Wooden cabinet with magistral boxes by Sebastian Errazuriz


Sebastian Errazuriz designs Wood cabinet with magistral boxes and waves design. All photos are provided by the designer. In the Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York, Sebastian Errazuriz is presenting a unique collection of functional sculptures as pieces of furniture as a single event. It is a fine translation of the craftsmanship and the mastery of the materials to be transcribed into a fine art.

 Wood cabinet with magistral boxes and one with wave shape

Design-like-pruning-bamboo-tree wood

 The designer reinvents the usual kind of sideboard or a cabinet and creates “magistral” boxes and a wave-shaped cabinet as a kind of visualization of the usual objects in our four walls. Wood cabinet is an example of a wooden cabinet and the human eye recognizes the basic structure of this piece of furniture. The extraordinary is the unique interpretation and visualization of the drawers or boxes and the movable contours of the cabinet.

Wood cabinet or “magistral chest”

the-individual-wooden sticks

A dresser or sideboard is used to store small everyday items. That Wood cabinet has a hedgehog-like structure like a coating or external texture, which consists of 20,000 stick-on sticks. The design causes turmoil and aggression. Thousands of individual hand-made rods are inserted one after the other and form the spiky outer layer, which, thanks to a sliding mechanism, draws different faces of the cabinet.


Wavy cabinet with a vertical direction

The “wave cabinet” is reminiscent of the Lamborghini’s scissor doors, emphasizes the designer of the wave-shaped cabinet. Several composite elements define the shape of the openings or mouths. A restructuring of the design makes it possible to open and close. White wooden strips, which look like the keys of a piano, pivot and twist to clearly show the interior from different angles. Wavy figures and impressive alternation of images created by the designer with his “wave cabinet”


The mouth thanks to the movable wooden sticks


Shaped like an accordion with a resemblance to piano keys

Side table-chest of drawers-with-wave structure

Original idea for a sideboard

Side table-natural-wood


aggressive-back-of-the-designer-piece-wooden sticks


Wooden sticks-are-used-individually


Main drawer main part chest of drawers