Trendy coffee table ideas for every taste

Living room elegant side table design

Whether for coffee and cake, for TV operation or simply as a stylish decoration in the room – you can hardly imagine a sofa without the side table. We can offer you some Coffee table ideas – from colorful to simply elegant, made of glass, wood or plastic, even made of rattan and leather, which will be the highlight in your living room!

Coffee table ideas – elegant side table made of glass

Glass-coffee table-leather sofa-modern-living room

The classic combination of wood and glass is being redesigned – models that have no decoration, but have a super stylish look and go well with the interior, are currently very popular. The combination of leather sofa, high-floor carpet and side table made of glass with a compact but interesting shape looks great. the Coffee table ideas for glass side tables have another big advantage – cleaning is very easy.

Coffee table ideas – side table made of wood

Sofa-coffee table-wood

One of the best Coffee table ideas is the side table made of wood – because the largest variety of designs is offered there too. You can opt for coffee tables in a natural color and with wrought iron decorative elements if the furnishing style is more traditional and classic, or you can prefer an angular design in a strong color / orange, green, yellow / for modern interior design.

Coffee table ideas – extraordinary designs made of metal, plastic and rattan

glass-metal coffee table reading corner

Among the most extraordinary Coffee table ideas include interesting shiny plastic designs / will fit in any minimalist or simple but modern room /. Plastic is durable, easy to clean and is well suited for several furnishing styles. A model made of metal and glass sets nice accents and you can use it to organize a nice reading corner in combination with a comfortable leather armchair. Rattan and leather may sound complicated at first, but the design is super elegant and trendy. An interesting idea to make yourself – tree trunk as a coffee table for a rustic living room or for the country house.

Coffee table ideas – colors and decorating ideas

elegant side table wood

If you go for natural colors, you will be right with any style. Strong colors should be coordinated with the rest of the interior. Vases and table lamps are the traditional decoration. In any case, you can be more creative with ‘planting‘ flowers or photos on it.

Rattan side table

modern-leather-wood side table

Orange accents

interesting coffee table glass

Elegant side table made of two parts

Glass coffee table two partsSide table in a fun orange color

Wooden side table-funny-orange-color

Rustic side table to make yourself

rustic side table

Colored side table designs made of plastic

colored side table designs

Modern coffee table with flowers as decoration

creative decoration side table