Wooden coffee table for a modern and warm atmosphere

Wooden coffee table hexagonal-pieces-modern-HEXA - WEWOOD

The classic one Wooden coffee table Has one thing ahead of all coffee tables made from other materials: It will always be trendy and also add a warm atmosphere to the room. It is also easy to care for and robust. There are no limits to the design. Whether you are looking for a coffee table made of straight, clear lines, a true-to-life coffee table with a relief that can still be recognized, or a combination of wood and another material, the wide range on the market offers something for every taste. Would you like a round, angular, square, oval or any rounded in abstract shapes? That is also no problem! In this article, we will show you several examples of a wooden coffee table that will show you the diversity and from which you can be inspired.

Wooden coffee table with a modern design

wooden coffee table design-LIVINGISLAND-CIMA-SMARIN

The special thing about the wooden coffee table is that it fits any type of interior, provided you choose the design that matches the interior style. The choice of colors is also large and depends on the type of wood the table is made of. Would you prefer an extravagant, eye-catching color? Then choose, for example, a bright red coffee table or any other color.

Coffee table made of wood – natural or lacquered?

coffee table-living room-low-oval-light-wood-TWIST-STONE-ZEITRAUM

You can get a great effect by choosing a wooden coffee table that has been combined with another material, such as glass. But that doesn’t have to mean that wood comes second. The table legs or the support can also be designed artistically by carving various figures or even sculptures from the wood. This makes the cooking table a real eye-catcher and the glass top only serves as an elegant accent.

A wooden coffee table also looks very effective in combination with metal. The table legs are usually made of metal, while the table top is made of wood.

But let yourself be inspired by the original examples and set up your own living room with an effective wooden coffee table.

Maas coffee table by Odesi Dutch Design Online

Coffee table-wood-rectangular-modern-living-room-Maas-Odesi-Dutch-Design-Online

Tridente coffee table by Poliform

Coffee table made of wood low oval-living room-TRIDENTE-Poliform

Nature Line coffee table by Kare Design

Coffee table made of wood-metal-rectangular-NATURE-LINE-KARE-DESIGN

Sequoia coffee table by Brabbu

coffee table-wood-brass-SEQUOIA-BRABBU

Maxit coffee table by Desalto

coffee table-wood-elements-MAXIT-Desalto

 Pirouette coffee table by Mr Marius

wooden coffee table-design-PIROUETTE-MR-MARIUS

Oak LIgna from Ethnicraft

coffee table-design-solid wood-metal-rectangular-OAK-LIGNA-Ethnicraft

Dorsoduro coffee table by Varashin

solid wood-coffee table-rectangular-magazines-DORSODURO-Varaschin

Oak Flat coffee table by Ethnicraft

solid wood-coffee table-rectangular-drawer-OAK-FLAT-Ethnicraft

 Oac Nordic from Ethnicraft

solid wood-coffee table-rectangular-OAK-NORDIC-Ethnicraft

Kubus Naomi from Ethnicraft

solid wood-coffee-table-space-magazines-KUBUS-NAOMI-Ethnicraft