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Garden design – 107 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

the beautiful garden design needs careful planning and online research. You want a well-ordered garden with strong lines and clear structure, rather than an arbitrary collection of plants?

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Then take a look at the 107 garden design pictures and ideas we’ve put together.

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Modern planning and garden design

garden design-strip bed-corten steel-edging-gravel-water feature

First, decide whether you want to create a formal or informal atmosphere in the garden. The informal designs follow the natural terrain and use long, curved, flowing lines for the flower beds. The formal designs use straight, geometric lines and symmetry. The style of the garden should also match the style of the house.

Terrace and garden design

garden design terrace accent palm planter graeser modern

Draw or plan the location of the flower beds in the garden using software. Also, draw the house and other areas that will be in contact with the planted areas. Avoid complicated shapes and tight curves because they are difficult to maintain. Make your flower beds at least 1 meter wide. Beds wider than 3 meters should have some type of walkway, path, or unplanted area that allows access. Plan out the sidewalks, patios, sitting areas, and all sorts of garden areas.

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Checkerboard idea for the garden

garden design original checkerboard pattern flowers lawn hedges

The usual border shape is rectangular and is laid out along the lawn or the garden fence. The island bed offers a nice alternative to the rectangular border. While in the classic border, tall plants stay back and the low ones – stay in front, an island bed is visible from all sides. Like an island. Plant tall flowers in the center, and the low ones – on the edge. Choose those types of flowers that would immediately catch the eye.

garden design modern design terraces flower beds privacy screen metal look

The strip bed is a good solution even if there is not enough space. It fits perfectly next to the terrace, in front of the hedge or between the sidewalk and the house wall. Plant strips can also act as room dividers for different garden areas. See the potential in every corner of the garden.

Front yard design

garden design front garden idea fence boxwood veranda house romantic

You also decide whether your garden design will follow a uniform theme and style. This is determined by the type of plants, recognizable design features and materials. Informal garden styles include cottage gardens, rock gardens, and butterfly gardens. The English, Mediterranean, Greek, Roman and Japanese gardens have a formal structure. Below we will delve into the typical characteristics of each garden style.

Article overview:

garden design ideas

1. Zen and Japanese gardens 5. Modern garden design

2. Formal garden 6. Cozy sitting areas in the garden

3. Tropical palm garden 7. Decorations and beautiful highlights

 4. Small garden 8. Front garden design


garden design pictures zen garden sand stone buddha

Asian gardens are based on Japanese and Chinese garden design as well as the teachings of Zen and Feng Shui. Overall, this garden style should have a calming charisma. Typical style elements are flowing forms, curved paths and bridges. The element water plays a special role.

decorative bird statues

garden design asian pond stones birds statues

Ponds, small waterfalls, streams, spring stones and fountains should not be missing in the Japanese garden. The rippling of the water has a nice calming effect. Bamboo tubes as water dispensers are also becoming more and more fashionable.

Glass ball fountain

Landscaping idea small glass ball fountain wooden pergola

When creating the ponds, the main focus is on harmony with nature. Stones are used unprocessed, as if they were formed by nature.

small pond and bonsai tree

japanese garden features pond stones bonsai tree

The pond planting is rather economical. At the edge of the pond, however, there are several plants that love a moist but well-drained soil. The Japanese leaf and split maple (Acer palmatum and Acer japonicum) are perfect. They enchant the garden with their bright red or yellow autumn leaves.

small stone bridge

japanese garden bächle stone bridge pebbles ideas

Bridges are also assigned a special symbolism in the Asian water garden. If bridges run in a straight line, ghosts could come over the bridge. Therefore, wooden bridges are often placed diagonally over the water. Bridge railings painted red are a symbol of luck.

small koi pond

Japanese garden create stepping stones around gravel path koi pond trees

If the pond is a little larger, Japanese Koi fish can be used there. Fish are a symbol of wealth and luck in Asian countries.

large green rocks

japanese garden moss stones white gravel pond

Mini maze with stones

Zen rock garden mini maze create garden gate

In contrast to the Japanese garden, the zen garden consists largely of a gravel surface. The raked gravel symbolizes the water. For this reason, the zen garden is still called a dry garden.

white gravel stones

zen japanese garden pebbles japanese pine brick wall

The Zen style works through stylish shapes, ornamental elements and raked patterns in the gravel. Asian trees in topiary or large stones (boulders) almost always form a natural style.

Bamboo canopy

zen garden bamboo roofing sand gravel flooring

If there is more space available, a covered terrace, a pavilion or a small hut for the Japanese tea ceremony could also be included. The small tea hut can also serve as the center of the garden space. Bamboo plays an important role as a building material.

large stones covered with moss

zen garden lay out stones moss covered sand wave shapes

Torii gates are typical of Japanese culture. They are not only entry and exit gates, but usually also offer the viewer a framed view of the garden area. They express wealth.

Flagstone and wisteria tree

japanese garden stone slabs white pebbles

Stones also play an important role as stylistic elements in the Japanese garden. You can lie down or stand upright. Their arrangement also follows strict rules.

Bamboo plants in pots

japanese garden small bamboo plants buddha statue

Bamboos are indispensable in the Japanese garden. The Fargesia species are particularly suitable. It should be noted, however, that they spread quickly through powerful root systems and therefore need a rhizome barrier. Bamboo plants can also be placed in pots or raised beds.

Walkway idea in the Japanese garden

japanese garden sidewalk idea flagstones stones in between

pink ornamental shrubs

japanese garden garden path flagstone stones bushes


formal garden ideas ball middle flowers island bed

The formal garden style is inseparable from the baroque grounds in France and Italy. Symmetry is of great importance here. The most important garden element are strictly cut shaped hedges with which room boundaries are defined.

symmetrical flower pots

formal english garden symmetrical lines box hedges

Topiary trees are used to flank avenues and flower beds and set accents. The boxwood, which can be designed in many ways, is best known here. Many other evergreen trees are also suitable for topiary pruning, for example yew, beech, hornbeam, firethorn, privet and loquat. Columns, cubes, spheres, pyramids and spirals are the basic shapes.

formal garden in England

English garden box hedges walkways brick bench

The distinguishing features of this garden style include classic materials such as natural stone and clinker for the walls and sidewalks. The route is often strict and straight. The visual axes may be interrupted by cleverly placed eye-catchers, but then continue to the property line.

geometric shapes and lines

modern garden pictures formal lawn hydrangea pool gravel

The modern, minimalist style has emerged from the formal garden style. Geometric shapes and linear structures create a feeling of clarity and harmony in your own garden. There is more experimentation with the combination of different materials.

small bird fountain as a highlight

garden design formal garden pictures water fountain low perennials

Other important design elements in the formal garden are fountains, water basins and water features. A fountain in a round concrete basin or a small pond creates a pleasant atmosphere. Pond plants such as water lilies and swamp irises are particularly attractive.

white and blue hydrangeas

garden design pictures formal english garden

Sculptures and flower columns also add flair to the formal garden. In addition, architectural elements such as pavilions, arcades or cleverly positioned benches can contribute to the overall attractive effect of the garden.

tall thin trees surround the area

seating area garden benches privacy screen high trees flagstones

The English garden can be transformed into a mysterious and protected refuge by means of larger-than-man-high hedges and walls. Insights from the outside are not possible.

Box hedges define the areas

formal garden ideas box hedges fountain center garden bench

Following the example of the baroque French gardens of the 18th century, a trend arose in England with new design ideas that focused on soft, organic shapes. The English garden plays with natural forms: garden paths are laid out slightly curved, the severity of the structures is softened with climbing plants or overhanging cushion plants.

Gazebo and boxwood balls

formal garden gazebo planters boxwood ball sizes

The formal English garden is particularly alive because of its contrasting effects. On the one hand, dark, evergreen hedge plants look conservative and mysterious. On the other hand, a romantic abundance of blood is observed. Fragrant roses and flowering bushes turn the garden into a fairytale garden.

Gravel garden path and island beds

symmetrical garden planning island beds perennials gravel paths circular

If you have decided on the formal garden style, use geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares and circles when planning the beds, paths and lawns. This gives the garden a creative framework with a calm look.

Clinker paving stones

island bed red bricks flooring boxwood pots

A means of avoiding cluttering small garden spaces is to use monochrome designs. You choose the flowers of the plants in one color or just combine different evergreen deciduous trees.

a low and a large box hedge

garden design privacy screen high box hedges wooden cart bench

If you want to achieve a lush effect through mixed borders, you should plan a bed width of one to two meters. This gives you enough space to place individual shrub varieties and flowers of different heights one behind the other. Scented roses should not be missing in the English garden. They are used in almost all forms. In addition to rose beds, rose arches are also one of the most romantic design elements in the garden.

English garden with symmetrical design

english garden pictures small pond boxwood ball pots

Characteristic plants for the English garden are:

Hedges: yew, hornbeam, red beech, boxwood

Perennials: Monkshood, speedwell, phlox, catnip, delphinium, mullein, lavender varieties (Lavandula angustifolia Elizabeth)

Bulb flowers: ornamental onions, dahlias, gladioli

Ornamental shrubs: hydrangea, lilac, summer lilac, viburnum, spar, sacred flowers

Climbing plants: clematis, wisteria

TROPICAL PALM GARDEN in your own backyard

tropical garden water feature fountain stones concrete walkway

When you think of summer vacation, southern countries like Spain immediately come to mind. Relaxing under a palm tree with a soft drink in hand is a dream for many. But palm trees can also be brought to Germany. There are frost-hardy varieties that can withstand temperatures down to minus 23 degrees Celsius and grow outdoors without any problems. Some olive trees are also hardy to minus 20 degrees.

Garden with pools and tropical plants

tropical garden pools sun loungers palm trees stone walkway

The following types of palm, for example, are well suited for the German garden:

  • Hemp palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)
  • Date Palm (Phoenix)
  • Honey palm (Jubaea chilensis)
  • Dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor)
  • Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)
  • Mazari palm (Nannorrhops)
  • Needle palm (Rhapidophyllum)
  • Fire Palm (Archontophoenix)

Wall and roof greening

terrace sun loungers palms perennials roof plants green wall

By the way, an alternative to palm trees for an exotic garden are Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, lemon trees or orange trees. All you need to do is find out which varieties are hardy. Another option would be to put citrus trees in pots on the patio. You can also try kiwis and bananas.

illuminated palm trees in the garden

palm garden pictures light up tree trunk effects

The right lighting not only sets beautiful accents in the evening hours. Plants that come from tropical or subtropical areas and do not need hibernation can benefit from additional artificial light sources during the low-light winter months.

dynamic mix of materials

landscaping water gravel palm garden shed bathtub

If you want to have a real small jungle in your own garden, you should consider other design elements in addition to exotic vegetation. For example, a small pond with water plants or a Bali-style pavilion. A comfortable four-poster bed or two sun loungers with a parasol promise relaxing hours in your own garden paradise.

lush palm garden

palm garden tropical atmosphere lawn sidewalk stepping stones

You will get a special eye-catcher if you choose unexpected color variants and bright colors. Pink, orange, purple and yellow immediately create a positive mood and form a wonderful contrast to the green of the palm trees. By this we mean not only colored furniture or colorful seat cushions, but also flowers of various types. The climbing trumpet (Campsis radicans), for example, scores with trumpet-shaped flowers in light orange to pinkish orange and forms a harmonious ensemble with fresh green plants.

Stepping stones in the lawn

palm garden idea sidewalk stone slabs square lawn form

garden design lawn stone slabs garden bench palm trees stone wall


small garden lawn bench garden fence privacy screen

A beautiful garden is not a question of size, but of successful design. Many creative ideas can also be implemented on a small plot of land. You just have to use the space optimally. Everything works with the right planning and a few design tricks.

Define zones

small garden lawn wooden fence brick wall shrubs edge

It doesn’t always have to be a large garden with a lawn and a swimming pool. Flowerbeds, seats and ponds can also be implemented in a small area. The top priority should be a clear and simple room layout. Try to divide the garden into different functional zones. Geometric shapes bring order and calm to the garden. The different zones should be optically separated from one another.

different plants and zones

plan a small garden lawn palm trees bamboo plant island beds

In a small garden, clear routing is very important. Instead of unnecessarily many garden paths, plan a continuous path. When it comes to paving, you do not use small-scale paving and it is better to use large slabs or a homogeneous gravel pavement.

Wooden benches and stone slabs

garden dynamic design stone slabs wood bench water pond

Different levels in the small garden always create the impression of generosity. For example, the flower beds can be higher than the terrace. Brick raised beds are a good solution.

narrow pool with two loungers

garden pool pictures small pool sun loungers lawn

The choice of plants must also be carefully considered, otherwise the small garden will quickly look overloaded. Limit yourself to a few species with a great impact, for example varieties with conspicuous flowers, decorative foliage or autumn colors. Shrubs with light green or yellow leaves such as the spindle bush “Emerald n Gold” open up dark corners.


garden ideas design vertical wall terraced steps

In principle, the following applies: the character of the garden should match the style of the house. And of course a garden with the same design language goes well with a modern house. When designing a modern garden, the focus is on reducing it to clear shapes and colors.

Outdoor fireplace as the central point

garden design pictures terrace ideas pavement outdoor fireplace

The first step in garden design is to divide the property into beds, paths and lawns. Geometric shapes such as rectangles and circles are ideal for this. The garden is seen as a continuation of the living space. It should be clearly visible where the path runs and where a bed begins.

modern lighting and garden furniture

terrace design furniture outdoor fireplace wooden floorboards floor standing lights

The materials that are used in modern gardens include classic building materials such as natural stone, metal and wood, as well as concrete, glass, WPC, Corten steel, polyrattan and polyethylene. Concrete, for example, is very fashionable and can take different shapes. Thanks to its weather and frost resistance, it is the perfect material for outdoors.

Rust-look planter

pictures-garden-garden design-inspiration

Corten steel brings a special touch to the modern garden as a privacy screen, raised bed, planter or simply as a decorative sculpture. The interesting rust patina exudes a natural flair and sets warm, luminous accents.

Privacy protection in the urban garden

Privacy screen terrace bamboo plants sun loungers seating area palm trees

Of course, privacy screens shouldn’t be missing either, but better in a modern style. But not necessarily in gray. A modern privacy fence made of wood would also fit into the overall concept.

geometric shapes

modern garden formal lawn hydrangea pool gravel

Water features, streams or water basins can also be found in the contemporary garden. However, these should not appear too playful, but rather kept simple.

Define areas with grass between the stone slabs

modern garden design stone slabs flooring box hedge

Lawns are not always necessary in the modern garden. Alternatives here are gravel areas. An interesting option would be to use upholstered perennials as tile joints. So the linear form is taken up again. Most thyme varieties, star moss (Sagina subulata), Corsican mint and Isotoma fluviatilis are perfect for this. Some ground cover varieties also give garden owners a lot of joy thanks to their delicate flowers.

border the lawn

modern garden design lawn perennials stone slabs wooden deck

The plants also play a secondary role here. Instead of creating lush herbaceous beds, loose groups of plants or grasses are used as accents that counteract the strict shapes.

Glow under the trees

landscaping lawn boxwood ball perennials shrubs

In order to perfectly stage beds, trees, paths and other design elements, you also need suitable garden lighting. The possibilities in the field of outdoor lighting seem almost limitless. Bollards, lanterns, LED strips, underwater lights, spotlights in beds are only a small part of it. All-rounders such as LED planters are particularly eye-catching.

Aluminum roofing covered with climbing plants

garden terrace design metal roofing greened climbing plants

Raised beds and wooden fence

garden modern wooden fence privacy screen symmetrical shapes

different levels and raised beds

garden design different levels pebbles wood flower pots

Terrace design on two levels

garden design symmetry lawn stairs balls ideas

semi-enclosed sitting area

garden design modern pictures ideas sitting area privacy screen wood

green wall in the small garden

garden design ideas vertical greening box hedges bench

Raised beds and perennials

garden design wood benches water features gravel perennials


terrace stone flooring seating area fireplace pergola bird houses

Your own garden should not only provide work, but also serve for recreation and relaxation in the open air. Every garden owner needs a cozy seating area somewhere to enjoy his coffee or read a book. If you want to create such a summer living room, you should consider a few things when planning.

Wood roofing in the garden

terrace design garden wooden roofing plastic garden chairs

First of all, you should choose the best place. It should be protected from the wind, not exposed to the blazing sun and as close as possible to the house. If you want to enjoy seclusion, you set up the seating area exactly in a corner of the garden. A sitting area close to the house or by the garden wall feels warmer and unconsciously ensures serenity.

Mini garden on the table

garden privacy screen perennials mini garden on the table

You should also consider whether you want to design a movable or a fixed seating area. The furniture for a movable seating area usually consists of a table, chairs, garden benches and garden loungers. With the permanently installed seating area, you should make sure that the material has to withstand different types of weather.

under the tree shade

garden terrace tiles box hedges tree shade

There are endless possibilities for shading a terrace or sitting area in the garden. If you have a huge tree in your garden, you could of course use this natural shade provider. Further variants are a pergola, a sun sail, a patio awning or a parasol.

garden relaxation design pergola seating area

Paving stones, slabs made of concrete or natural stone are usually used as the flooring of a seating area. But also impregnated wood or WPC boards provide a certain cosiness. Make sure that the water can drain away quickly even after several rainy days.

white wrought iron patio furniture

garden seating area furniture white wrought iron perennials gazebo

Make sure that all elements of your sitting area should match each other. If your garden is designed in a romantic way, wrought iron garden furniture will blend in particularly well with the overall picture. Garden furniture made of weatherproof poly rattan, usually with a sturdy aluminum frame, is very popular. The warm look of the hard-wearing material convinces everyone who wants to create a cozy feel-good atmosphere in the garden.

black iron furniture

garden furniture iron flagstones flooring sidewalk privacy screen

Aluminum is also perfect for outdoors. It is light, weatherproof and stable. Compared to other metals such as steel, it is also relatively much cheaper.

Outdoor dining area

garden ideas design pergola bouquet box hedge

If you want to eat comfortably outside, you can design a seating area with a dining area. The table should also be at a comfortable height. A pergola or a fixed patio cover would make the dining area rainproof. If the seating area is not close to the house, it is better to set up a small outdoor kitchen with enough storage space. Whether plates, cutlery or glasses, everything is ready there.

romantic garden lighting with fairy lights

arbor wood garden furniture lighting fairy lights

If you want to enjoy beautiful moments outside in the evening, the right patio and garden lighting is essential. Light chains on a pergola or between the trees create an atmospheric ambience, while bollard lights or spots along the garden path are very practical.

white perennials create beautiful contrasts

garden ideas white flowers gazebo wood

Not only the seating and decorative objects determine the appearance of a seating area, but also the plants. Enrich the seating area, for example, with various scented plants or herbs that will pamper your eyes and nose at the same time. If you want to cook outside, you can always have fresh herbs close at hand.

rustic bench under the gazebo

garden ideas pergola greening rustic bench romantic

Would you like to enjoy the perfect view of the flower beds in your garden? Nothing is as idyllic as a charming swing under a tree or a bench with a green gazebo. There you can enjoy your peace and quiet.

large wooden pergola with curtains

garden wood pergola seating lawn curtains privacy screen

Lush plantings surround the seating area

garden design ideas perennials small pond stones seating furniture

Stepping stones in the lawn

garden sidewalk idea seating area furniture iron privacy screen


create sidewalk garden painting waves perennials

The garden only gets the finishing touch with the right decoration. Whether large or small, modern or close to nature, the decoration gives every garden a personal touch. Garden figures made of clay, stone or wood are particularly effective in natural gardens. For modern or formal gardens, simple decorative objects are more suitable. These must not be too colorful either. Whether you set up your figures on the lawn, in the bed or on the terrace, is up to your taste.

small pond with water lilies

garden ideas pond water lilies checkered lawn

Be careful that too many garden decorations clutter the garden and make it appear smaller. Heavy sculptures, fountains, planters and other larger objects can be planned in advance. For example, a fountain at the end of a sidewalk.

small garden pond with wooden bridge

garden ideas create a small pond, bridge terrace

Garden decorations include not only figures and flower pots, but also garden plugs, sundials, bird houses and bird baths. These can also be of practical use. The material must of course be weatherproof.

painted stone ball in the flowerbed

garden ideas colorfully painted stone ball flowerbeds box trees

Concrete is a truly robust material for garden decoration. Many have already discovered the fun of pouring concrete with finished casting molds. Whether plant bowls, stepping stones, tealight holders, small and large figures – concrete is wonderfully suitable for beautifying the terrace or the garden according to your own ideas.

Rock garden and pond

garden idea small pond water lilies flowers natural stones

If you have a romantic, dreamy garden, this can be underlined with fairies and angels, for example. If you own a Japanese garden, however, you would be well advised to use Buddha statues and stone lanterns. These create a mysterious atmosphere in the garden.

old bike as a decoration

garden ideas old bike deco clay pots male

You don’t necessarily have to buy garden decorations. Old everyday objects can be transformed into beautiful decorations with little effort. Finds from the flea market, old garden tools, kitchen utensils and cutlery, zinc cans, old bicycles, car tires and much more are ideal for this.

dry stone river

landscaping stones river low perennials

Individual natural stones or boulders are also suitable as garden decorations. Mosaics made from pebbles are also very popular. You can not only design garden paths and terraces with it, but also turn walls, stepping stones and fountains into very special pieces of jewelery.

Garden fountain with pebble mosaic

garden design ideas fountain pebble mosaic perennials


front garden design stones ostriches veranda wooden roofing

The front yard gives visitors the first glimpse of your house, so you shouldn’t underestimate its effect. The front garden design is individually different and should definitely be adapted to the style of the house.

Lattice fence and classic garden gate

forecourt design boxwood pots lattice garden fence

It is advisable to make the front yard as easy to care for as possible. Evergreen plants and decorative shrubs such as boxwood and rhododendron are popular plants for the front yard. With high hedges and wooden fences you can limit the front garden to the street and create more privacy.

Design on the slope

Front yard bushes surround hillside large stones

When planning the planting, the direction and the incidence of sunlight should also be considered. Some plants cannot stand full sun, others do better in partial shade. Boulders look particularly beautiful as solitary stones.

Window plants

front yard ideas window flowers box trees

Climbing plants and low white flowers

small garden climbing plants wall building low white perennials eye-catcher

AND SOME GARDEN IDEAS       modern garden design courtyard perennials wooden floorboards walkway

You can find out whether your garden should be symmetrical or close to nature, which plants you like or which garden furniture would fit best in your seating area by rummaging through our ideas for garden design. Let these beautiful examples inspire you. Have fun!

interesting shape from the sidewalk  

sidewalk terrace design idea planted fence bricks

white stepping stones in the green grass

create sidewalk garden flagstone lawn wood gazebo

Different zones and levels  garden remodeling fence grid perennials different levels

Pool area and terrace

garden terrace pool symmetrically bounding walkways

garden terraces lawn stairs fountain perennials

Perennials and stone tiles

terrace design tiles square perennials island bed

Wooden slats with gaps for the plants  

garden idea wood slats floor space plants

Plant shrubs along the garden fence

garden hillside picket fence white perennials

interesting hillside location

garden slope create gravel stones edge shrubs trees

Garden layout with box hedges   

garden design pictures division of box hedges sidewalks

Masterpieces in modern garden design

  Climbing plants on the garden wall

greened garden wall climbing plants brick privacy screen garden bench

Green wall with moss

japan garden shape wood flooring moss greening walls

Interesting decoration in front of a green garden wall

garden design pictures fence cut pipes lush planting

beautiful garden ideas walkway lawn area gazebo flower beds

garden furniture terrace pool privacy screen climbing plants fence

103 pictures and ideas for modern landscaping and garden design

Mediterranean horticulture seating area fountain shrubs stone gabions

garden design flowers beds fountain idea pond