Walk-in closet Nicchia with modular system

Walk-in closet nicchia island accessories

More exclusive walk-in wardrobe offers a lot of adaptability through its modular system.

Are you looking for the right walk-in closet to complete your beautiful bedroom? Perhaps you are already tired of your messy looking closet and want to lead a more organized lifestyle? Well, no matter what your organizational requirements exactly, Nicchia offers a range of intelligent solutions. The amazing walk-in closet is crafted to perfection by Italian furniture maker Filmes. Here you are offered an amazing variety of space-saving functions and intelligent design. Its many modular units can be varied to meet your specific requirements.

Walk-in wardrobe Nicchia from Filmes

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The most typical characteristic of Nicchia furniture is flexibility. They can easily be adapted to different floor plans. The walk-in closet looks great in a spacious bedroom, but it can be changed, small closets also go with it and offer you efficient storage solutions. Made of Canaletto walnut wood or with a white finish, here you have an amazing selection of accessory drawers, pants, shoes, shirts and sweater compartments. Each of these can be reduced in width and height so that they fit into your own walk-in closet.

Walk-in closet with an intelligent design


Give your bedroom an ergonomic, sensational makeover! The sliding glass doors of the walk-in wardrobe give even the smallest units an airy charm. With concealed tracks, wall drawers, shelves, and exclusive central islands, the Nicchia walk-in closet is ideal for the chic, modern home.

efficient storage solutions

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Trouser rails


Canaletto walnut wood


Shoe racks



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