The wooden baby cradle “Lulu” was newly manufactured by Nanna Ditzel

Lulu-Nanna-Ditzel-baby room-equipment-cot-baby cradle

The wooden baby cradle “Lulu” is one of the furniture classics by the Danish cabinet maker and designer Nanna Ditzel, which has been inspiring us for decades. The cradle was presented for the first time in 1963 and named “Lulu” after one of Ditzel’s twin daughters, born in 1954. Incidentally, all of Ditzel’s grandchildren slept in the original Lulu cradle. The cot can not only rock comfortably, but is also mounted on four wheels and can be easily pushed from one room to the other.

Baby cradle made of wood – the design classic of many generations


Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) was born in Copenhagen. She studied at the Copenhagen School of Applied Arts and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. At the end of the 1960s she became known for her textile, jewelry and furniture design. Her popular furniture classics include the egg-shaped hanging basket chair (1957), the Trissen stool (1962), the molded wooden chair Trinidad (1993) and others. With her multiple award-winning creations, Ditzel is one of Denmark’s most innovative and successful designers.

Baby cradle made of wood with practical wheels


“Lulu” is from Brdr. Kruger Produced again in a limited edition of 200 pieces from lacquered beech and supplied with a hypoallergenic mattress made of 100% organic kapok and a mattress topper. On the occasion of the manufactory’s 125th birthday, the classic baby cradle was brought to new life and updated in collaboration with Ditzel’s oldest daughter Dennie Ditzel and Nanna Ditzel Design A / S.

The updated version is laser-engraved with Nanna Ditzel’s signature on the frame. It takes into account all the requirements of a modern baby bed and is certified by the Technological Institute in Denmark. “Lulu” has dimensions: Height: 83cm. Length: 97cm. Width: 57cm. The warm wood brings life and naturalness to some neutral-colored surroundings.

The cradle on four wheels


Baby room furniture – practical and beautiful at the same time


The baby bed made of light beech

Baby bed-cradle-light-beech-Lulu-Nanna-Ditzel-design classics-many-generations


The baby furniture in a timeless design

Wooden cradle wheels - design classics - baby room equipment - furniture



The Oregon pine cradle



Cradle-for-babies-wood-view-detail-design-classic-baby room

Baby room-equipment-baby cot-cradle-lulu-detail view