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A tree for the garden – the perfect accent in the garden landscape

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Beautiful, fragrant flowers, romantic garden paths and rocky spots – all of this defines the horizontal plane of the garden. Trees and large shrubs determine its vertical accents. What about a high Tree for the garden? The trees are undoubtedly the largest elements of the landscape in the garden, they also ensure its shape and color and, last but not least, the scent there. In addition to the aesthetic, the trees also have a number of useful functions. They prevent erosion, protect our garden from strong winds, cast thick shadows on the green lawn in summer, hold up dust and noise, absorb harmful gases and freshen the air by secreting phytoncides.

A tall tree for the garden enriches any garden design

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Each tree is primarily characterized by its size and the shape of the crown. Inseparable characteristics are also its color and flowering time and the properties of the fruit.

The height of the tree is something that cannot go unnoticed. Before planting, you really only know the tree species and the growth rate. Incorrectly selected tree species can be a major headache for the garden owner in the next year. A large tree will overshadow a significant portion of the small yard and create landscaping problems. If the Tree for the garden too close to the house, its powerful root system can cause certain problems, destroy the fence, lay the panels of the path. If you have a fairly small garden, it is not recommended to grow large types of plants there, such as oak, poplar, pine, sycamore maple. They look really good, but are more suitable for large parks.

Many people make the mistake of cutting a tall tree. You really have to be very careful here. All large trees are valuable and unique and it is our duty to preserve them, they can only enrich our garden. Without them the garden would look empty and boring.

The tree height is also decisive for the distance to other trees. A common mistake hobby gardeners make is planting large trees at small distances from one another. The dense vegetation hinders ventilation in the garden and the trees grow taller in their pursuit of more light and sun.

Tree for the garden – you should know the specifics of the species!

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Single beauty in the garden

A single tree throughout the garden landscape is also an important decorative element. Its task is to serve as an accent in the open green areas. To do this, choose attractive species of trees with a strong appearance – an unusual coloring of the leaves, beautiful or unusual shape of the crown, typical flowers. The main function of this single tree is to create a contrasting effect and avoid competing elements. The free-flowering apple (Malus floribunda), silk tree (Albizzia julibrissin) or some subspecies of magnolias (Magnolia soulangeana) are suitable for this purpose..

Everyone Tree for the garden requires certain conditions

The choice of young plant species for your garden will certainly depend on the decorative purposes you are trying to achieve. Depending on the microclimate and the nature of the soil in the garden, you choose the right tree species. There are light-loving trees such as birch, linden, robinia, larch, aspen, etc. Some species grow well in a shady spot – yew, box, fir, beech and others. Trees that prefer warm soil and humidity are usually tropical. You can’t stand water shortages. You can choose cherry, oak or willow, alder and poplar for heavily moistened soil. In general, the conifers are less resistant to drought. The species that usually show greater tolerance to drought are black pine and cypress. You will surely achieve the best effect by planting tree species whose nature best suits your local climate and soil conditions.

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Tree is an important element of the landscape

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Tree for the garden chairs interesting designHowever, you should choose the tree species carefully

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