Wooden table with attractive optics – Colino by Riva

Wooden table holes cedar wood play light create shadows

We present you an interesting one Wooden table – the model is called Colino and was made by the Italian manufacturer Riva put on the market.

The wooden table creates an exciting game of light and shadow in the room

Table wood cedar planter dining room furniture solid

The special thing about that Wooden table is neither its shape – the piece of furniture has clear lines, nor the material – it was made from cedar wood. But a small detail transforms the dining table, which at first glance appears simple, into a real work of art. Several small holes have been drilled through the table top – they let the sunlight through and create an exciting play of light and shadow in the room. The wood is specially processed and polished so that it looks similar to the Cholla cactus wood. / The cactus wood is used for the production of lamps and home accessories /. By the way, the desert inspired the designers for their project.

The production process is completely automated so that every table has the same quality. The model is available in two versions – with a round and a rectangular tabletop.

The table is made of cedar wood and several small holes are drilled in the top

Set up the dining room Round table with braided tabletop cool design

The wood is specially processed so that it looks similar to cactus wood

Round table play light shade create plant pots closet living room

The holes create an exciting game of light and shadow

Italian designer furniture round table pierced plate creating play of light