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108 pictures and ideas for modern landscaping and gardening


In the Landscaping and garden design you have to learn to mix the perfect lines of the garden, the transition elements and plantings into a visually appealing design. Landscapers use a few basic principles to achieve even the simplest, but most striking, designs. These techniques can seem overwhelming at first, but keep in mind that you have likely already automatically incorporated many of these principles into your existing garden. Check out these stunning images and get some ideas for your own project.

Landscaping and garden design – optical balance

Landscaping and garden design white-gravel-boxwood-balls-green-lawn

Optical balance is always a good solution. For example, many designers create a visual balance by creating identical gardens on each side of the house entrance. This draws the eye to the front door. This procedure works very well for colonial style houses. Asymmetry is becoming more and more common in modern landscaping. Repeat similar elements in two differently designed garden zones. The connection between these zones is not in the shape and symmetry of the elements, but in the repetition of the plantings, stones and hedges.

Landscaping and garden design – continuity

Landscaping and garden design -white-gravel-wood-decking-jacuzzi-addiction protection hedge

 The principle of continuity focuses on your entire landscape rather than on a specific garden. Continuity means that you incorporate similar elements throughout the yard to create a sense of order and coordination. Choose similar plants, shrubs and trees, use similar building materials and a matching color palette.

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Color and texture

Landscaping-garden design-wood-privacy fence-pergola-yellow-accents

 Color offers one of the most powerful tools available to the landscaper. Colorful flowers and vibrant shrubs will immediately grab the attention of the beholder on your yard. The specialists recommend choosing two to three colors and repeating them through the yard. For example, you can surround the yard with evergreen hedges and plant colorful annual perennials next to it. How to add texture is often a complicated choice for the landscaper. Texture refers to the differences between the foliage of the plants and the surface of the different materials. Remember that an evergreen looks very different from an annual. Shade plants often have beautifully shaped, colorful leaves. Use the texture to create interesting highlights in your landscape. As with the paint, repeat the same textures throughout the yard.

Landscaping-gardening-japanese-garden-mulch-gravel-wooden terrace

interesting shapes

landscape design garden design elements pictures pond gravel ground cover round stepping stones

narrow, rectangular pond on the wooden terrace

terrace design wooden planks flooring pond long seating area sea leaves

Moss between the stone floor slabs

Terrace flooring stone slabs of moss between them

Solid wood and evergreen plants

Sitting area garden wood bench step continuation ivy wall wood coffee tables

Sitting area in the garden

Sitting area backyard design wood bench wood privacy screen pflazen

under the tree shade

bench wood garden tree shade quarry stones wall corner ornamental grass

the steps emerge from the lawn

modern house landscape lawn steps embedded perennials

nature puts the color in the limelight

modern landscaping and gardening pictures sitting area terrace autumn

different elements coordinated with each other

modern design backyard garden design flooring moss fence iron elements-sculpture

the magical water mirror effect

modern garden landscape design pictures ideas plank floor trees mirror effect

landscape garden design pictures retaining wall tiles stones plants

Boxwood balls

landscape gardening pictures ideas lawn dining area privacy protection hedges

Landscaping and garden design modern bamboo plants waveform floor slabs steps

backyard garden design zen gravel floor dining table bench stone

modern landscape desgn elements sidewalk boards pebble floor lamps sculptures

landscape design colors gray fireplace open sculpture elena COLOMBO

Landscaping and garden design example modern lines gravel gray plank floor slabs

landscape design modern lines lawn white floor tiles ANDREA COHRAN

small courtyard design box hedge borders wood bench

courtyard modern design asymmetrical panels boxwood balls

backyard landscape design floor slabs asymmetrical stones trees middle

modern landscaping white pebbles stones wood bench garden wall

Backyard design example privacy screen wood slats hedges lawn sofa two

design landscape hillside retaining wall stairs lawn stone wall

design landscape flooring gravel floor slabs asymmetrical lines

garden landscape design hillside retaining wall pool sun terrace tree gravel flooring

garden design pictures hills lawn gray walls

garden landscape design terrace pond ornamental grasses box hedges

Landscaping interesting pond wood bridge asymmetrical construction

landscaping modern bench park asymmetrical lines

Landscaping modern design elements gravel water combination

Landscaping modern box hedges of various heights

landscaping floor slabs trees grasses balls

landscaping garden design pictures flower beds bench seats orange

Landscaping example terrace dining area wood furniture

landscaping ornamental grass varieties wood deck pond bench corner

Landscaping and landscaping are stepped sidewalk surrounded by manicured grass pebbles

landscape landscaping boxwood balls gravel ornamental grass

landscape landscaping pictures wood platform ornamental grass walkway surrounded

garden landscape pictures sidewalk wooden floorboards near-natural grasses

ideas landscaping house facade green wood front door

ideas pool pond combination of landscaping and gardening

backyard design lawn wooden floorboards terrace facade ivy green

backyard design modern elements wood tiles floor plants

backyard design gravel flooring wood planter asymmetrical

backyard design images modern lines boxwood hedges balls

house entrance front yard landscape floor lights boxwood balls

design landscaping hillside concrete steps dwarf shrubs

design backyard wood terrace fireplace hedge privacy screen

design garden landscape wood steps terraces plantings

design outdoor area garden landscape led strips under-lighting

sidewalk garden design ideas paving slabs ornamental grass gaps

walkway garden ground cover covered box hedges

garden partition wood flower box ferns cells  garden steps design ideas lawn covered

garden landscaping example palm trees tall round planter

garden landscape gravel walkway ornamental grasses

garden landscape design privacy screen wall pool fireplace around bench

Landscaping and garden design examples concrete step plates seating

elena colombo designer fire bowl wood tendrils sculpture garden

elena colombo fire bowl autumn colors terrace wood

Ornamental grass texture color landscaping design

front yard modern design low steps perennials

terrace vase concrete asymmetrical modern bouquet

flooring terrace stone ideas moss natural stone combination

pictures ideas garden landscape pond gravel flooring stepping stones

balcony design landscape wood tiles floor ornamental grass texture

pictures landscape gardening wall arch hemp alu funnel

trend house facade green natural stone cladding

stair design garden concrete black-eyed susanne

terrace design gray floor tiles wood contrast

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bench wood design planter ornamental grass backrest

design backyard box hedges lines steps

landscape garden design extraordinary fountain moss seating area in the middle

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Landscaping and gardening water feature gravel straight lines

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concrete stairs asymmetrical palm trees box hedges wall

terrace landscape water level concrete slabs stones Catherine Mosbach

Landscaping and gardening ideas lawn patio wood border

garden design ideas succulent stone roses arrangement

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