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10 ground cover plants as an alternative to lawns

Ground cover plants garden-early flowering-thyme-purple-garden design-bird bath

If you are planning a garden design and the Ground cover plants If you have not yet made a choice, familiarize yourself with 10 of the most common types of plants. Some of the plants in our collection have beautiful flowers, others are useful herbs or commonly used spices. They are all relatively easy to care for and are particularly recommended for inexperienced plant lovers. In our collection you will find essential information about the right time and place to plant, so that the best result for your garden is achieved.

 Evergreen ground cover plants are preferred

Ground cover plants Fruehbluehender-Thyme-purple-Coccineum-Thymus-praecox-cushion shrubs

One of the popular ground cover plants is the early flowering thyme (Thymus praecox), which colors your garden with its beautiful flowers in a delicate purple from May to July. It prefers full sun locations and is not demanding on the hardness of the soil. Even without a flower, it looks beautiful with its pretty leaves with a silvery-green color.

Ground cover plants – flowers and herbs in your garden

Ground cover plants Creeping-Gipskraut-Pink-star-Gypsophila-repens-rock garden

The creeping gypsophila ‘Pink star’ (Gypsophila repens ‘Rosea’) grows in dry to fresh soil in a sunny spot. There it hardly needs any care to form its beautiful flower clouds. This perennial rock garden plant is well used for framing the borders of flower beds.

Blue-violet flowers as ground cover – the creeping Günsel

Ground cover plants creeping-blue-dark-blaetter-Guensel-Ajuga-reptans-garden

You can choose the smelling Günsel ‘Black Scallop’ (Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’) as a ground cover in your garden because of its long flowering time – from April to August – and its height of 30 cm. Its inflorescence grows upright like a candle on a square stem. It tastes fantastic in salads or with sweet fruits such as bananas, mangos or sugar melons.

Creeping speedwell ‘Sunshine’ – sunlight on cloudy days

Ground cover plants creeping-speedwell-light green-blaetter-yellow-Veronica-repens-Sunshine

Creeping speedwell ‘Sunshine’ (Veronica repens) forms dense mats, which are very hard-wearing. It is therefore well suited for planting between step plates. The nutrient-rich and permeable soil is ideal for this ground cover plant.

Chamomile tea, please!

Ground cover-plants-Roman-chamomile-bluehende-white-yellow-green-Chamaemelum-nobile

The real chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) should not be missing in any garden as an absolute classic among the medicinal plants. Can also be used as a companion plant in the utility bed or as an ornamental flower in borders.

Star moss (Sagina subulata) – perfect for the garden path

Ground cover-plants-garden-star moss-green-Sagina-subulata-garden-garden-path-stepping stones

The star moss is a flat, very fast growing and particularly hard-wearing ground cover that forms dense miniature lawns. It is barely 2 cm high and is covered with countless white flowers in early summer.

star moss-lawn-garden-Sagina-subulata

Red ice plant (Delosperma cooperi)

Ground cover-plants-red ice-flower-fuchsia-blueten-Delosperma-cooperi-soil

One flower that originates from southern Africa is the red ice plant (Delosperma cooperi). At the same time, it is one of the hardiest species of its plants and only needs light frost protection in our latitudes. It blooms between June and September, depending on the local climatic conditions.

ground cover-purple-noon-flower-sun-Delosperma-cooperi

Grape lily – a decorative garden friend

Ground cover-plants-bell-grape-Liriope-spicata-gruene-blaetter-garden-flowerbed

The grape lily (Liriope spicata) is a ground cover that reproduces quickly through runners and requires little care. The height of their grass-like leaves can reach up to 20 cm.

ground cover-lawn-Liriope-spicata-silverstar-light-dark

A ground cover from the wild meadows

Ground cover-plants-white-clover-blooms-green-trifolium-repens-garden-meadow

As its Latin name suggests, the white clover (Trifolium repens) forms creeping, rooting shoots on the ground. It grows on wet and nutrient-rich soil without special care.

Ground-cover-white-blooming-Trifolium-repens-white-clover-instead of-lawn-garden

A ground cover that gives off the scent of honey

Ground cover-plants-felty-hornwort-Cerastium-tomentosum-weiss-rosen-baeume

The felty hornwort (Cerastium tomentosum) actually belongs to the carnation family and is recognized as a flowering rock garden perennial. This evergreen, herbaceous plant is characterized by its airy cloud of flowers and gray-felted leaves.

Ground cover-Cerastium-tomentosum-filzige-hornwort-white-flowering