffic lights in autumn

The Spanish daisies are the perfect flower for the sunny terrace and winter garden. They score with a very long flowering time and bloom in pink until October. Tip: Hang the flower as high as possible because its flowers are rich in nectar and attract bees and butterflies. They provide food for the insects in the fall.

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: sunflowers

Perennial sunflower is yellow autumn flower suitable for hanging lights planting ideas

The perennial sunflower ensures a happy summer mood even on dreary autumn days. The height of the perennial varies greatly depending on the variety. The “Pacino Gold” variety is around 60 cm high and is therefore perfect for planting hanging baskets and pots. “Big Smile” reaches a maximum height of 35 cm and has a bushy habit. The sunflowers are best staged as soloists. Combinations with other autumn flowers and plants are also possible, as long as the location is sunny. For the sun worshiper, reserve a spot in full sun on the terrace or balcony.

The autumn monkshood is a late blooming perennial

Autumn verbena for planting pots

The autumn monkshood is a late bloomer that opens its large grape-shaped flowers in September. In mild weather, the flowering period can extend into November. Depending on the variety, its height can vary greatly. The small perennials are mostly hybrids. Therefore, one should inform oneself in the garden center in details. The monkshood is highly poisonous and therefore unsuitable for families with children or pets. Because even brief contact with the plant can trigger allergic reactions. So always make sure when choosing the location that children and pets do not come into contact with withered flowers, fallen leaves or the plant itself.

Hanging flowers for autumn: magic bells ensure blooming splendor

Magic bell flowers for autumn which hanging plants for traffic lights

The magic bells delight the eye with their tireless flowers from April to October. They are true survivors as they thrive in both partially shaded and sunny locations. Even more so – the magic bells need warmth so that they can grow and form flowers. If the temperatures drop below 10 ° Celsius, the autumn flowers should be overwintered in a bright place.

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: the marigold

Tagetes autumn flowers for traffic lights and buckets

Don’t be fooled by their bright orange color: the marigolds look like real autumn flowers, but they bloom until the beginning of October. They are also sensitive to frost and need to be overwintered. In Germany they are therefore grown as annual flowers. Even so, the Tagetes are good partners with other fall flowers as they create a seamless transition between late summer and fall.

Planting traffic lights: the autumn anemone

Autumn anemones for flower pots, flowerbeds and traffic lights ideas

The autumn anemones show their most beautiful side in the hanging basket. Choose varieties with a compact growth like the Japonica hybrid “Pamina”. It becomes about 60 cm high and is hardy (winter hardiness zone 6). However, so that the flower blooms abundantly even in the cold season, the location should be sunny to off-sun. The perennial needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Autumn flowers for traffic lights: the snakehead (shield flower)

Shield flower with pink flowers in autumn

The snakehead is a perennial plant with an upright habit and strongly woody shoots. At first glance, it is not very suitable for planting hanging baskets. Its beautiful pink flowers, its long flowering time and robustness speak for the hardy perennial. With a height of 60 cm (for the small varieties), the flower is perfect as an accent.

Hanging flowers for the autumn traffic light: the toad lily

The toad lily is a beautiful autumn flower that originally comes from Taiwan. It has slightly overhanging shoots and, depending on the variety, reaches a maximum height of 50 to 80 cm. Therefore, ask for a low variety when buying.

Wild flowers: the white clover

Autumn flowers for traffic light wild flowers white clover

The white clover is actually a ground cover that is valued as an ornamental plant for its beautiful leaves. When properly staged in the traffic light, the plant also attracts attention with its small white flowers. The ivy is a good plant partner.

When all summer flowers have faded, the time for autumn plants has come. The autumn flowers are in no way inferior to their “colleagues” when it comes to blooming and are real eye-catchers. The most important thing is choosing the right variety. Because not all autumn flowers are hardy and can survive the first frost. Fortunately, there are enough types of flowers that look good in a hanging basket. The map with the winter hardiness zones can be used for orientation. Germany belongs to climate zone 7. Plants that thrive well in hardiness zones 6, 7 and 8 are well prepared for the German winter.