Wood chair – sculptural design pays tribute to historic buildings

Wooden chair metal recycled modern shape

Furniture designers are increasingly looking for inspiration in architecture. A design studio in Brooklyn paid tribute to one of the symbols of New York – the water tower. The project was part of a competition. 12 talented designers faced the challenge of creating furniture inspired by historical buildings. Bellboy was given the task of using wood from the old water tower on Park Avenue and moving it to a modern one Wood chair to transform.

Wooden chair with sculptural construction

Furniture living room silvoll wood construction

The water tower was built during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. It should increase the water pressure and supply the taller buildings with water. The tower has quickly become the symbol of New York. The design studio Bellboy wanted one Wood chair create that exudes timelessness and simple elegance. To do this, they cut wood in small pieces so that its texture and color could better come out. All the small pieces were then connected in a creative way, creating an original pattern.

Wood chair inspired by architecture

Wood metal living room interior

Of the Wood chair is characterized by clear forms and simple construction. The high backrest surrounds the human body and relaxes the muscles. The ergonomic structure contributes to maximum comfort. The wood color looks natural and relaxes the senses. The chair can complement a modern minimalist as well as a traditional classic interior. The chair legs are made of metal – which gives the design a certain stability. Thanks to the stylish combination of a successful shape and an innovative concept, the chair quickly became very popular. Bellboy is a designer studio that makes furniture only from wood. Their designs are functional, simple, simply timeless. Each piece of furniture is handmade and painted with natural fabrics.

Modern designer furniture inspired by the old water tower in New York

Wood look furniture living room

The building sketch of the wooden chair – and the water tower

Chair sketch water tower inspired designer furniture