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27 ideas for urban garden design: how to design the small space


If you live in a tight urban space and have a desire to create a garden full of plants, there are a few creative ways to do it. Here with us you can find out how to design and maintain the garden of your dreams. Here we present you some very simple tips and ideas for your individual Garden design.

Urban garden design tips: Get permission if necessary


Many cities have regulations in place that prohibit the cultivation of certain foods and plants. Residents are usually asked to obtain appropriate permits for adding semi-permanent structures, such as mini-greenhouses, to the dwelling structure.

Grow those types of plants that require limited sunlight


Also, not all of us get enough sunlight while living in urban neighborhoods. Plant such vegetation, such as maidenhair fern or juggler flower, that doesn’t require a lot of sunlight to thrive. Make the right choice and plant aromatic and delicious herbs – such as coriander, thyme, oregano and rosemary – either in your kitchen or right outside your door. Successfully growing vegetables, like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and broccoli, is the finishing touch to yours Garden design and also child’s play under shady lighting conditions.

Garden design with plants that grow too wild


If you live in close proximity to urban neighbors, you always have to take their needs and wishes into account. Talk to your landlord and neighbors in advance about your efforts to create a small garden, inform them of the scope of your project. Note that some people are allergic to plants, especially aromatic and aromatic plants. Whatever the vegetation you choose to plant in your garden, it must be manageable and near a source of water.

Plant too much vegetation in the house or garden


As with any creative company, the old adage applies here: less is more. Before attempting to plant your urban garden, put a design strategy in place. If this is your first attempt at such a task, speak to experts, gardening professionals and neighbors who are significantly more experienced in the art of growing plants in confined spaces.

Make the most of a small space

Urban garden design design brick wall rattan set

Your ultimate mission is to strike a good balance between the greenery, the building, and the property so don’t let the temptation to overplant too much get you down. Save both your space and your time with smart planning in advance. If you decide to create your small city garden indoors, on a roof, or on a small lot, then saving space is vital. And one more thing, you certainly don’t want to be so successful in planting that your vegetation displaces your already cozy urban living space.

Plant breeding tips

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And if you would allow us one last tip from the editors:

Plant vertically and in layers – this will allow you to maximize the limited space. Integrate a trellis or arbor with climbing plants and containers on several levels. If you also include a small ornamental tree, you can arrange shade-loving flowers or herbs underneath to avoid wasting space. It is also great if you add various multipurpose elements, such as a bench or additional seating or an interesting bed, then your small garden will look particularly great.

Enjoy the picturesque view from the roof terrace

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The right choice of furniture is important for the look

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Provide mood lighting

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Maintaining lawns is not difficult in an urban setting

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