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100 front garden design examples in minimalist style

Front garden design examples minimalistic-concrete-slabs-gray-ornamental gravel-ground cover

The lucky owners / tenants of a modern home can take advantage of the minimalist interior design. And if the property is large enough, there is the possibility of creating a front garden as well as a garden in the backyard. While the second is being laid out as a private island of tranquility, the garden entrance is exposed to strangers. Therefore, it should be well-groomed and at the same time look inviting. We offer you 55 Front yard design examples, that look attractive as well as are functional. let yourself be inspired!

 Front garden design examples – well-structured and easy-care garden entrance

Front garden design examples modern-concrete slabs-walkway-ornamental gravel-gray-ornamental grass

The minimalist front yard is well structured and easy to maintain. A large lawn extends in front of the house and allows a clear view of the house. The lawn is often bordered with ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents – this gives the front yard an attractive and modern look. A garden path with geometric shapes made of gravel and concrete slabs leads to the house. Ornamental trees in close proximity to the house cast cooling shade. Decoration is often completely dispensed with, but sometimes modern sculptures with clear lines made of metal are placed right in front of the front door. A narrow garden pond can surround the house and create a visual connection between the front yard and the back yard.

Front garden design examples – the privacy screen

Front garden design-examples-privacy fence-concrete-climbing plants-greening

When designing the front garden in a minimalist style, the right privacy screen plays a decisive role – after all, modern houses have a generously glazed upper floor. When the terrain is flat, a privacy wall is usually built. In this case, shrubs and ornamental trees loosen up the strict look of the concrete wall. However, if the house is on a hill, the garden is often designed on several levels.

Create contrasts by choosing materials in the front garden

Front garden design-example-ground cover-between-concrete-slabs-gray-ornamental-gravel

It is very important that the front yard is in good harmony with the building. The minimalist style is best suited to a modern new building. In addition, the direction in which the front garden is located plays a decisive role in the planting.

A front yard on the north side of a house, for example, receives little sunlight. But that is not a problem, because there are many plants that are comfortable in shady locations. Conspicuously blooming perennials in yellow, orange and red brighten every shady spot. Most shade plants also impress with their decorative foliage. Front gardens facing south or west are in the sun in the afternoon or evening. Sun-drenched plants that can cope with high temperatures are an advantage here.

Wooden garden fence and concrete walkway

Front garden design-examples-concrete-slabs-rectangular-lawn-strips-wood-garden-fence

Small trees and large shrubs with a high ornamental value are often used in the front yard. It must be taken into account how tall the varieties reach so that they do not overshadow everything around them. They just have to be an eye catcher and not a dominant element in the front yard.

The classics, which are also suitable for a modern front garden, include the spherical maple (Acer platanoides Globosum) and the Japanese maple (Acer japonicum), which is very versatile in the changing of the seasons.

Shrubs can be kept small by pruning them regularly. The deeper you cut, the stronger the shoots of the plant will be. In a modern front garden, where corners and edges are preferred, evergreen shrubs and low box hedges come out big. Avoid deciduous trees that have no leaves in winter.

small front yard

Front garden design examples modern-concrete-slabs-gravel-in-between-partition-wall-planters

Special attention is not paid to the flowers, but to the shapes and textures. For this reason, ornamental grasses are finding their way into the modern garden and are being rediscovered as structural plants and shapers. With over 10,000 species, they are one of the largest families in botany and delight the viewer with their different colors and growth forms.

interesting pattern made of grass and concrete

Front garden design examples modern-lawn-stone-slabs-geometric-motif

Decorative ornamental grasses work primarily through the variety of their shape and the colors of the leaves. There are round, overhanging or vertical shapes that contrast nicely with horizontal garden elements. Ornamental grasses require little maintenance and are exciting in every season. The possible uses and combinations are almost limitless: They come into their own both as gap fillers and as solitary plants.

white plastered wall

Front garden design-examples-white-plastered-low-wall-ornamental-grass

For the front yard, it is best to choose hardy grass varieties that can withstand low temperatures.

– The pennon cleaner grass Pennisetum alopecuroides impresses with its compact growth and a cylindrical flower. It grows best in full sun.

– The switchgrass Panicum virgatum also needs a sunny location and scores with a striking reddish autumn color.

– The Japanese mountain grass Hakonechloa macra brings color into play and brightens shady spots with its bright yellow-green leaves. It can be combined particularly well with other shade plants such as Funkia Hosta.

– The feather grass Stipa tenuissima, also called leech hair, has hair-thin leaves and sways gracefully in the wind. It needs a location in full sun and brings movement and dynamism to the garden.

Pond and bench made of concrete

Front garden design-example-pond-bench-concrete-wood-overlay

Pebbles in white and anthracite are a popular design element in the modern front yard. They prevent weeds from growing in the bed and keep the front yard looking well-groomed.

Cutouts in the terrace laid with tiles

Front garden design-house-light-gray-exterior-tiles-cut-outs-plants

Slate step plates fit the house facade

Front garden design-minimalistic-rectangular-concrete-slabs-ornamental gravel-lawn area

white house facade and white ornamental gravel in the flowerbed

Front garden design-minimalist-white-ornamental gravel-gray-raised beds

Front garden design-modern-raised beds-plants-white-plastered

Front garden design-examples-concrete-stairs-pebbles

Front garden design-examples-corten steel-fence-gabion-climbing plants

sidewalk-concrete-slab-splinter-ground cover-tree

Front garden design examples slope-retaining walls-stone

Front garden design-examples-wood-fence-yellow-splinter-low-plants-japanese-flair

Front garden design-examples-minimalist-exterior-tiles-ornamental gravel-plants

Front garden design-examples-minimalistic-exterior-tiles-ground cover-lawn

Front garden design-examples-night-lighting-low-plants

Front garden design-examples-lawn-semicircle-shrub-hedge

Front garden design-examples-lawn-ornamental hose-fountain

Front garden design-examples-stone-slab-strips-ornamental gravel-ornamental grass-ground cover

Front garden design-examples-shrub-cherry-tree-ornamental grass

Front garden design-examples-retaining wall-natural stone-wave-pattern-ground cover-splinters

Front garden design-examples-ornamental-grass-glbe-flowers-stair lighting

Front garden design-examples-ornamental gravel-palms-white-separation

Front garden design-example-sidewalk-concrete-slabs-bollard-lights-gray-river stones-stone-balls

Front garden design-example-modern-raised beds-white-plastered-green-plants-lawn

Front garden design-example-rectangular-small-stone-slabs-ground cover-splinters

Front garden design-example-hardy-plant-splinter-stones

Front garden design-example-ornamental-grass-concrete-steps-recessed-lights

Front garden design-concrete walls-ornamental grass-concrete-walkway-lawn area

Front garden design-hillside-stairs-retaining wall-ornamental grass-mulch

Front garden design-minimalist-splinters-large-format-concrete-slabs-bamboo

front garden design-modern-sidewalk-gray-step-plates-white-ornamental gravel

front garden design-modern-gray-tiles-splinter-concrete-slabs-funkia-boxwood

front garden-design-modern-low-steps-plant-wall-concrete-facade

front garden design-modern-steps-asymmetrically-laid-palm trees

Front garden design-paving stones-sidewalk-green-plants-vertical-walls

front garden-design-red-blooming-flower-border-funkia-weeping fig

Front garden design-splinters-small-pond-green-plants

Front garden design-shrubs-perennials-bench-lights-plant beds-gray-floor tiles

Front garden-design-white-ornamental-gravel-step-plates-baume-walkway

Front garden design-desert house-style-cactus-splinter-floor-lights

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