White high-gloss sideboard for a modern interior


Every apartment should be furnished as practically as possible and in such a way that you feel comfortable in it. The best way to do this is to decorate them to suit your taste and style. If you are into modern facilities and like to follow the trend, the trend is for one white high gloss sideboard something that cannot be missing in your living room. They not only give every room elegance, but also automatically become the focus. This is not only due to the great designs that are offered. The neutral color white is also classy and goes well with any other color. If, for example, you have a brightly painted wall, a white, high-gloss sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture that you can place in front of it. The high gloss, in turn, is created thanks to a layer of melamine resin.

White high-gloss sideboard with a puristic look

Wall-hanging-cabinet-sideboard-rounded-edges-FLARE-Scholten- & amp; -Baijings-schönbuch

A practical, white, high-gloss sideboard that not only looks modern and elegant, but also offers sufficient storage space, is not only suitable for the living room. It can also decorate an otherwise bare corridor or the bedroom. There you can easily use it as a dressing table. Thanks to the low height of the sideboard, a mirror can be placed above it.

White high-gloss sideboard can be used in a variety of ways


In today’s article we would like to show you how effective a white, high-gloss sideboard can look in different rooms. Whether in front of a colored wall in red, berry, blue or green, whether in the living room as decoration, in the bedroom as a dressing table or in the corridor as useful storage space – it is practical, chic and modern and, not without reason, one of the most popular pieces of furniture.

Storage space used for home accessories


If you don’t want a model that is too simple, you can also choose a variant with open compartments or doors made of glass, or sliding doors. The latter are particularly advantageous when using a sideboard as a hallway furniture. Since the doors cannot be opened outwards, space is saved, which in most corridors is anyway limited.

Wall-hung sideboard with a curvy shape

white-sideboard-high-gloss-design-living room-furniture-modern

A white, high-gloss sideboard doesn’t necessarily have to consist of straight lines to be modern. There are also effective designs made of organic, rounded shapes. Now take a look at the impressive examples of a white high-gloss sideboard and find the right idea for your own apartment.

Floor-standing model with a grid front

black-white-sideboard-in-high-gloss-decorative-front-living room-furniture-Porro

Puristic sideboard design for wall mounting

White-sideboard-in-high-gloss-ANGOLO-Kazuhiro-Yamanaka-Pallucco-furniture manufacturer

White sideboards with texture


Puristic solution