TV furniture trends 2016 – functionality meets Italian design

TV furniture trends 2016 white-matt-wood-pastel green-wallpaper-living room-diamond pattern

The new TV furniture for 2016 combine comfort and functionality. After Scandinavian style furniture in restrained colors such as gray has dominated in recent years, the living rooms will be colorful again in 2016. The furniture fairs last year already revealed the trends that await us in 2016. A trend reversal is emerging in living room furniture and designer TV furniture. Because this year is all about individuality, comfort and the courage to use color. Yellow living room furniture is on the rise. Italian design for TV furniture is still popular, there is cozy small furniture and individual designs that are produced in limited numbers.

Designer TV furniture in yellow is the trend in 2016

TV furniture trends 2016 sideboard-beige-yellow-fronts-pallet-wall

Yellow is the trend color in the furnishing sector in 2016. It is used to highlight individual elements of the interior design. Yellow walls and yellow home accessories such as carpets, curtains or sofa cushions give every interior a kick of freshness. Yellow looks relaxed, open, bright, friendly and invigorating. Small pieces of furniture and TV furniture in bright yellow or with yellow accents act like a makeover for the living room furnishings. Yellow is of course versatile, so almost every shade of yellow is represented in current furniture. Whether lemon yellow, corn yellow or mustard yellow – we are currently encountering this color in one form or another.

Italian design and individual TV furniture


Italian design stands for elegance and high quality. With designer TV furniture, for example, this style is at to discover. Custom furniture that chic and yet puristic are still in demand. Retro designs can still be found everywhere in 2016. Slim shapes and furniture in the style of the fifties are trendy. With such modern retro furniture, consumers do not have to forego the comfort they are used to, on the contrary. Especially in the area of ​​TV furniture, there is a wide range of functional furniture with interesting options.

TV furniture is getting smarter


Our hi-fi devices and televisions are becoming more and more intelligent, they are connected to the Internet and offer us many new possibilities. The modern designer TV furniture also matches this. With their help, electrical devices can elegantly “disappear” in the living room. For example, there are sideboards into which the television can be lowered. TV cabinets that bring the TV to light at the push of a button are also available, as are chic TV furniture with integrated LED lighting and smart controls. Modern functional furniture also offers intelligent solutions for accommodating the cables.

asymmetrical shapes and fresh colors


Wood and white get on perfectly

tv-furniture-white-high-gloss-sideboard-wall panels-wood-look-gray-seat furniture

yellow sofa in a black and white living room