Top 22 unusual and creative beds


Beds, beds, beds, we all know what beds are and what they look like. Now let’s show you how unusual and creative beds look. Modern beds are more than inspiring, some of them even true masterpieces. Funny and playful, these modern beds are really extraordinary and they can’t be overlooked. Let’s take a look at these awesome designs.

Unusual and creative beds

creative beds -design-magnetic-minimalist-innovative-technology

  1. This bed hangs in the air

Hard to believe, but this atypical lying surface really floats in the air. Actually, it would be fair to say that this bed hangs in the air with the help of magnets that keep it stable. It’s a project by the famous Dutch designer Janjaap Ruijisseanars and looks like something out of a fantastic movie. It can hold up to 900 kilograms and unfortunately costs around a million euros.

Creative bed designs spark the imagination

creative beds -design-floating-innovative-magnetic-minimalist-technology

creative beds -design-magnetic-technology-innovative-floating-modern

Creative beds – unconventional design made from fabric balls 

creative beds -design-baelle-fiber-mobile-modern-innovative

2. Soft bed made of fabric beads

This bed can really be called creative. It can be easily redesigned in numerous variants thanks to 120 fabric balls. The soft, spherical elements are tied together, but still movable. It is an innovative project with a futuristic design, the aim of which is to create emotional and functional pieces of furniture that contemporary people can really use.

creative beds -design-baelle-fiber-fabric-tied-together-innovative-unconventional

Creative beds that can be converted


3. A bed that grows with you.

You’re probably not a huge fan of luxury in abundance and your focus is more on functionality, but this bed barely fits into any of the familiar categories. This bed is almost sculptural and won first prize at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007. This design allows the bed to grow with you. The secret is in the bed frame. The bed seems to float a few inches off the floor, but it’s really supported by those two white corners that also double as bedside tables.

Joel Hesselgren bed

The modern design is available as a single bed, but if you need more space you can double it up. The innovative framework was developed by Joel Hesselgren Created to split and support two single beds side by side.

4th book bed.

This is a bed that you would always want, no matter how old you are. Unusual and creative beds like this unleash the child in you. It was called the book bed because it really looks like a book with pages, book cover and everything. Pillows are used as bookmarks and they are great when you have two kids and lots of space in their room. It is important for the children to have their own space and to learn to keep it tidy. With this bed, children combine fun and responsibilities. It is made by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki designed to add more than one fun piece of furniture to a kid’s room. It’s fun, when you sleep there you get part of the book, part of the story in it, part of the mystery.


5. Eco bed.

Modern creative beds also fulfill the wishes of the eco-enthusiasts. This “Ecotypic Bed” is indeed a true green bed. It has LED reading lights above your head, speakers for music to wake you up in the morning, and a flower box for beautiful vines that grow on the sides of the bed. Special LED light installations were also installed so that plants can grow indoors without natural light.


For the first time, health and comfort are combined in a revolutionary product. You can exercise with belts and pulleys mounted around the bed and also relax on the bed that changes humidity. It has air conditioning and surrounds you with the freshness and fragrance of the plants. A special unit is built underneath and transforms your activities into energy and stores it in a battery so that it can also be used for other functions. You would never want to leave your bedroom with this eco-friendly bed. Designed by Arthur Xin.


extraordinary-creative-beds-ecotypical-bed unusual-creative-beds-eco-bed

6. Cabriolet bed.

The days that we now call them “retro” were indeed times of great innovations and great, bold steps in design, technology and so on. The convertible bed from Joe Colombo revolutionized our living ideas with its concept of non-furniture. His concept succeeded in combining day and night environments in a single room.

convertible bed unusual

Inspired by a convertible, the yellow hood of the bed can be closed so that it offers a cozy, private atmosphere. The bed was among the first to have a control panel that controlled a generous fan, lighter, radio, and telephone. In his day these technologies were called living machines because not only were they simple pieces of furniture, but they involved much more moving parts and mechanisms. These pieces of furniture were the “Transformers” of today in their time.

7. Millennium bed.

Star Wars fans also have reasons to read this article because here we present the perfect bed for their geeky bedroom. The “Millennium Falcon Bed” was created by Kayla Kromer designed and has wonderful working headlights, a projection of a starry sky and many hidden compartments. The boys can now impress the girls who are passionate about the same thing.


star wars bed

millenium falcon bed star wars theme

8. Hammock bed.

The next bed looks a bit terrifying but kind of fun and is probably very comfortable, not to mention that the food in bed is on a new level – no more worries if you spill crumbs on your bed. Nonconformists everywhere would love this idea because it has probably never been tried in this form before, and it looks very unusual.


9. Roller coaster bed.

Believe it or not, this roller coaster is actually a bed. Although its shape reminds us of dizziness and a lot of screaming, this one was designed for relaxation. But don’t worry, because designers are exploring the limits of indoor and outdoor evolution at a special exhibition, so you won’t be able to see this bed in your home tomorrow or next week. It’s like all the extravagant fashion creations that we see on the catwalk but nobody wears.

roller coaster bed creative beds

10. Bed on ropes.

This bed is only hung by four ropes, one for each corner from the ceiling. Beds are stable on the floor, have four legs, and so on. If people sleep there and they don’t get a general sense of space and stability, that’s at least unusual.

bed swing ropes

11. Enormous bird’s nest.

This is not just an unusual bed for your bedroom. This is part of something bigger. You have to implement a whole philosophy if you want a bed like this one. This bed represents a bird’s nest, which under “eggs” houses small people who like to have fun. Part of this philosophy is the care, attention and protection represented by the nest. If we start an analogy on the meaning of each of the objects, this bird’s nest is all you need for your baby. Birds build the safest and most comfortable space for their offspring, no matter how you want the best space for your baby. Placed in the middle of a room this bed fits with the ideas mentioned. That philosophy aside, this is a huge playground for them.

bird's nest-bed-creative-beds

12. Sofas and creative beds.

Sofa beds have been pretty straight forward, at least for now, and focused on functionality. This new concept is known as Morfeo and for some of you it can be pretty much the ultimate combination, especially those who love to read in bed. This sofa bed has nice curves and a very playful look. These two reading lamps resemble the eyes of an alien and can be individually switched on, off and adjusted in multiple positions so that you can read in your favorite position. Morfeo particularly appreciates modern interior design ideas because it is available in several colors and can be integrated into any interior design.


13.Sandwich bed.

Thematic interior ideas are increasingly conquering the children’s bedroom. Superheroes and superpowers fascinate little ones, and their favorite character in their own bedroom has become a dream come true. As we can see in this picture, themed interiors are not just for kids. This is, for example, part of the fourth FantaSuite Hotels series. This cool and very original interior represents a dining table from a restaurant where a sandwich is served on a plate. There is also mustard, ketchup, a napkin dispenser and so on. This design would keep us away from monotony any moment of the day.

sandwich beds

14. Sonic bed.

This bed boasts that it can make you numb while you are napping. The sonic bed is a king size bed with 12 channel surround sound. It’s actually very big, but that’s just because there are tons of speakers, amplifiers, thick wires, and enough air volume inside. This is not a good idea if you are a busy person on a tight schedule.

Surround sound creative beds

sonic bed design sound system

15. Floating bed.

When we hear over a floating bed, we imagine incredible things. This bed fits perfectly in a modern interior with open-minded people who want to try something like this in their home. If you suddenly find yourself inspired, don’t try doing anything like this in your bedroom if you want to preserve your walls. This is serious business and requires high skill, knowledge, talent and vision. It’s great as proof that your imagination has no limits.

Floating creative beds

floating bed

16. Bookcase turns into a bed.

Unusual and creative beds can also be compact. This radical thinking provided a viable solution for tight interiors. This is nothing more than a bookcase that turns into a bed. A carefully cut mattress, tilted upright, forms the bulk of the bookcase. Karen Babel designed the back of the mattress, the part that is visible when placed on the wall in a two-tone color scheme.

Creative bed designs


17. Confused-war-bed

roller coaster-bed-unusual-creative-beds

18th bed with LED lighting

creative beds original-lighting-led-shelf-dark-parquet

19. Original sofa bed

creative beds sofa-flaps-blue-gray-children's room-puzzle-decoration

20. Creative loft bed


21. Floating effect

creative beds floating effect-minimalist-bedside table-idea-brown

22. Swing bed

creative-beds-swings-idea-canopy-modern-bedside cabinet