Walk-in closet system with a modern design

Walk-in closet system -modern-plain-anthracite-gray-closet-doors-indirect-lighting

An Italian manufacturer has been offering one since 2013 walk-in closet system with a very high quality, minimalist design and an innovative and modern solution to the problem of traditional dressing rooms. “Backstage” is specially designed for installation in the bedroom and in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping area. It convinces with a refined and sophisticated shape and details that do not cause any disturbance in the room.

A walk-in closet system with Italian design – backstage

Walk-in closet system -modern-bedroom-elegance-simple-anthracite gray

A walk-in closet system like this one looks impressive and homogeneous with its high cupboard doors that extend from the floor to the ceiling and its discreet flat handles. The surface can only be distinguished from the wall design thanks to the slots. The design of the shape and the visual effect is inspired by contemporary architecture in a minimalist style. “Backstage” looks very reserved from the outside and is equipped with pleasant indirect lighting on the inside, which perfectly displays all items of clothing so that you always have an overview.

Walk-in closet system for an elegant bedroom

Walk-in closet system -modern-bedroom-dark-gray-white-minimalist-elegant

The cabinet doors close effortlessly and open at the same time with just one turn and shift. This specially from B&B developed system distributes the mass of the entire cabinet door over the length and enables unproblematic use of all compartments and storage spaces. “Backstage” has a large number of systems for storing and organizing clothing and accessories, which can also be built in. All inner and outer parts are made exclusively from high-quality materials and are available in elegant dark colors.

From brown to anthracite gray to black

Walk-in closet system -modern-closet-doors-black-wallpaper-stripes-white

Indirect lighting from the inside

Walk-in closet system -modern-closet-doors-bedroom-indirect-lighting

Simple, minimalist look with closed doors

Walk-in closet system -modern-brown-gray-matt-optics-kept simple

Minimalist design of the cabinet doors

Walk-in closet system -modern-matt-surface-gray-simple-flos-arc

Perfect order in the bedroom wardrobe


Dressing room with plenty of storage space

walk-in-closet-system-modern-order-lighting-dark-color-men's wardrobe-elegant

With contemporary design and function in one


Attractive brown-gray wood look

walk-in-closet-system-modern-minimalist-elegant-closet-doors-anthracite gray

A special mechanism distributes the mass of the cabinet door over the length and opens it by rotation


Indirect lighting from the inside provides an overview of all items of clothing










walk-in-wardrobe-system-modern-hook-stainless steel-yellow-guerel-practical





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