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40+ ideas for concrete in the garden – How you can use the modern material

Create structure in the garden with concrete and create a beautiful landscape

Garden design with concrete is not only versatile and modern. This building material is also very weather-resistant, which makes it an extremely easy-care and stable material and perfect for the garden. And although it doesn’t necessarily conjure up beautiful images in our heads at first, as it is associated with barren buildings, it is still worth considering the concrete in the garden. Because modern material can be much more attractive and useful than you think if used creatively and correctly. Not only can the garden decorations be made of concrete, but also numerous other garden elements made of concrete such as stepping stones prove to be beautiful and practical. We have a few ideas for you today on how you can use the building material in addition to the already very popular decoration made of concrete. Together with the beautiful garden examples, you will surely quickly convince yourself that this material can be quite attractive.

Combine concrete in the garden

Inspiration for a bench with a backrest made of concrete and a seat made of wood

Even if many are still skeptical about concrete, it has become extremely popular in recent years, especially in modern and minimalist furnishings and garden design. The building material can look really attractive with its simplicity and neutral appearance. This also makes it perfect for combining with other materials. For example, Corten steel is often chosen as a second material for garden design with concrete. But also in combination with wood, stone or glass or Plexiglas or acrylic glass, beautiful arrangements are created that attract everyone’s attention. These secondary materials, which differ in color from concrete, create interesting contrasts that can be used to highlight any areas or elements. Even colorful flower beds can be given the perfect background with a concrete wall, for example, in order to be able to show off their colors perfectly.

Colors and patterns for concrete

Elegant privacy screen made of white concrete with patterned building blocks

Concrete does not necessarily have to be the classic light gray color. There are also darker shades of gray and even black or pleasant white concrete that you can use for garden design with concrete. But these neutral shades are by no means the only choice. Concrete can be colored as you like and in this way become an interesting color accent in your garden.

If the smooth, simple surface is too boring for you, you can opt for patterned ones. The concrete can imitate wood, among other things, but floral patterns and other ideas can also be implemented. For this purpose, simply inquire with the selected manufacturer or search the Internet for manufacturers who have such an offer.

Putting concrete in the garden

Idea for a concrete wall made of black building blocks and plant stones

Although you can pour concrete in the garden yourself and process it into any elements and decorations, this is not for everyone. In addition, self-made projects are more for the smaller things, like decorations. Large elements should be carried out by professionals, as there are a few things to consider when using and manufacturing concrete for outdoor use and the concrete must be processed accordingly. Would you still like to lend a hand? Fortunately, prefabricated construction elements such as panels are offered for such cases, which people without experience with concrete work can then use for an individual garden design with concrete. In the following we would like to show you a few ideas how and which elements you can use concrete in the garden:

Use concrete in the garden – concrete garden furniture

Round coffee table made of concrete for weatherproof garden furniture

Don’t frown when you read concrete and patio furniture in one sentence. It is by no means the boring garden benches and tables that you still know from the parks under socialism. What is meant are attractive designs with a smooth and modern surface, which are often combined with wood. For example, the seat can be made of wooden beams and only the backrest can be made of concrete. This variant is particularly popular when the bench is built directly on a concrete raised bed in the garden. Then the raised bed can also become part of the concrete and wood garden bench at the same time.

Dining table with concrete top and wooden legs in a cottage garden

But the concrete garden table is also very popular and pretty to look at. There are even entire sets of chairs or sofas with dining or coffee tables that you can use to design the terrace or another seating area in the garden. The concrete table in the garden is particularly easy to care for and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This also makes the concrete look garden table a long-term, inexpensive option for furnishing the outside area.

Garden design with concrete wall

Concrete privacy screen for privacy in a modern seating area

Garden bricks made of concrete are great for building privacy screens or walls and thus providing the necessary privacy or for building raised beds and as supporting walls on slopes. The large selection of building blocks made of concrete and other elements enables a variety of designs and even a concrete garden fence can be erected. If you use concrete planting stones to build the wall, with some of them sticking out, you can then plant them and decorate your concrete wall in the garden with green and flowering plants. U-concrete blocks for garden design are particularly practical and can be used for benches, but also as a support wall for raised beds.

Garden partitions for garden design with concrete

Attractive decoration and privacy screen with water feature - concrete and corten steel as a color contrast

A single concrete wall in the garden is also very nice to look at. It can be used as a room divider or as a privacy screen. A concrete wall often turns out to be a simple decorative object. Many specialist companies even offer patterns in the form of impressions in the concrete, which give the minimalist surface a nice accent. Concrete walls can also be used for water features, flower boxes or other things can be attached to them.

Design a terrace with concrete

Recessed terrace for garden design with concrete with fireplace

Terrace stone is ideal if you are looking for a floor covering with which you want to enhance the garden. Concrete stones for the garden and terrace are very reminiscent of natural stone and are just as weather-resistant and durable with the small but subtle difference that they are cheaper. Especially if you have already used such stones for half-height walls and retaining walls in beds, you can complete the harmonious look by choosing suitable concrete paving stones for the terrace.

Garden floor slab

Modern concrete slabs for the driveway with lawn for the joints

But also the concrete slabs are extremely popular for the terrace and garden design with concrete. They look particularly modern and can be used in different sizes. Furthermore, they are great for garden paths in the form of stepping stones, as well as for stairs or for designing a bridge over the pond, where the effect usually arises as if the heavy concrete was actually floating on the water.

Concrete in the garden for various constructions

Concrete pergola on a terrace as a modern accent and contrast to wood

Whether concrete garden shed, pergola, barbecue areas or garden kitchen, everything can be made of this material thanks to building blocks. Even the pool house, a pavilion for the garden or a garden shed can be built from concrete in the garden and thus create a modern accent that is also practical. In general, a lot can be implemented for garden design with concrete and so that you do not lack inspiration, the next thing is a gallery with modern ideas and suggestions that are intended for imitation.

Beautiful structures made of concrete in the garden - walls, pergola and pool house

Build a concrete pool and combine it with a wooden terrace and stairs

Deck chairs as garden furniture for a modern garden design with concrete

Plates for garden design with concrete and gravel create a rock garden

Combine wood and concrete in the garden and decorate with green beds

Build a garden on a slope with a retaining wall made of concrete blocks

Garden on two levels with a concrete retaining wall

Garden design with concrete for a seating area with a pergola

Light concrete and natural stone are a nice combination in this outdoor area

Simple concrete bench for a retreat in the garden

Staircase with concrete slabs for a floating effect

Terrace with large concrete slabs and gravel and wooden screens

Unusual decoration for the garden made of concrete cubes and small beds

Concrete in the garden for the grill with a compartment for the firewood and plates as a floor covering

Concrete in the garden for retaining walls in white, stairs and terrace made of concrete slabs

Traditional garden design and concrete combine with large, square step plates

Simple corner bench with seat made of concrete and plant beds in cottage style

Build a bar or counter for the garden yourself with plant stones made of concrete

This garden element is a retaining wall, bench and decoration in one

Concrete blocks for walls and as a retaining wall for raised beds with an integrated waterfall

Concrete blocks for a wall in a modern garden with a Mediterranean flair and awning

Use concrete in the garden pond as a bridge and for stairs and garden paths

Large stepping stones made of concrete and planters in the entrance area in the front garden

High concrete wall in the garden along a seating area with a fire pit

High and half-height walls as an element in garden design

Minimalist idea for garden design with concrete - slabs for stairs and garden path

Ideas with concrete blocks, slabs and privacy screens for the garden

Idea with concrete and gravel as a garden path for the front yard of a house in Scandinavian style

This concrete fireplace on a terrace with a roof is modern and romantic at the same time

Modern outdoor area with concrete for walls and stairs

Original bench with circular construction made of concrete as sun protection

Zen garden design with concrete for square and round slabs and gray gravel

Attractive privacy screen and partition wall with patterned concrete blocks in dark gray