Woorock by Georg Bechter – hammock with a swing frame made of wood

modern hammock swing woorock georg-bechter outdoor furniture

The Austrian architecture office Georg Bechter created an exclusive piece of furniture that is suitable for use both inside and outside. Woorock is one Hammock with a swing frame made of wood, which brings that summer feeling with it and impresses with its clear design language, first-class choice of materials and very practical dimensions. The eccentric hammock consists of 2 arches that can be folded up and stowed away to save space. The arches glued from solid wood have only been treated with natural oils,

Hammock with solid wood frame Woorock

Relaxation furniture, modern hammock swing, curved like an arch, woorock

Woorock offer space-saving solutions with limited space. The exclusive piece of relaxation furniture is ideal for large and small rooms. Woorock brings summer mood into your home and can be placed on the terrace or balcony. The softly curved shapes make it a real eye-catcher in every place where it is placed. Relive the holiday atmosphere with the compact shape, which enables problem-free and easy transport. The components of the construction are also made of wood and reduced to a minimum in order to preserve the refined aesthetics of the wood. What more could you wish for – to lie in the sun and enjoy a light breeze.

Space-saving hammock swing design

Hammock swing wooden frame with collapsible arches

The properties of the wood are used in the best possible way in this construction. This enables a dynamic, elegant and ergonomic shape. The project was just another challenge for the design team – offering perfect comfort without having to compromise on space. Georg Bechter promotes resource-saving development and tries to inspire and surprise more and more people with each project.

The curved runners make swings relaxing and enjoyable 

Hammock swing-wood frame-modern design-side view-technical drawing

Hamac en bois