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A beautiful garden with these 10 gardening tips and home remedies for pests

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Everyone strives for a perfect garden. But weeds and pests often make work and implementation difficult. A little help is needed with which to declare war on these annoying troublemakers. With this in mind, we’ve put together some great gardening tips with which to get a Beautiful garden is guaranteed. Get started right away and ensure the best possible protection for your plants with our helpful tips!

1. A beautiful garden with white vinegar

beautiful garden vinegar-weed-protection-idea-natural-means

You can fight weeds wonderfully with vinegar. Fill this into a spray bottle and spray the weeds. This burns up in this way. However, this is not permanent. The vinegar does not get to the roots, which is why you have to repeat the procedure regularly so that a beautiful garden is achieved.

2. Nice garden without aphids

beautiful garden aphid-dishwashing-water-spray-rose-protection

This idea is probably familiar to every hobby gardener who values ​​a beautiful garden. A few drops of dishwasher are simply mixed with water and returned to a spray bottle. If you spray aphids or mites with it, they will disappear on their own without damaging your expensive plants.

3. Level out sandy soil

beautiful garden coffee grounds-soil-mix-nutrients-fertilizer

If you have very sandy soil that makes it difficult for your plants, a beautiful garden can be a challenge. You can, however, mix in coffee grounds regularly. Not only does it provide the soil with essential nutrients, it also enables it to retain moisture. Coffee grounds have the opposite effect on loamy soil. It promotes water drainage and prevents waterlogging.

4. Home remedies for snails – beer


You can build a trap for snails with beer. Just dig a bowl in the ground and fill it with beer. The drink we love attracts the pests. You will fall in the bowl and drown while your plants and you have your rest. A beautiful garden is much easier to achieve this way, isn’t it?

5. Scare away snails

Build a beautiful-garden-orange-shell-snail-hiding-trap

A beautiful garden doesn’t necessarily have to be achieved with such drastic measures. If you don’t want to kill the snails right away, you can simply lure them away from the beds. All you need for this is some orange peel. Not that snails like to eat them. But they offer a wonderful shelter under which they can protect themselves from the sun. Make a note of where you placed the bowls. Before dark, when the snails crawl out of their hiding place, simply collect them and release them to another location.

6. Home remedy recipe for powdery mildew

schoener-garden-powdery mildew-plants-disease-means-protection

Your beautiful garden is in danger because you have discovered powdery mildew on your plants? Then quickly prepare this simple remedy to counteract this: Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one to three teaspoons of vermin oil and three liters of water. Spray the leaves of the respective plants from both sides once a week.

7. Fight ear peasants


A beautiful garden can also be haunted by ear pincers. With the right trap, you can get rid of this too. You need the roll of kitchen paper, which you fill lengthways with straws. Place the finished trap under the plants on which you have noticed damage from ear peckers. The ear pikers love to hide and will soon seek out this hideaway. By closing both sides with your hands, you can remove the trap after a while and shake it out over a bucket of soapy water.

8. Chase away rodents and other wild animals

beautiful-garden-cayenne-pepper-mole-rodent-deer-scare away

Everyone has been annoyed by moles and other rodents that destroy the pretty lawn. And while animals are actually useful, they don’t exactly help create a beautiful garden. Cayenne pepper is the perfect solution here. It is simply sprinkled in large quantities over the plants to be protected and the animals are banned. Incidentally, this even applies to deer, which gnaw on some plants.

9. Prevent flower end rot


Blossom end rot is a common problem with tomato plants. The trigger is lack of calcium. Eggshells, in turn, are the perfect source of this mineral and can be mixed underground. In this way, not only a beautiful garden but also a useful one can be protected and supplied with nutrients.

10. Protection from beetle larvae


Another remedy for the crops in your garden is lime. If you fertilize lime in autumn or winter, i.e. before sowing, you can use it to prevent the larvae and protect the plants from them. Because a beautiful garden is also characterized by healthy vegetable plants.