Unique pieces of furniture in a modern style from Il Loft

Unique pieces of furniture - Italian-design-seating-upholstery-color-modern

Unique pieces of furniture are no longer an illusion when you want the perfect arrangement in your house or apartment. Thanks to the professional work and artistic conceptions that come straight from the workshop and creative atelier of Il Loft Studio, the beautiful, comfortable and high-quality interior design is a reality that everyone can afford. Take a look at Il Loft’s collections to make sure the most suitable products might be for your lifestyle.

Unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – corporate vision

Unique pieces of furniture - Italian-design-couch-oval-shape-upholstery

It’s absolutely easy to answer why that unique furniture from Il Loft are so amazing and reliable. The answer lies in the corporate vision that the team has followed for more than five decades. Since the company was founded, the workers and designers have taken care of the quality and durability of their products. Because of this, the trust of the public has been kept for the past 50 years. The stability and high quality of the products is guaranteed and the original design is achieved by emphasizing the modern and innovative concepts.

Unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – Popular collections

Unique pieces of furniture - Italian-design-modern-armchair-color-upholstery

When we talk about the unique furniture from Il Loft And speaking of working together between these products in a complete operational interior, we should warn you that you should leave your traditional viewpoints and principles outside of the store. Here the originality and the craziness have conquered the usual trends and classic ideas. What you can find about Il Loft’s wonderful collections is a large amount of decors, furniture and home accessories that you have not seen elsewhere.

Unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – modernist and unconventional

Unique pieces of furniture - Italian-design-poslter-pastel-colors-special

Unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft are closely related to the combination of minimalism and high-tech styles that have become extremely popular these days. The Japanese line can also be felt when it comes to seating and tables – dining table with a low exposure and coffee table with an ikebana appearance. The softness and simplicity of the sofa and armchairs are balanced with a light color scheme, which is lengthened with the additional additions to the inner conceptions of society. A Persian carpet in an electric color or a straw mat with a retro look, but with an innovative production technique.

Unique pieces of furniture with a fancy design


The real beauty and originality of the unique furniture from Il Loft can be seen in their new collection of beds. There is no such thing as a normal bed with a normal and classic shape, and if you find one, it will be decorated with a strange decoration or made using atypical materials and complex techniques. The rounded beds are our favorite Il Loft products. Some of them are even elegant construction made of several parts that can be used for different purposes during the daytime.

Special furniture design ideas and materials used by Il Loft


The office ideas of Il Loft present modern unique pieces of furniture. The main concept behind their production is to help the office worker unleash his or her creativity and skills so that the production could become efficient and beneficial. The desks also follow a Japanese style, and the chairs are constructed in a way that incorporates the high-tech ideas with the innovative power of the futuristic ideas.

Unique pieces of furniture – Accademia sofa

accademia- The-unique-pieces-of-furniture-from-Il-Loft

The special materials used in the manufacture of Il Loft furniture are classic. Il Loft holds onto wooden surfaces for beds, tables and chairs. The wood species are oak and bamboo, because elegance and sophistication are considered the number one rule for the work of the Il Loft team. Microfiber and leather – of course not artificial leather – are the main textiles used for decoration and damask.

The unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – Bed Design


Unique pieces of furniture for the bedroom in  brown and orange


Unique pieces of furniture for Living room in blue


Unique pieces of furniture in sand colors – Super Roy


The unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – carpets


Unique pieces of furniture and matching items carpet


Unique pieces of furniture for the office






Il Loft furniture – a mix of shapes, colors and structures


Unique pieces of furniture harmonize with the art objects in the room


Unique relaxation furniture – fancy upholstered armchair


Unique pieces of furniture for individual room design


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