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Asian garden decorations – suggestions and symbols from the Far East

Asian garden decoration arbor-relax-corner-pool-palm-exotic-plants

The Asian gardens are characterized by the harmonious interplay of the various decorative elements such as plants, stones and exotic statues. The garden design in the Asian style is connected with the idea of ​​the balance between the five elements – water, fire, earth, metal and wood, which comes from the philosophy of the peoples of the Far East. What kind of asian garden decoration You need to design a garden in the exotic southeastern style, you will learn below.

Asian garden decoration – Japanese water features in the garden

Asian garden decoration bamboo-fountain-water features-round-stone-lighthouse-ferns

There is nothing else that brings a greater relaxation of the senses than the gentle sound of water. Bamboo fountain is a typical element in the Japanese garden. Do not do without the pleasant lapping of the water and think about where you can install a water feature in the garden.

Typical Asian garden decorations – water features

Asian garden decoration bamboo-fountain-water feature-black-bowl-stone-garden

Bamboo fountains do not take up much space and are therefore also suitable for smaller gardens. If you choose bamboo fountains with moving parts, then you can also enjoy the fun knocking of the bamboo.

The bamboo water feature can round off the Asian character of your garden

Asian garden decoration bamboo-fountain-water feature-rockery-boulder-bonsai-tree

Water is a very important element in Asian garden design. Place one or more bamboo fountains in the Japanese garden. If you have more space, the pond is an alternative, which you can plant with water roses.

Asian garden decorations – lighthouses symbolize fire

Asian garden decoration pond-lighthouse-metal-green-grass

Add an irresistible atmosphere with some lighthouses in the Asian garden. The usual place is near the pond so that the water can reflect the soft light.

Beautiful Asian garden decorations – lighthouses made of stone and metal


Be careful with the lighthouses and other decorative elements – Asian gardens are characterized by a clear, simple design and natural shapes. The stone figures only have to underline the Asian look and in no way appear exaggerated.

Asian garden decorations – The Buddha cult in garden design


An exotic Buddha statue symbolizes serenity, wisdom, enlightenment and peacefulness and has a wonderfully relaxing effect. Place them where you can always enjoy the extraordinary charisma of this garden accessory.

Buddha statues for more harmony and inner balance


In the Asian world you have to follow special rules in order to position a Buddha statue correctly. Above all, in the Far East, the Buddha head statues are considered disrespectful. If you are not a Buddhist and still want to find a good place for the Buddha statue, then you can orient yourself to your inner feelings about what Buddha means to you personally.

Planning Asian garden decorations – Finding a place for the Buddha statue according to the Feng Shui philosophy


When choosing a suitable place for your Buddha in the garden, think as if it is about a living person. Position the statue in a covered place where it will be protected from heavy rain, snow and sun.

Asian garden decoration – create your own exotic Buddha altar in the garden

asian-garden-decor-pond-water rose-buddha-statue-stones-lighthouse

Another thing to keep in mind when positioning the Buddha statue is that it would be best if the back of the statue was protected. So put your Buddha against a wall, tree or bush.

Effect of the Buddha statue according to Feng Shui


Because of the strong yin energy, the Buddha statue can bring a lot of calm into problem areas. To support this energy, arrange fresh flowers, candles or fruit around your Buddha in an aesthetic composition.

Asian garden decorations – gates in the garden that are reminiscent of the southeastern countries


Another typical example of Asian garden decorations is the gate in the Chinese or Japanese style. Chinese garden gates have a round shape and typical decoration. The round shape gives harmony according to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, the aim of which is to recognize the natural laws and to bring them into harmony with our environment.

Round Chinese gates for a balance between ying and yang energies


In contrast, the rectangular shapes are believed to expel negative energy. They are therefore to be avoided or if that is not possible, the bad effect can be compensated for with other harmonic elements.

Japanese gates (torii) as an Asian garden decoration that shows the way to enlightenment


The torii are a typical element of Japanese architecture that can often be seen near the entrance to Buddhist and Shinto shrines in Japan. The character means “bird seat”, it is not known where the name comes from. The Japanese gates are mostly made of wood or stone and mark the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Create a zen rock garden for inner balance and more peace


Zen is the art of simply enjoying life without inner effort. Zen rock gardens, or “Karesansui” in Japanese, are a special case of Japanese gardens made up of sand, gravel, stones and boulders. Almost no other plants except moss are used in zen garden design.

Aesthetic Asian garden decorations – Zen garden


There is also no water in the Zen garden and it is replaced by undulating structures in the gravel or sand. Raking and contemplating the Zen garden has a calming effect on the mind and a meditative state is easily achieved.

Create a zen garden and do the math properly


Creating a zen garden is easy. You need gravel, sand, some larger stones, moss and other Asian garden decorations and plants. The large boulders do not have to form proper geometric shapes. Rake the lines so that they merge. So where the beginning and the end is you don’t have to be noticed.

Asian garden decoration – design a bridge in the rock garden


Bridges with harmonious shapes over the small ponds are another typical feature of the Asian garden. When it comes to rock gardening, you can also make a path out of wood or bamboo that acts like a bridge.

Relax corner in the garden for real relaxation in the fresh air

asian-garden-decoration-hanging-bed-striped-red-pond-water lilies

To enjoy the beauty of the garden you need a cozy, comfortable corner. Design your own retreat in an Asian style. You can achieve the look with a comfortable hanging bed and Asian garden decorations.

Asian garden decorations and the gazebo


Decorate the gazebo with Asian-style decorations. Give the full look of your Asian garden with red lanterns, porcelain vases and tatami mats.

Asian garden decorations – typical plants in the garden


Fortunately, many plants that are typical of Asian countries are also adapted to the European climate. The most famous Asian plants include pine, ornamental cherries, rhododendron species, magnolia and bamboo. The famous bonsai trees also act as a beautiful accent and typical Asian garden decoration.

Asian garden decorations – complete the overall picture of your garden with the right plants


Be sure to choose hardy varieties of plants in particular, as they will have to survive in your garden all year round. First consider the concept of your garden and create a harmonious combination and order of the plants.

The Japanese maple is a tree with which you can give your garden an Asian look

asian-garden-decoration-stone-lighthouse-japanese-maple-garden design

Think of the aesthetics and also of the positioning of the other elements in the garden space. Choose the best spot for each plant so that you have a fairytale view of the garden all year round.

Asian garden decorations – create an oasis of relaxation