Wooden bench by Yazan Hijazin – depicting movement and standstill

wooden bench yazan hijazin designer bronze copper plate

BenchArc. One Wood bench by designer Yazan Hijazin, founder Anknownymous in Amman, Jordan. In his concept he combines two contradicting properties such as movement and standstill. On the one hand the design embodies a tree trunk, on the other – it looks like the remains of an ancient wooden ark. The legs naturally branch and support a straight wooden top with a real bronze and copper finish. The BenchArk is 3.5 meters long, which emphasizes its strong presence and demands attention even in a large room.

Wooden bench by Yazan Hijazin – The inspiration

seat yazan hijazin design bronze copper part

The inspiration for this piece comes from the room it was designed for – an art gallery. It is the only seat for visitors to the gallery. You can sit down and look at the different paintings or be constantly on the move. The designer wanted to adapt the only piece of furniture to the surroundings. Not only functional, but also creative and unique. On the other hand, visitors are fascinated by the wooden bench because they have one element in common – the contradiction. The designer believes the contradiction is a sign of maturity. Therefore, he wanted to depict this relationship between movement and standstill.

The unique properties of the wooden bench

bench solid wood yazan hijazin designer legs

The unique properties of BenchArc result from the different dimensions, its construction, the size and the mixture of materials. The focus is on the unconventional structure of the design. The natural movements of his legs are combined with a minimalist and modern straight line. You can see that in his other designs, in which he fuses modern, minimalist aspects with contemporary classic curves. The mixture of wood, bronze and copper is somehow original, especially because the metals are in their real powder form. Working with the metal powder was very difficult as it took a lot of time to get the look you wanted.

Bronze and copper part

 wooden bench yazan hijazin designer jordan handmade

BenchArc wooden bench by Yazan Hijazin, Anknownymous

wood bench art gallery yazan hijazin designer anknownymous

wooden bench yazan hijazin designer Anknownymous founder

wooden bench yazan hijazin anknownymuous jordan